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Data Last Updated: July 1, 2024

Pennsylvania ZIP Codes

Timezone(s): All Time Zones found within this State. In the United States, there are 7 standard time zones which are, from west to east: Hawaii-Aleutian, Alaska, Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic. Also included in U.S. Territories are Samoa, Guam and Palau. The alignment between ZIP codes and time zones is not perfect. A single time zone can cover multiple ZIP codes, and, conversely, a single ZIP code could theoretically span across multiple time zones, although this is quite rare.Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Population: The total Population for Pennsylvania, taken from the 2020 U.S. Census DP1. This population total includes all people residing in Pennsylvania and counts them regardless of citizenship or immigration status. Included are U.S. Citizens, permanent residents, temporary migrants, and undocumented workers. The total population represents people who live in the state, not just those present on the day of the census. State Population is critical in determining political representation, funding allocation, planning and policy-making, and demographic analysis.13,002,700 (More Details)
Male Population: The sum of all males for Pennsylvania from the 2020 U.S. Census DP1. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The male population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.6,362,357
Female Population: The sum of all females for Pennsylvania from the 2020 U.S. Census DP1. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The female population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.6,640,343
Median Age: The median age of the total population of this state. Median age is not a future prediction, it is the actual number from the 2020 Census. Median age is the middle age of the population. Half the population is older than the average age and half is younger.41
ZIP Codes: The total number of ZIP Codes which at least partially fall inside the state of Pennsylvania. Did you know that approximately 23% of ZIP Codes cross county lines? Several even cross State lines. ZIP Codes do not follow other geographic boundaries because they were created exclusively for the expedient delivery of mail.2,166
Cities: The total number of City names which are associated with ZIP Codes that partially or wholly cross into Pennsylvania. Alongside the official city name, USPS also recognizes certain alternate names for cities or towns that can be used in mailing addresses. These may include towns, villages, abbreviations, names in other languages, or names that have been commonly used historically.1,783
Counties: The total number of counties associated with ZIP Codes that are at least partially part of Pennsylvania.67
Area Codes: The total number of Area Codes associated with ZIP Codes in Pennsylvania. Area codes are used in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) to facilitate phone routing. Each area code identifies a specific geographic area (usually part of a state or territory) and allows calls to be routed to the correct area. There are approximately 350 area codes in use in the United States.6
Total Area: The approximate amount of area covered by Pennsylvania in square miles. This includes all land and water areas within the legal state boundaries.46,054 square miles
Land Area: Approximate area of land covered by Pennsylvania in square miles. Land area data provided by the Census Bureau are based on geographic boundaries that include the mainland, islands, inland, coastal, Great Lakes, and territorial waters associated with each state. Land area is important in many types of statistical analysis. For example, population density, the number of people per unit of land area, is a commonly used statistic based on this data. Land area measurements are also important for urban planning, environmental studies, and economic analysis. 44,743 square miles
Water Area: The approximate amount of water area covered by Pennsylvania in square miles. Calculations for water area take into account inland bodies of water, coastal regions, Great Lakes, and territorial sea waters. This encompasses features such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and coastal water bodies. Water surface data are especially important for environmental and conservation planning, water resource management, transportation, and recreational planning.1,311 square miles
Map showing the ZIP Codes in the State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Covers 2166 ZIP Codes

ZIP CodeCityCountyType
ZIP Code 15001AliquippaBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15003AmbridgeBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15004AtlasburgWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15005BadenBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15006BairdfordAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15007BakerstownAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15009BeaverBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15010Beaver FallsBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15012Belle VernonFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15014BrackenridgeAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15015BradfordwoodsAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15017BridgevilleAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15018Buena VistaAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15019BulgerWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15020BunolaAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15021BurgettstownWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15022CharleroiWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15024CheswickAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15025ClairtonAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15026ClintonBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15027ConwayBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15028CoultersAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15030CreightonAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15031CuddyAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15032CurtisvilleAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15033DonoraWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15034DravosburgAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15035East Mc KeesportAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15037ElizabethAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15038ElramaWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15042FreedomBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15043GeorgetownBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15044GibsoniaAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15045GlassportAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15046CrescentAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15047GreenockAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15049HarwickAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15050HookstownBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15051IndianolaAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15052IndustryBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15053JoffreWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15054LangelothWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15055LawrenceWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15056LeetsdaleAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15057Mc DonaldWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15059MidlandBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15060MidwayWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15061MonacaBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15062MonessenWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15063MonongahelaWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15064MorganAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15065Natrona HeightsAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15066New BrightonBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15067New EagleWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15068New KensingtonWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15069New KensingtonWestmorelandUnique
ZIP Code 15071OakdaleAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15072PricedaleWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15074RochesterBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 15075Rural RidgeAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15076RusselltonAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15077ShippingportBeaverP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15078SlovanWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15081South HeightsBeaverP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15082SturgeonAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15083SutersvilleWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15084TarentumAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15085TraffordWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15086WarrendaleAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15087WebsterWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15088West ElizabethAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15089West NewtonWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15090WexfordAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15091WildwoodAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15095WarrendaleAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15096WarrendaleAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15101Allison ParkAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15102Bethel ParkAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15104BraddockAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15106CarnegieAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15108CoraopolisAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15110DuquesneAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15112East PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15116GlenshawAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15120HomesteadAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15122West MifflinAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15123West MifflinAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15126ImperialAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15127IngomarAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15129South ParkAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15131MckeesportAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15132MckeesportAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15133MckeesportAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15134MckeesportAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15135MckeesportAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15136Mc Kees RocksAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15137North VersaillesAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15139OakmontAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15140PitcairnAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15142PrestoAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15143SewickleyAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15144SpringdaleAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15145Turtle CreekAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15146MonroevilleAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15147VeronaAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15148WilmerdingAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15201PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15202PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15203PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15204PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15205PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15206PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15207PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15208PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15209PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15210PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15211PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15212PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15213PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15214PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15215PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15216PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15217PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15218PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15219PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15220PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15221PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15222PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15223PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15224PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15225PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15226PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15227PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15228PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15229PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15230PittsburghAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15231PittsburghAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15232PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15233PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15234PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15235PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15236PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15237PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15238PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15239PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15240PittsburghAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15241PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15242PittsburghAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15243PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15244PittsburghAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15250PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15251PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15252PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15253PittsburghAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15254PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15255PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15257PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15258PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15259PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15260PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15261PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15262PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15264PittsburghAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15265PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15267PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15268PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15270PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15272PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15274PittsburghAlleghenyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15275PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15276PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15277PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15278PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15279PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15281PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15282PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15283PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15286PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15289PittsburghAlleghenyUnique
ZIP Code 15290PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15295PittsburghAlleghenyStandard
ZIP Code 15301WashingtonWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15310AleppoGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15311AmityWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15312AvellaWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15313BeallsvilleWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15314BentleyvilleWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15315BobtownGreeneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15316BraveGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15317CanonsburgWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15320CarmichaelsGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15321CecilWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15322ClarksvilleGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15323ClaysvilleWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15324CokeburgWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15325CrucibleGreeneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15327DillinerGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15329ProsperityWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15330Eighty FourWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15331EllsworthWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15332FinleyvilleWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15333FredericktownWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15334Garards FortGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15336GastonvilleWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15337GraysvilleGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15338GreensboroGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15339HendersonvilleWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15340HickoryWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15341HolbrookGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15342HoustonWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15344JeffersonGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15345MariannaWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15346MatherGreeneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15347Meadow LandsWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15348MillsboroWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15349Mount MorrisGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15350MuseWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15351NemacolinGreeneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15352New FreeportGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15353NinevehGreeneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15357Rices LandingGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15358RicheyvilleWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15359RogersvilleGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15360Scenery HillWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15361SouthviewWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15362SpraggsGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15363StrabaneWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15364SycamoreGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15365TaylorstownWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15366Van VoorhisWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15367VenetiaWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15368VestaburgWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15370WaynesburgGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15376West AlexanderWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15377West FinleyWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15378WestlandWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15379West MiddletownWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15380Wind RidgeGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 15401UniontownFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15410AdahFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15411AddisonSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15412AllenportWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15413AllisonFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15415Brier HillFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15416BrownfieldFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15417BrownsvilleFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15419CaliforniaWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15420CardaleFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15421Chalk HillFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15422Chestnut RidgeFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15423Coal CenterWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15424ConfluenceSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15425ConnellsvilleFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15427DaisytownWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 15428DawsonFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15429DenboWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15430Dickerson RunFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15431DunbarFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15432DunlevyWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15433East MillsboroFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15434ElcoWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15435FairbankFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15436FairchanceFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15437FarmingtonFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15438Fayette CityFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15439GansFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15440Gibbon GladeFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15442GrindstoneFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15443HibbsFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15444HillerFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15445HopwoodFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15446Indian HeadFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15447IsabellaFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15448Jacobs CreekWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15449KeistervilleFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15450La BelleFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15451Lake LynnFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15454LeckroneFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15455LeisenringFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15456Lemont FurnaceFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15458Mc ClellandtownFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15459MarkleysburgFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15460MartinFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15461MasontownFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15462MelcroftFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15463MerrittstownFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15464Mill RunFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15465Mount BraddockFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15466NewellFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15467New GenevaFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15468New SalemFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15469NormalvilleFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15470OhiopyleFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15472OliverFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15473PerryopolisFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15474Point MarionFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15475RepublicFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15476RoncoFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15477RoscoeWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15478SmithfieldFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15479SmithtonWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15480SmockFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15482Star JunctionFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15483StockdaleWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15484UlediFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15485UrsinaSomersetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15486VanderbiltFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15488WaltersburgFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15489West LeisenringFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15490WhiteFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 15492WickhavenFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15501SomersetSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15502Hidden ValleySomersetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15510SomersetSomersetUnique
ZIP Code 15520AcostaSomersetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15521Alum BankBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 15522BedfordBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 15530BerlinSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15531BoswellSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15532BoyntonSomersetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15533BreezewoodBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 15534Buffalo MillsBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 15535ClearvilleBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 15536Crystal SpringFultonStandard
ZIP Code 15537EverettBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 15538FairhopeSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15539FishertownBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 15540Fort HillSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15541FriedensSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15542GarrettSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15544GraySomersetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15545HyndmanBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 15546JennersSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15547JennerstownSomersetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15548KantnerSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15549ListieSomersetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15550Manns ChoiceBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 15551MarkletonSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15552MeyersdaleSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15553New BaltimoreSomersetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15554New ParisBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 15555QuecreekSomersetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15557RockwoodSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15558SalisburySomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15559SchellsburgBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 15560ShanksvilleSomersetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15561SipesvilleSomersetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15562SpringsSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15563StoystownSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15564WellersburgSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15565West SalisburySomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15601GreensburgWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15605GreensburgWestmorelandUnique
ZIP Code 15606GreensburgWestmorelandUnique
ZIP Code 15610AcmeWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15611AdamsburgWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15612AlvertonWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15613ApolloWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15615ArdaraWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15616ArmbrustWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15617AronaWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15618AvonmoreWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15619BovardWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15620BradenvilleWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15621CalumetWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15622ChampionWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15623ClaridgeWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15624CrabtreeWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15625DarraghWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15626DelmontWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15627DerryWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15628DonegalWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15629East VandergriftWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15631EversonFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15632ExportWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15633Forbes RoadWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15634GrapevilleWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15635HannastownWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15636Harrison CityWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15637HerminieWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15638HostetterWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15639HunkerWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15640HutchinsonWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15641Hyde ParkWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15642IrwinWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15644JeannetteWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15646Jones MillsWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15647LarimerWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15650LatrobeWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15655LaughlintownWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15656LeechburgArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 15658LigonierWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15660LowberWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15661LoyalhannaWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15662LuxorWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15663MadisonWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15664MammothWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15665ManorWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15666Mount PleasantWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15668MurrysvilleWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15670New AlexandriaWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15671New DerryWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15672New StantonWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15673North ApolloArmstrongP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15674NorveltWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15675PennWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15676Pleasant UnityWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15677RectorWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15678RilltonWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15679Ruffs DaleWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15680SalinaWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15681SaltsburgIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15682SchenleyArmstrongP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15683ScottdaleWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15684SlickvilleWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15685SouthwestWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15686Spring ChurchArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 15687StahlstownWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15688TarrsWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15689UnitedWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15690VandergriftWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15691WendelWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15692Westmoreland CityWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15693WhitneyWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15695WyanoWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15696YoungstownWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15697YoungwoodWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15698YukonWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15701IndianaIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15705IndianaIndianaUnique
ZIP Code 15710AlverdaIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15711AnitaJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15712ArcadiaIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15713AultmanIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15714Northern CambriaCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15715Big RunJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15716Black LickIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15717BlairsvilleIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15720Brush ValleyIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15721BurnsideClearfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15722CarrolltownCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15723ChambersvilleIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15724Cherry TreeIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15725ClarksburgIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15727CluneIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15728ClymerIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15729CommodoreIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15730CoolspringJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15731CoralIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15732CreeksideIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15733De LanceyJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15734DixonvilleIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15736EldertonArmstrongP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15737ElmoraCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15738EmeighCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15739ErnestIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15741GipsyIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15742Glen CampbellIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15744HamiltonJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15745HeilwoodIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15746HillsdaleIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15747HomeIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15748Homer CityIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15750JosephineIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15752KentIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15753La JoseClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 15754LucerneminesIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15756Mc IntyreIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15757MahaffeyClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 15757Mcgees MillsClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 15758MarchandIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15759Marion CenterIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15760MarstellerCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15761MentcleIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15762NicktownCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15763NorthpointIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15764OliveburgJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15765Penn RunIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15767PunxsutawneyJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15770RinggoldJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15771Rochester MillsIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15772RossiterIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15773Saint BenedictCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15774SheloctaIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15775SpanglerCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15776Sprankle MillsJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15777StarfordIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15778TimblinJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15779TorranceWestmorelandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15780ValierJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15781WalstonJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15783West LebanonIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15784WorthvilleJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15801Du BoisClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 15821BenezettElkStandard
ZIP Code 15822Brandy CampElkStandard
ZIP Code 15823BrockportElkStandard
ZIP Code 15824BrockwayJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15825BrookvilleJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15827ByrnedaleElkStandard
ZIP Code 15828ClaringtonForestStandard
ZIP Code 15829CorsicaJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15831Dagus MinesElkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15832DriftwoodCameronStandard
ZIP Code 15834EmporiumCameronStandard
ZIP Code 15840Falls CreekJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15841ForceElkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15845JohnsonburgElkStandard
ZIP Code 15846KerseyElkStandard
ZIP Code 15847Knox DaleJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15848LuthersburgClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 15849PenfieldClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 15851ReynoldsvilleJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15853RidgwayElkStandard
ZIP Code 15856RocktonClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 15857Saint MarysElkStandard
ZIP Code 15860SigelJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15861SinnamahoningCameronStandard
ZIP Code 15863Stump CreekJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15864SummervilleJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15865SykesvilleJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 15866TroutvilleClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 15868WeedvilleElkStandard
ZIP Code 15870WilcoxElkStandard
ZIP Code 15901JohnstownCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15902JohnstownCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15904JohnstownCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15905JohnstownCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15906JohnstownCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15907JohnstownCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15909JohnstownCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15915JohnstownCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15920ArmaghIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15921BeaverdaleCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15922BelsanoCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15923BolivarWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15924CairnbrookSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15925CassandraCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15926Central CitySomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15927ColverCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15928DavidsvilleSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15929DilltownIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15930DunloCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15931EbensburgCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15934EltonCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15935HollsoppleSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15936HooversvilleSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15937JeromeSomersetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15938LillyCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15940LorettoCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15942Mineral PointCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15943Nanty GloCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15944New FlorenceWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15945ParkhillCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15946PortageCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15948RevlocCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15949RobinsonIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15951Saint MichaelCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15952SalixCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15953SeanorSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 15954SewardWestmorelandStandard
ZIP Code 15955SidmanCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15956South ForkCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15957StrongstownIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 15958SummerhillCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15959Tire HillSomersetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15960Twin RocksCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15961VintondaleCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 15962WilmoreCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 15963WindberSomersetStandard
ZIP Code 16001ButlerButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16002ButlerButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16003ButlerButlerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16016BoyersButlerUnique
ZIP Code 16017BoyersButlerUnique
ZIP Code 16018BoyersButlerUnique
ZIP Code 16020BoyersButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16021BranchtonButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16022BruinButlerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16023CabotButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16024CalleryButlerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16025ChicoraButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16027ConnoquenessingButlerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16028East BradyClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16029East ButlerButlerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16030Eau ClaireButlerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16033Evans CityButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16034FeneltonButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16035ForestvilleButlerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16036FoxburgClarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16037HarmonyButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16038HarrisvilleButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16039HermanButlerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16040HilliardsButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16041Karns CityButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16045LyndoraButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16046MarsButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16048North WashingtonButlerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16049ParkerArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 16050PetroliaButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16051PortersvilleButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16052ProspectButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16053RenfrewButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16054Saint PetersburgClarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16055SarverButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16056SaxonburgButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16057Slippery RockButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16058Turkey CityClarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16059ValenciaButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16061West SunburyButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16063ZelienopleButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16066Cranberry TownshipButlerStandard
ZIP Code 16101New CastleLawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 16102New CastleLawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 16103New CastleLawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16105New CastleLawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 16107New CastleLawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16108New CastleLawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 16110AdamsvilleCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16111AtlanticCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16112BessemerLawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 16113ClarkMercerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16114Clarks MillsMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16115DarlingtonBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 16116EdinburgLawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 16117Ellwood CityLawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 16120Enon ValleyLawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 16121FarrellMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16123FombellBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 16124FredoniaMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16125GreenvilleMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16127Grove CityMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16130HadleyMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16131HartstownCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16132HillsvilleLawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16133Jackson CenterMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16134JamestownMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16136KoppelBeaverP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16137MercerMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16140New BedfordLawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16141New GalileeBeaverStandard
ZIP Code 16142New WilmingtonLawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 16143PulaskiLawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 16145Sandy LakeMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16146SharonMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16148HermitageMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16150SharpsvilleMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16151SheakleyvilleMercerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16153StoneboroMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16154TransferMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16155Villa MariaLawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16156VolantLawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 16157WampumLawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 16159West MiddlesexMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16160West PittsburgLawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16161WheatlandMercerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16172New WilmingtonLawrenceUnique
ZIP Code 16201KittanningArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 16210AdrianArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 16211BeyerIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16212CadoganArmstrongP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16213CallensburgClarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16214ClarionClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16217CooksburgForestStandard
ZIP Code 16218CowansvilleArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 16220CrownClarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16221CurllsvilleClarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16222DaytonArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 16223DistantArmstrongP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16224Fairmount CityClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16225FisherClarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16226Ford CityArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 16228Ford CliffArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 16229FreeportArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 16230HawthornClarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16232KnoxClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16233LeeperClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16234LimestoneClarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16235LucindaClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16236Mc GrannArmstrongP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16238ManorvilleArmstrongP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16239MarienvilleForestStandard
ZIP Code 16240MayportClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16242New BethlehemClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16244Nu MineArmstrongP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16245Oak RidgeArmstrongP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16246PlumvilleIndianaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16248RimersburgClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16249Rural ValleyArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 16250SagamoreArmstrongP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16253SeminoleArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 16254ShippenvilleClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16255SligoClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16256SmicksburgIndianaStandard
ZIP Code 16257SnydersburgClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16258StrattanvilleClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16259TempletonArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 16260VowinckelClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16261WidnoonArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 16262WorthingtonArmstrongStandard
ZIP Code 16263YatesboroArmstrongP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16301Oil CityVenangoStandard
ZIP Code 16311CarltonMercerStandard
ZIP Code 16312Chandlers ValleyWarrenP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16313ClarendonWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 16314CochrantonCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16316Conneaut LakeCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16317CooperstownVenangoStandard
ZIP Code 16319CranberryVenangoStandard
ZIP Code 16321East HickoryForestP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16322EndeavorForestP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16323FranklinVenangoStandard
ZIP Code 16326FryburgClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16327Guys MillsCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16328HydetownCrawfordP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16329IrvineWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 16331KossuthClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16332LickingvilleClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16333LudlowMckeanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16334MarbleClarionStandard
ZIP Code 16335MeadvilleCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16340PittsfieldWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 16341PleasantvilleVenangoStandard
ZIP Code 16342PolkVenangoStandard
ZIP Code 16343RenoVenangoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16344RousevilleVenangoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16345RussellWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 16346SenecaVenangoStandard
ZIP Code 16347SheffieldWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 16350Sugar GroveWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 16351TidiouteWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 16352TionaWarrenP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16353TionestaForestStandard
ZIP Code 16354TitusvilleCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16360TownvilleCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16361TylersburgClarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16362UticaVenangoStandard
ZIP Code 16364VenusVenangoStandard
ZIP Code 16365WarrenWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 16366WarrenWarrenUnique
ZIP Code 16367WarrenWarrenUnique
ZIP Code 16368WarrenWarrenUnique
ZIP Code 16369WarrenWarrenUnique
ZIP Code 16370West HickoryForestP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16371YoungsvilleWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 16372ClintonvilleVenangoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16373EmlentonVenangoStandard
ZIP Code 16374KennerdellVenangoStandard
ZIP Code 16375LamartineClarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16388MeadvilleCrawfordUnique
ZIP Code 16401AlbionErieStandard
ZIP Code 16402Bear LakeWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 16403Cambridge SpringsCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16404CentervilleCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16405ColumbusWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 16406ConneautvilleCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16407CorryErieStandard
ZIP Code 16410CranesvilleErieStandard
ZIP Code 16411East SpringfieldErieStandard
ZIP Code 16412EdinboroErieStandard
ZIP Code 16413ElginErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16415FairviewErieStandard
ZIP Code 16416GarlandWarrenP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16417GirardErieStandard
ZIP Code 16420Grand ValleyWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 16421HarborcreekErieStandard
ZIP Code 16422HarmonsburgCrawfordP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16423Lake CityErieStandard
ZIP Code 16424LinesvilleCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16426Mc KeanErieStandard
ZIP Code 16427Mill VillageErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16428North EastErieStandard
ZIP Code 16430North SpringfieldErieStandard
ZIP Code 16432RicevilleCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16433SaegertownCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16434SpartansburgCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16435SpringboroCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16436Spring CreekWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 16438Union CityErieStandard
ZIP Code 16440VenangoCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 16441WaterfordErieStandard
ZIP Code 16442WattsburgErieStandard
ZIP Code 16443West SpringfieldErieStandard
ZIP Code 16444EdinboroErieUnique
ZIP Code 16475AlbionErieUnique
ZIP Code 16501ErieErieStandard
ZIP Code 16502ErieErieStandard
ZIP Code 16503ErieErieStandard
ZIP Code 16504ErieErieStandard
ZIP Code 16505ErieErieStandard
ZIP Code 16506ErieErieStandard
ZIP Code 16507ErieErieStandard
ZIP Code 16508ErieErieStandard
ZIP Code 16509ErieErieStandard
ZIP Code 16510ErieErieStandard
ZIP Code 16511ErieErieStandard
ZIP Code 16512ErieErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16514ErieErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16515ErieErieStandard
ZIP Code 16522ErieErieUnique
ZIP Code 16530ErieErieUnique
ZIP Code 16531ErieErieUnique
ZIP Code 16534ErieErieUnique
ZIP Code 16538ErieErieUnique
ZIP Code 16541ErieErieUnique
ZIP Code 16544ErieErieUnique
ZIP Code 16546ErieErieUnique
ZIP Code 16550ErieErieUnique
ZIP Code 16553ErieErieUnique
ZIP Code 16563ErieErieUnique
ZIP Code 16565ErieErieStandard
ZIP Code 16601AltoonaBlairStandard
ZIP Code 16602AltoonaBlairStandard
ZIP Code 16603AltoonaBlairP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16611AlexandriaHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 16613AshvilleCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 16616BeccariaClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16617BellwoodBlairStandard
ZIP Code 16619BlandburgCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16620BrisbinClearfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16621Broad TopHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 16622CalvinHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 16623CassvilleHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 16624Chest SpringsCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16625ClaysburgBlairStandard
ZIP Code 16627CoalportClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16629CouponCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 16630CressonCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 16631CurryvilleBlairP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16633DefianceBedfordP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16634DudleyHuntingdonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16635DuncansvilleBlairStandard
ZIP Code 16636DysartCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 16637East FreedomBlairStandard
ZIP Code 16638EntrikenHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 16639FallentimberCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 16640FlintonCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 16641GallitzinCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 16644GlasgowCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16645Glen HopeClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16646HastingsCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 16647HesstonHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 16648HollidaysburgBlairStandard
ZIP Code 16650HopewellBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 16651HoutzdaleClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16652HuntingdonHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 16654HuntingdonHuntingdonUnique
ZIP Code 16655ImlerBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 16656IrvonaClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16657James CreekHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 16659LoysburgBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 16660Mc ConnellstownHuntingdonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16661MaderaClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16662MartinsburgBlairStandard
ZIP Code 16663MorannClearfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16664New EnterpriseBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 16665NewryBlairP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16666Osceola MillsClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16667OsterburgBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 16668PattonCambriaStandard
ZIP Code 16669PetersburgHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 16670QueenBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 16671RameyClearfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16672RiddlesburgBedfordP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16673Roaring SpringBlairStandard
ZIP Code 16674RobertsdaleHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 16675Saint BonifaceCambriaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16677Sandy RidgeCentreP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16678SaxtonBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 16679Six Mile RunBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 16680SmithmillClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16681SmokerunClearfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16682SproulBlairStandard
ZIP Code 16683Spruce CreekHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 16684TiptonBlairP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16685ToddHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 16686TyroneBlairStandard
ZIP Code 16689WaterfallFultonStandard
ZIP Code 16691Wells TanneryFultonStandard
ZIP Code 16692WestoverClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16693WilliamsburgBlairStandard
ZIP Code 16694WoodBedfordP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16695WoodburyBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 16698HoutzdaleClearfieldUnique
ZIP Code 16699CressonCambriaUnique
ZIP Code 16701BradfordMckeanStandard
ZIP Code 16720AustinPotterStandard
ZIP Code 16724CrosbyMckeanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16725Custer CityMckeanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16726CycloneMckeanStandard
ZIP Code 16727Derrick CityMckeanStandard
ZIP Code 16728De YoungElkStandard
ZIP Code 16729Duke CenterMckeanStandard
ZIP Code 16730East SmethportMckeanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16731EldredMckeanStandard
ZIP Code 16732GiffordMckeanStandard
ZIP Code 16733Hazel HurstMckeanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16734James CityElkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16735KaneMckeanStandard
ZIP Code 16738Lewis RunMckeanStandard
ZIP Code 16740Mount JewettMckeanStandard
ZIP Code 16743Port AlleganyMckeanStandard
ZIP Code 16744RewMckeanStandard
ZIP Code 16745RixfordMckeanStandard
ZIP Code 16746RoulettePotterStandard
ZIP Code 16748ShinglehousePotterStandard
ZIP Code 16749SmethportMckeanStandard
ZIP Code 16750TurtlepointMckeanStandard
ZIP Code 16801State CollegeCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16802University ParkCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16803State CollegeCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16804State CollegeCentreP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16805State CollegeCentreP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16820AaronsburgCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16821AllportClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16822Beech CreekClintonStandard
ZIP Code 16823BellefonteCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16825BiglerClearfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16826BlanchardCentreP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16827BoalsburgCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16828Centre HallCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16829ClarenceCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16830ClearfieldClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16832CoburnCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16833CurwensvilleClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16834DriftingClearfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16835FlemingCentreP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16836FrenchvilleClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16837Glen RicheyClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16838GrampianClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16839GrassflatClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16840Hawk RunClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16841HowardCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16843HydeClearfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16844JulianCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16845KarthausClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16847KylertownClearfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16848LamarClintonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16849LanseClearfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16850Lecontes MillsClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16851LemontCentreP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16852MadisonburgCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16853MilesburgCentreP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16854MillheimCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16855Mineral SpringsClearfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16856MingovilleCentreP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16858MorrisdaleClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16859MoshannonCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16860MunsonClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16861New MillportClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16863OlantaClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16864OrvistonCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16865Pennsylvania FurnaceCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16866PhilipsburgCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16868Pine Grove MillsCentreP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16870Port MatildaCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16871PottersdaleClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16872RebersburgCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16873ShawvilleClearfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16874Snow ShoeCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16875Spring MillsCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16876WallacetonClearfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16877Warriors MarkHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 16878West DecaturClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16879WinburneClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16881WoodlandClearfieldStandard
ZIP Code 16882WoodwardCentreStandard
ZIP Code 16901WellsboroTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16910AlbaBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 16911ArnotTiogaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16912BlossburgTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16914Columbia Cross RoadsBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 16915CoudersportPotterStandard
ZIP Code 16917CovingtonTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16920ElklandTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16921GainesTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16922GaletonPotterStandard
ZIP Code 16923GeneseePotterStandard
ZIP Code 16925GillettBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 16926Granville SummitBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 16927Harrison ValleyPotterStandard
ZIP Code 16928KnoxvilleTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16929LawrencevilleTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16930LibertyTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16932MainesburgTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16933MansfieldTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16935Middlebury CenterTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16936MillertonTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16937MillsPotterStandard
ZIP Code 16938MorrisTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16939Morris RunTiogaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16940NelsonTiogaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16941GeneseePotterStandard
ZIP Code 16942OsceolaTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16943SabinsvilleTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16945SylvaniaBradfordP.O. Box
ZIP Code 16946TiogaTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 16947TroyBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 16948UlyssesPotterStandard
ZIP Code 16950WestfieldTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 17001Camp HillCumberlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17002AllensvilleMifflinStandard
ZIP Code 17003AnnvilleLebanonStandard
ZIP Code 17004BellevilleMifflinStandard
ZIP Code 17005BerrysburgDauphinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17006BlainPerryStandard
ZIP Code 17007Boiling SpringsCumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17009BurnhamMifflinStandard
ZIP Code 17010CampbelltownLebanonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17011Camp HillCumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17013CarlisleCumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17014CocolamusJuniataStandard
ZIP Code 17015CarlisleCumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17016CornwallLebanonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17017DalmatiaNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17018DauphinDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17019DillsburgYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17020DuncannonPerryStandard
ZIP Code 17021East WaterfordJuniataStandard
ZIP Code 17022ElizabethtownLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17023ElizabethvilleDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17024ElliottsburgPerryStandard
ZIP Code 17025EnolaCumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17026FredericksburgLebanonStandard
ZIP Code 17027GranthamCumberlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17028GrantvilleDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17029GranvilleMifflinStandard
ZIP Code 17030GratzDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17032HalifaxDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17033HersheyDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17034HighspireDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17035Honey GroveJuniataStandard
ZIP Code 17036HummelstownDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17037IckesburgPerryStandard
ZIP Code 17038JonestownLebanonStandard
ZIP Code 17039KleinfeltersvilleLebanonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17040LandisburgPerryStandard
ZIP Code 17041LawnLebanonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17042LebanonLebanonStandard
ZIP Code 17043LemoyneCumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17044LewistownMifflinStandard
ZIP Code 17045LiverpoolPerryStandard
ZIP Code 17046LebanonLebanonStandard
ZIP Code 17047LoysvillePerryStandard
ZIP Code 17048LykensDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17049Mc AlistervilleJuniataStandard
ZIP Code 17050MechanicsburgCumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17051Mc VeytownMifflinStandard
ZIP Code 17052Mapleton DepotHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 17053MarysvillePerryStandard
ZIP Code 17054MattawanaMifflinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17055MechanicsburgCumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17056MexicoJuniataP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17057MiddletownDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17058MifflinJuniataStandard
ZIP Code 17059MifflintownJuniataStandard
ZIP Code 17060Mill CreekHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 17061MillersburgDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17062MillerstownPerryStandard
ZIP Code 17063MilroyMifflinStandard
ZIP Code 17064Mount GretnaLebanonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17065Mount Holly SpringsCumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17066Mount UnionHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 17067MyerstownLebanonStandard
ZIP Code 17068New BloomfieldPerryStandard
ZIP Code 17069New BuffaloPerryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17070New CumberlandYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17071New GermantownPerryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17072New KingstownCumberlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17073NewmanstownLebanonStandard
ZIP Code 17074NewportPerryStandard
ZIP Code 17075Newton HamiltonMifflinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17076Oakland MillsJuniataStandard
ZIP Code 17077OnoLebanonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17078PalmyraLebanonStandard
ZIP Code 17080PillowDauphinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17081PlainfieldCumberlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17082Port RoyalJuniataStandard
ZIP Code 17083QuentinLebanonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17084ReedsvilleMifflinStandard
ZIP Code 17085RexmontLebanonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17086RichfieldJuniataStandard
ZIP Code 17087RichlandLebanonStandard
ZIP Code 17088SchaefferstownLebanonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17089Camp HillCumberlandUnique
ZIP Code 17090Shermans DalePerryStandard
ZIP Code 17093SummerdaleCumberlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17094ThompsontownJuniataStandard
ZIP Code 17097WiconiscoDauphinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17098WilliamstownDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17099YeagertownMifflinStandard
ZIP Code 17101HarrisburgDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17102HarrisburgDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17103HarrisburgDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17104HarrisburgDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17105HarrisburgDauphinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17106HarrisburgDauphinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17107HarrisburgDauphinUnique
ZIP Code 17108HarrisburgDauphinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17109HarrisburgDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17110HarrisburgDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17111HarrisburgDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17112HarrisburgDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17113HarrisburgDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17120HarrisburgDauphinUnique
ZIP Code 17121HarrisburgDauphinUnique
ZIP Code 17122HarrisburgDauphinUnique
ZIP Code 17123HarrisburgDauphinUnique
ZIP Code 17124HarrisburgDauphinUnique
ZIP Code 17125HarrisburgDauphinUnique
ZIP Code 17126HarrisburgDauphinUnique
ZIP Code 17127HarrisburgDauphinUnique
ZIP Code 17128HarrisburgDauphinUnique
ZIP Code 17129HarrisburgDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17130HarrisburgDauphinUnique
ZIP Code 17140HarrisburgDauphinUnique
ZIP Code 17177HarrisburgDauphinUnique
ZIP Code 17201ChambersburgFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17202ChambersburgFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17210AmbersonFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17211ArtemasBedfordStandard
ZIP Code 17212Big Cove TanneryFultonStandard
ZIP Code 17213Blairs MillsHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 17214Blue Ridge SummitFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17215Burnt CabinsFultonStandard
ZIP Code 17217ConcordFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17219DoylesburgFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17220Dry RunFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17221FannettsburgFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17222FayettevilleFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17223Fort LittletonFultonStandard
ZIP Code 17224Fort LoudonFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17225GreencastleFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17228HarrisonvilleFultonStandard
ZIP Code 17229HustontownFultonStandard
ZIP Code 17231LemastersFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17232LurganFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17233Mc ConnellsburgFultonStandard
ZIP Code 17235MarionFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17236MercersburgFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17237Mont AltoFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17238NeedmoreFultonStandard
ZIP Code 17239NeelytonHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 17240NewburgCumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17241NewvilleCumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17243OrbisoniaHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 17244OrrstownFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17246Pleasant HallFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17247QuincyFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17249Rockhill FurnaceHuntingdonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17250RouzervilleFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17251RoxburyFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17252Saint ThomasFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17253SaltilloHuntingdonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17254ScotlandFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17255Shade GapHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 17256Shady GroveFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17257ShippensburgCumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17260ShirleysburgHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 17261South MountainFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17262Spring RunFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17263State LineFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17264Three SpringsHuntingdonStandard
ZIP Code 17265UpperstrasburgFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17266Walnut BottomCumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17267WarfordsburgFultonStandard
ZIP Code 17268WaynesboroFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17271Willow HillFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 17272ZullingerFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17301AbbottstownAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 17302AirvilleYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17303ArendtsvilleAdamsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17304AspersAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 17306BendersvilleAdamsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17307BiglervilleAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 17309BrogueYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17310CashtownAdamsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17311CodorusYorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17312CraleyYorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17313DallastownYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17314DeltaYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17315DoverYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17316East BerlinAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 17317East ProspectYorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17318EmigsvilleYorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17319EttersYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17320FairfieldAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 17321Fawn GroveYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17322FeltonYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17323FranklintownYorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17324GardnersAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 17325GettysburgAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 17327Glen RockYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17329GlenvilleYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17331HanoverYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17332HanoverYorkUnique
ZIP Code 17333HanoverYorkUnique
ZIP Code 17334HanoverYorkUnique
ZIP Code 17335HanoverYorkUnique
ZIP Code 17337IdavilleAdamsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17339LewisberryYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17340LittlestownAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 17342LoganvilleYorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17343Mc KnightstownAdamsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17344Mc SherrystownAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 17345ManchesterYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17347Mount WolfYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17349New FreedomYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17350New OxfordAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 17352New ParkYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17353OrrtannaAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 17355RailroadYorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17356Red LionYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17358RossvilleYorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17360Seven ValleysYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17361ShrewsburyYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17362Spring GroveYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17363StewartstownYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17364ThomasvilleYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17365WellsvilleYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17366WindsorYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17368WrightsvilleYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17370York HavenYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17371York New SalemYorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17372York SpringsAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 17375Peach GlenAdamsUnique
ZIP Code 17401YorkYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17402YorkYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17403YorkYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17404YorkYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17405YorkYorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17406YorkYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17407YorkYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17408YorkYorkStandard
ZIP Code 17501AkronLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17502BainbridgeLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17503BartLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17504BausmanLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17505Bird In HandLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17506Blue BallLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17507BowmansvilleLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17508BrownstownLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17509ChristianaLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17512ColumbiaLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17516ConestogaLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17517DenverLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17518DrumoreLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17519East EarlLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17520East PetersburgLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17521ElmLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17522EphrataLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17527GapLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17528GoodvilleLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17529GordonvilleLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17532HoltwoodLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17533HopelandLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17534IntercourseLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17535KinzersLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17536KirkwoodLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17537LampeterLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17538LandisvilleLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17540LeolaLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17543LititzLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17545ManheimLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17547MariettaLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17549MartindaleLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17550MaytownLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17551MillersvilleLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17552Mount JoyLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17554MountvilleLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17555NarvonLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17557New HollandLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17560New ProvidenceLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17562ParadiseLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17563Peach BottomLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17564PenrynLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17565PequeaLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17566QuarryvilleLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17567ReamstownLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17568ReftonLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17569ReinholdsLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17570RheemsLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17572RonksLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17573LancasterLancasterUnique
ZIP Code 17575Silver SpringLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17576SmoketownLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17578StevensLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17579StrasburgLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17580TalmageLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17581Terre HillLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17582Washington BoroLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17584Willow StreetLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17585WitmerLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17601LancasterLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17602LancasterLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17603LancasterLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17604LancasterLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17605LancasterLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17606LancasterLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17607LancasterLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17608LancasterLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17611LancasterLancasterStandard
ZIP Code 17622LancasterLancasterUnique
ZIP Code 17699LancasterLancasterUnique
ZIP Code 17701WilliamsportLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17702WilliamsportLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17703WilliamsportLycomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17705WilliamsportLycomingUnique
ZIP Code 17720Antes FortLycomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17721AvisClintonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17723CammalLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17724CantonBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 17726CastaneaClintonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17727Cedar RunLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17728Cogan StationLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17729Cross ForkPotterStandard
ZIP Code 17730DewartNorthumberlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17731Eagles MereSullivanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17735GroverBradfordP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17737HughesvilleLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17739Jersey MillsLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17740Jersey ShoreLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17742LairdsvilleLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17744LindenLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17745Lock HavenClintonStandard
ZIP Code 17747LogantonClintonStandard
ZIP Code 17748Mc ElhattanClintonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17749Mc EwensvilleNorthumberlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17750MackeyvilleClintonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17751Mill HallClintonStandard
ZIP Code 17752MontgomeryLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17754MontoursvilleLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17756MuncyLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17758Muncy ValleySullivanStandard
ZIP Code 17760North BendClintonStandard
ZIP Code 17762Picture RocksLycomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17763RalstonLycomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17764RenovoClintonStandard
ZIP Code 17765Roaring BranchTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 17768ShunkSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 17769Slate RunLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17771Trout RunLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17772TurbotvilleNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17774UnityvilleLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17776WatervilleLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17777WatsontownNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17778WestportClintonStandard
ZIP Code 17779WoolrichClintonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17801SunburyNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17810AllenwoodLycomingStandard
ZIP Code 17812Beaver SpringsSnyderStandard
ZIP Code 17813BeavertownSnyderStandard
ZIP Code 17814BentonColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 17815BloomsburgColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 17820CatawissaColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 17821DanvilleMontourStandard
ZIP Code 17822DanvilleMontourUnique
ZIP Code 17823DornsifeNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17824ElysburgNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17827FreeburgSnyderStandard
ZIP Code 17829HartletonUnionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17830HerndonNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17831Hummels WharfSnyderP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17832Marion HeightsNorthumberlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17833KreamerSnyderP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17834KulpmontNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17835LaureltonUnionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17836Leck KillNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17837LewisburgUnionStandard
ZIP Code 17840Locust GapNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17841Mc ClureSnyderStandard
ZIP Code 17842MiddleburgSnyderStandard
ZIP Code 17843Beaver SpringsSnyderStandard
ZIP Code 17844MifflinburgUnionStandard
ZIP Code 17845MillmontUnionStandard
ZIP Code 17846MillvilleColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 17847MiltonNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17850MontandonNorthumberlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17851Mount CarmelNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17853Mount Pleasant MillsSnyderStandard
ZIP Code 17855New BerlinUnionStandard
ZIP Code 17856New ColumbiaUnionStandard
ZIP Code 17857NorthumberlandNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17858NumidiaColumbiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17859OrangevilleColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 17860PaxinosNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17861PaxtonvilleSnyderP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17862Penns CreekSnyderP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17864Port TrevortonSnyderStandard
ZIP Code 17865Potts GroveNorthumberlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17866Coal TownshipNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17867RebuckNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17868RiversideNorthumberlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17870SelinsgroveSnyderStandard
ZIP Code 17872ShamokinNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17876Shamokin DamSnyderStandard
ZIP Code 17877SnydertownNorthumberlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17878StillwaterColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 17880SwengelUnionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17881TrevortonNorthumberlandStandard
ZIP Code 17882TroxelvilleSnyderP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17884WashingtonvilleMontourP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17885WeikertUnionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17886West MiltonUnionStandard
ZIP Code 17887White DeerUnionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17888WilburtonColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 17889WinfieldUnionStandard
ZIP Code 17901PottsvilleSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17920AristesColumbiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17921AshlandSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17922AuburnSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17923BranchdaleSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17925BrocktonSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17929CressonaSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17930CumbolaSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17931FrackvilleSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17932FrackvilleSchuylkillUnique
ZIP Code 17933FriedensburgSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17934GilbertonSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17935GirardvilleSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17936GordonSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17938HeginsSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17941KlingerstownSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17943LavelleSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17944LlewellynSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17945LocustdaleSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17946Lost CreekSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17948Mahanoy CitySchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17949Mahanoy PlaneSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17951Mar LinSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17952Mary DSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17953MiddleportSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17954MinersvilleSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17957MuirSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17959New PhiladelphiaSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17960New RinggoldSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17961OrwigsburgSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17963Pine GroveSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17964PitmanSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17965Port CarbonSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17966RavineSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17967RingtownSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17968SacramentoSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17970Saint ClairSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17972Schuylkill HavenSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17974SeltzerSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17976ShenandoahSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17978Spring GlenDauphinStandard
ZIP Code 17979Summit StationSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 17980Tower CitySchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17981TremontSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17982TuscaroraSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17983Valley ViewSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 17985Zion GroveSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 18001Lehigh ValleyNorthamptonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18002Lehigh ValleyNorthamptonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18003Lehigh ValleyNorthamptonUnique
ZIP Code 18011AlburtisLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18012AquashicolaCarbonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18013BangorNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18014BathNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18015BethlehemNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18016BethlehemNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18017BethlehemNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18018BethlehemNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18020BethlehemNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18025BethlehemLehighUnique
ZIP Code 18030BowmanstownCarbonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18031BreinigsvilleLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18032CatasauquaLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18034Center ValleyLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18035CherryvilleNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18036CoopersburgLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18037CoplayLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18038DanielsvilleNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18039DurhamBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18040EastonNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18041East GreenvilleMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 18042EastonNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18043EastonNorthamptonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18044EastonNorthamptonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18045EastonNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18046East TexasLehighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18049EmmausLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18051FogelsvilleLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18052WhitehallLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18053GermansvilleLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18054Green LaneMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 18055HellertownNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18056HerefordBerksStandard
ZIP Code 18058KunkletownMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18059Laurys StationLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18060LimeportLehighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18062MacungieLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18063Martins CreekNorthamptonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18064NazarethNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18065NeffsLehighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18066New TripoliLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18067NorthamptonNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18068Old ZionsvilleLehighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18069OrefieldLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18070PalmMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 18071PalmertonCarbonStandard
ZIP Code 18072Pen ArgylNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18073PennsburgMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 18074PerkiomenvilleMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 18076Red HillMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 18077RiegelsvilleBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18078SchnecksvilleLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18079SlatedaleLehighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18080SlatingtonLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18081SpringtownBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18083StockertownNorthamptonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18084SumneytownMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18085TatamyNorthamptonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18086TreichlersNorthamptonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18087TrexlertownLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18088WalnutportNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18091Wind GapNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18092ZionsvilleLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18098EmmausLehighUnique
ZIP Code 18099EmmausLehighUnique
ZIP Code 18101AllentownLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18102AllentownLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18103AllentownLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18104AllentownLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18105AllentownLehighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18106AllentownLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18109AllentownLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18195AllentownLehighStandard
ZIP Code 18201HazletonLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18202HazletonLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18210AlbrightsvilleCarbonStandard
ZIP Code 18211AndreasSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 18212AshfieldCarbonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18214BarnesvilleSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 18216Beaver MeadowsLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18218CoaldaleSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 18219ConynghamLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18220DelanoSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18221DriftonLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18222DrumsLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18223EbervaleLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18224FreelandLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18225HarleighLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18229Jim ThorpeCarbonStandard
ZIP Code 18230JunedaleCarbonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18231KelayresSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18232LansfordCarbonStandard
ZIP Code 18234Lattimer MinesLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18235LehightonCarbonStandard
ZIP Code 18237McadooSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 18239MilnesvilleLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18240NesquehoningCarbonStandard
ZIP Code 18241NurembergSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 18242OneidaSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18244ParryvilleCarbonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18245QuakakeSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18246Rock GlenLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18247Saint JohnsLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18248ShepptonSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18249SugarloafLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18250Summit HillCarbonStandard
ZIP Code 18251SybertsvilleLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18252TamaquaSchuylkillStandard
ZIP Code 18254TresckowCarbonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18255WeatherlyCarbonStandard
ZIP Code 18256WestonLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18301East StroudsburgMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18302East StroudsburgMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18320AnalominkMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18321BartonsvilleMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18322BrodheadsvilleMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18323Buck Hill FallsMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18324BushkillPikeStandard
ZIP Code 18325CanadensisMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18326CrescoMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18327Delaware Water GapMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18328Dingmans FerryPikeStandard
ZIP Code 18330EffortMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18331GilbertMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18332HenryvilleMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18333KresgevilleMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18334Long PondMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18335Marshalls CreekMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18336MatamorasPikeStandard
ZIP Code 18337MilfordPikeStandard
ZIP Code 18340MillriftPikeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18341Minisink HillsMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18342MountainhomeMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18343Mount BethelNorthamptonStandard
ZIP Code 18344Mount PoconoMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18346Pocono SummitMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18347Pocono LakeMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18348Pocono Lake PreserveMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18349Pocono ManorMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18350Pocono PinesMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18351PortlandNorthamptonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18352ReedersMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18353SaylorsburgMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18354SciotaMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18355ScotrunMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18356Shawnee On DelawareMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18357SkytopMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18360StroudsburgMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18370SwiftwaterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18371TamimentPikeStandard
ZIP Code 18372TannersvilleMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18403ArchbaldLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18405Beach LakeWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18407CarbondaleLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18410ChinchillaLackawannaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18411Clarks SummitLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18413CliffordSusquehannaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18414DaltonLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18415DamascusWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18416ElmhurstLackawannaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18417EquinunkWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18419FactoryvilleWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 18420FleetvilleLackawannaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18421Forest CitySusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18424GouldsboroLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18425GreeleyPikeStandard
ZIP Code 18426GreentownPikeStandard
ZIP Code 18427HamlinWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18428HawleyPikeStandard
ZIP Code 18430Herrick CenterSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18431HonesdaleWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18433JermynLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18434JessupLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18435LackawaxenPikeStandard
ZIP Code 18436Lake ArielWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18437Lake ComoWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18438LakevilleWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18439LakewoodWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18440La PlumeLackawannaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18441LenoxvilleSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18443MilanvilleWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18444MoscowLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18445NewfoundlandWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18446NicholsonWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 18447OlyphantLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18448OlyphantLackawannaUnique
ZIP Code 18449OrsonWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18451PaupackPikeStandard
ZIP Code 18452PeckvilleLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18453Pleasant MountWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18454PoyntelleWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18455Preston ParkWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18456PromptonWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18457RowlandPikeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18458ShoholaPikeStandard
ZIP Code 18459South CanaanWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18460South SterlingWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18461StarlightWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18462StarruccaWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18463SterlingWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18464TaftonPikeStandard
ZIP Code 18465ThompsonSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18466TobyhannaMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18469Tyler HillWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18470Union DaleSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18471WaverlyLackawannaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18472WaymartWayneStandard
ZIP Code 18473White MillsWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18501ScrantonLackawannaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18502ScrantonLackawannaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18503ScrantonLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18504ScrantonLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18505ScrantonLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18507MoosicLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18508ScrantonLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18509ScrantonLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18510ScrantonLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18512ScrantonLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18515ScrantonLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18517TaylorLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18518Old ForgeLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18519ScrantonLackawannaStandard
ZIP Code 18540ScrantonLackawannaUnique
ZIP Code 18577ScrantonLackawannaUnique
ZIP Code 18601Beach HavenLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18602Bear CreekLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18603BerwickColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 18610BlakesleeMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 18611CambraLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18612DallasLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18614DushoreSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 18615FallsWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 18616ForksvilleSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 18617Glen LyonLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18618Harveys LakeLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18619HillsgroveSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 18621Hunlock CreekLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18622Huntington MillsLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18623LaceyvilleWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 18624Lake HarmonyCarbonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18625Lake WinolaWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18626LaporteSullivanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18627LehmanLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18628LopezSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 18629MehoopanyWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 18630MeshoppenSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18631MifflinvilleColumbiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18632MildredSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 18634NanticokeLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18635NescopeckLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18636NoxenWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 18640PittstonLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18641PittstonLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18642DuryeaLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18643PittstonLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18644WyomingLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18651PlymouthLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18653RansomLackawannaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18654ShawaneseLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18655ShickshinnyLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18656Sweet ValleyLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18657TunkhannockWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 18660WapwallopenLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18661White HavenLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18701Wilkes BarreLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18702Wilkes BarreLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18703Wilkes BarreLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18704KingstonLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18705Wilkes BarreLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18706Wilkes BarreLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18707Mountain TopLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18708ShavertownLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18709LuzerneLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18710Wilkes BarreLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18711Wilkes BarreLuzerneStandard
ZIP Code 18762Wilkes BarreLuzerneUnique
ZIP Code 18764Wilkes BarreLuzerneUnique
ZIP Code 18765Wilkes BarreLuzerneUnique
ZIP Code 18766Wilkes BarreLuzerneUnique
ZIP Code 18767Wilkes BarreLuzerneUnique
ZIP Code 18769Wilkes BarreLuzerneUnique
ZIP Code 18773Wilkes BarreLuzerneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18801MontroseSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18810AthensBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18812BrackneySusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18813BrooklynSusquehannaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18814BurlingtonBradfordP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18815CamptownBradfordP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18816DimockSusquehannaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18817East SmithfieldBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18818FriendsvilleSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18820GibsonSusquehannaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18821Great BendSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18822HallsteadSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18823HarfordSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18824Hop BottomSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18825JacksonSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18826KingsleySusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18827LanesboroSusquehannaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18828LawtonSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18829Le RaysvilleBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18830Little MeadowsSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18831MilanBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18832MonroetonBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18833New AlbanyBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18834New MilfordSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18837RomeBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18840SayreBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18842South GibsonSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18843South MontroseSusquehannaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18844SpringvilleSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18845StevensvilleBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18846Sugar RunBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18847SusquehannaSusquehannaStandard
ZIP Code 18848TowandaBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18850UlsterBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18851Warren CenterBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18853WyalusingBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18854WysoxBradfordStandard
ZIP Code 18901DoylestownBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18902DoylestownBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18910BedminsterBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18911Blooming GlenBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18912BuckinghamBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18913CarversvilleBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18914ChalfontBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18915ColmarMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 18916DanboroBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18917DublinBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18918EarlingtonMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18920ErwinnaBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18921FerndaleBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18922Forest GroveBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18923FountainvilleBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18925FurlongBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18927HilltownBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18928HolicongBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18929JamisonBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18930KintnersvilleBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18931LahaskaBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18932Line LexingtonBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18933LumbervilleBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18934MechanicsvilleBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18935Milford SquareBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18936MontgomeryvilleMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 18938New HopeBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18940NewtownBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18942OttsvilleBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18943Penns ParkBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18944PerkasieBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18946PinevilleBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18947PipersvilleBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18949PlumsteadvilleBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18950Point PleasantBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18951QuakertownBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18953RevereBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18954RichboroBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18955RichlandtownBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18956RushlandBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18957SalfordMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18958SalfordvilleMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18960SellersvilleBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18962SilverdaleBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18963SoleburyBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18964SoudertonMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 18966SouthamptonBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18968SpinnerstownBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18969TelfordMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 18970TrumbauersvilleBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18971TylersportMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18972Upper Black EddyBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18974WarminsterBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18976WarringtonBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18977Washington CrossingBucksStandard
ZIP Code 18979WoxallMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18980WycombeBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18981ZionhillBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 18991WarminsterBucksUnique
ZIP Code 19001AbingtonMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19002AmblerMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19003ArdmoreMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19004Bala CynwydMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19006Huntingdon ValleyMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19007BristolBucksStandard
ZIP Code 19008BroomallDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19009Bryn AthynMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19010Bryn MawrDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19012CheltenhamMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19013ChesterDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19014AstonDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19015BrookhavenDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19016ChesterDelawareP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19017Chester HeightsDelawareP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19018Clifton HeightsDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19019PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19020BensalemBucksStandard
ZIP Code 19021CroydonBucksStandard
ZIP Code 19022Crum LynneDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19023DarbyDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19025DresherMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19026Drexel HillDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19027Elkins ParkMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19028EdgemontDelawareP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19029EssingtonDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19030Fairless HillsBucksStandard
ZIP Code 19031FlourtownMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19032FolcroftDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19033FolsomDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19034Fort WashingtonMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19035GladwyneMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19036GlenoldenDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19037Glen Riddle LimaDelawareP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19038GlensideMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19039GradyvilleDelawareP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19040HatboroMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19041HaverfordMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19043HolmesDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19044HorshamMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19046JenkintownMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19047LanghorneBucksStandard
ZIP Code 19048Fort WashingtonBucksUnique
ZIP Code 19049Fort WashingtonBucksUnique
ZIP Code 19050LansdowneDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19052LenniDelawareP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19053Feasterville TrevoseBucksStandard
ZIP Code 19054LevittownBucksStandard
ZIP Code 19055LevittownBucksStandard
ZIP Code 19056LevittownBucksStandard
ZIP Code 19057LevittownBucksStandard
ZIP Code 19058LevittownBucksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19060Garnet ValleyDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19061Marcus HookDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19063MediaDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19064SpringfieldDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19065MediaDelawareP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19066Merion StationMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19067MorrisvilleBucksStandard
ZIP Code 19070MortonDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19072NarberthMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19073Newtown SquareDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19074NorwoodDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19075OrelandMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19076Prospect ParkDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19078Ridley ParkDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19079Sharon HillDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19081SwarthmoreDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19082Upper DarbyDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19083HavertownDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19085VillanovaDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19086WallingfordDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19087WayneDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19090Willow GroveMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19091MediaDelawareUnique
ZIP Code 19092PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19093PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19094WoodlynDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19095WyncoteMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19096WynnewoodMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19098HolmesDelawareUnique
ZIP Code 19099PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19101PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19102PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19103PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19104PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19105PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19106PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19107PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19108PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19109PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19110PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19111PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19112PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19113PhiladelphiaDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19114PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19115PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19116PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19118PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19119PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19120PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19121PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19122PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19123PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19124PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19125PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19126PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19127PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19128PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19129PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19130PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19131PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19132PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19133PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19134PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19135PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19136PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19137PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19138PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19139PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19140PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19141PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19142PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19143PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19144PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19145PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19146PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19147PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19148PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19149PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19150PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19151PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19152PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19153PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19154PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaStandard
ZIP Code 19155PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19160PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19161PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19162PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19170PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19171PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19172PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19173PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19175PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19176PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19177PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19178PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19179PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19181PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19182PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19183PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19184PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19185PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19187PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19188PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19190PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19191PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19192PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19193PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19194PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19195PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19196PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19197PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19244PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19255PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaUnique
ZIP Code 19301PaoliChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19310AtglenChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19311AvondaleChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19312BerwynChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19316BrandamoreChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19317Chadds FordDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19318ChathamChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19319CheyneyDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19320CoatesvilleChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19330CochranvilleChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19331ConcordvilleDelawareP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19333DevonChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19335DowningtownChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19339ConcordvilleDelawareUnique
ZIP Code 19340ConcordvilleDelawareUnique
ZIP Code 19341ExtonChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19342Glen MillsDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19343GlenmooreChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19344Honey BrookChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19345ImmaculataChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19346KeltonChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19347KemblesvilleChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19348Kennett SquareChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19350LandenbergChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19351LewisvilleChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19352Lincoln UniversityChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19353LionvilleChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19354LyndellChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19355MalvernChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19357MendenhallChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19358ModenaChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19360New LondonChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19362NottinghamChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19363OxfordChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19365ParkesburgChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19366PocopsonChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19367PomeroyChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19369SadsburyvilleChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19372ThorndaleChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19373ThorntonDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 19374ToughkenamonChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19375UnionvilleChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19376WagontownChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19380West ChesterChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19381West ChesterChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19382West ChesterChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19383West ChesterChesterUnique
ZIP Code 19390West GroveChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19395WesttownChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19397SoutheasternChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19398SoutheasternChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19399SoutheasternChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19401NorristownMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19403NorristownMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19404NorristownMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19405BridgeportMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19406King Of PrussiaMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19407AudubonMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19408EaglevilleMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19409Fairview VillageMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19415EaglevilleMontgomeryUnique
ZIP Code 19421BirchrunvilleChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19422Blue BellMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19423CedarsMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19424Blue BellMontgomeryUnique
ZIP Code 19425Chester SpringsChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19426CollegevilleMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19428ConshohockenMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19429ConshohockenMontgomeryUnique
ZIP Code 19430CreameryMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19432DevaultChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19435FrederickMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19436GwyneddMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19437Gwynedd ValleyMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19438HarleysvilleMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19440HatfieldMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19441HarleysvilleMontgomeryUnique
ZIP Code 19442KimbertonChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19443KulpsvilleMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19444Lafayette HillMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19446LansdaleMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19450LederachMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19451MainlandMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19453Mont ClareMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19454North WalesMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19455North WalesMontgomeryUnique
ZIP Code 19456OaksMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19457Parker FordChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19460PhoenixvilleChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19462Plymouth MeetingMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19464PottstownMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19465PottstownChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19468RoyersfordMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19470Saint PetersChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19472SassamansvilleMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19473SchwenksvilleMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19474SkippackMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19475Spring CityChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19477Spring HouseMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19478Spring MountMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19480UwchlandChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19481Valley ForgeChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19482Valley ForgeChesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19484Valley ForgeMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19486West PointMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19490WorcesterMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19492ZieglervilleMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19493Valley ForgeChesterUnique
ZIP Code 19494Valley ForgeChesterUnique
ZIP Code 19495Valley ForgeChesterUnique
ZIP Code 19496Valley ForgeChesterUnique
ZIP Code 19501AdamstownLancasterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19503BallyBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19504BartoBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19505BechtelsvilleBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19506BernvilleBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19507BethelBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19508BirdsboroBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19510BlandonBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19511BowersBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19512BoyertownBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19516CenterportBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19518DouglassvilleBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19519EarlvilleBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19520ElversonChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19522FleetwoodBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19523GeigertownBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19525GilbertsvilleMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 19526HamburgBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19529KemptonBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19530KutztownBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19533LeesportBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19534LenhartsvilleBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19535LimekilnBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19536Lyon StationBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19538MaxatawnyBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19539MertztownBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19540MohntonBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19541MohrsvilleBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19543MorgantownBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19544Mount AetnaBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19545New BerlinvilleBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19547OleyBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19548Pine ForgeBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19549Port ClintonSchuylkillP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19550RehrersburgBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19551RobesoniaBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19554ShartlesvilleBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19555ShoemakersvilleBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19559StrausstownBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19560TempleBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19562ToptonBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19564VirginvilleBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19565WernersvilleBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19567WomelsdorfBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19601ReadingBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19602ReadingBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19603ReadingBerksP.O. Box
ZIP Code 19604ReadingBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19605ReadingBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19606ReadingBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19607ReadingBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19608ReadingBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19609ReadingBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19610ReadingBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19611ReadingBerksStandard
ZIP Code 19612ReadingBerksP.O. Box

Pennsylvania Demographic Information

Total population of for Pennsylvania: Total Population from the 2020 Census. This reflects the exact population of the geographic area at that point in time, not future estimates, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. It is intended to count all persons living within the geographic area, not just those present on the day of the census.13,002,700
Male population of for Pennsylvania: The Male Population from the 2020 Census. This is not a forecast for the future, but an exact count for this geographic area at the time of the Census. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The Male Population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.6,362,357
Female population of for Pennsylvania: The Female Population from the 2020 Census. This is not a forecast for the future, but an exact count for this geographic area at the time of the Census. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The Female Population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.6,640,343
Median age (years): The Median Age of the Total Population from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. Median age is not a future prediction, it is the actual calculated age from the 2020 Census. Median age is the middle age of the population. Half the population is older than the average age and half is younger. Median Age can relate how young or old a geographic area is compared to others. If one area is 44 and the other is 40, then the first are is an average of 4 years older.41.0
White Population: The White Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The numbers for the White Population are not future projections. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including White. This count includes all who selected White/Caucasian in their response, even if they selected another race as well.9,750,687
Black Population: The Black Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The numbers for the Black Population are not future projections. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including Black or African American. This count includes all who selected Black or African American in their response, even if they selected another race as well.1,423,169
Indian Population: The American Indian and Alaska Native Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area and not estimates for the future. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including American Indian and Alaska Native. This count includes all who selected American Indian and Alaska Native in their response, even if they selected another race as well.31,052
Asian Population: The Asian Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area, not future projections. On the U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including Chinese, Filipino, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, or Other Asian. This count includes all who selected one of these options in their response, even if they selected another race as well.510,501
Hawaiian Population: The Hawaiian or Pacific Islander Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area and are not future projections. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander. This count includes all who selected either Hawaiian or Pacific Islander in their response, even if they selected another race as well.4,276
Hispanic Population: The Hispanic Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area and is not an estimate or future projection. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were first asked for their Ethnicity, including if they were from Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish Origin, including Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano, Puerto Rican, Cuban, or other ethnic origin. This count includes all who affirmed that they were part of this ethnic origin. Respondents who selected this option were also asked to select a race separately and would be counted once in this number as well as the race they chose as well. From the U.S. Census definition, Hispanic is an ethnic origin and not a race.1,049,615
Median age (Male): The Median Age of all Males from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The Male Median Age is the actual average from the 2020 Census, not an estimate or future projection. Median Age is the average age of the population. Half of the population is older than the average age and the other half is younger. Gender is self-reported by individuals when asked about their sex at birth.39.7
Median age (Female): The Median Age of all Females from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The Female Median Age is the actual average from the 2020 Census, not an estimate or future projection. Median Age is the average age of the population. Half of the population is older than the average age and the other half is younger. Gender is self-reported by individuals when asked about their sex at birth.42.4
Total Households: Total Number of Households from the 2020 U.S. Census for this geographic area. A Household includes everyone living in a residential housing unit. This includes families, roommates in a single residence, or a person living alone.5,210,598
Married-Couple Households: Total Married-Couple Households is based on the 2020 U.S. Census and is not an estimate. Under the U.S. Census Bureau definition, Married Couple Households refers to the count of households where the householder and his or her spouse are listed as members of the same household. It does include same-sex marriage households and the households themselves may also include other individuals, such as children or other relatives. 
Average Household Size for for Pennsylvania: The Average Household Size, is obtained by dividing the number of people in Households (excluding those in group quarters, nursing home, prisons, and dorm rooms) by the number of Households. A Household includes everyone living in a residential unit. Those who do not live in a household are classified as living in group accommodation. This value is an estimate from the U.S. Census ACS (American Community Survey) and is updated yearly.2.42
Average family size of for Pennsylvania: Average Family Size is calculated by dividing the number of people in a Family Household by the number of Family Households. The U.S. Census Bureau defines family households as households consisting of two or more individuals who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption. They also may include other unrelated people. Non-family households consist of people who live alone or who share their residence with unrelated individuals. The Average Family Size only looks at the households classified as Family Households. This value is an estimate from the U.S. Census ACS (American Community Survey) and is updated yearly.3.12
Total housing units for for Pennsylvania: The total number of Housing Units is the number of occupied units + the number of vacant units. Ownership is defined by whether the unit is occupied by an owner or by a tenant. Owner occupancy means that the owner lives in the unit. This value comes from the 2020 U.S. Census and is not a projection or estimate.5,742,828