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What is a Postal CodeOM Database?

A set of data put into row and column format for easy use and manipulation. With over 30 unique fields of information, it virtually gives you an unlimited number of ways to analyze all the Canadian Postal CodeOM information.
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  • Multiple data formats - Excel, Access, CSV (comma delimited)
  • The Business version contains the data for the Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF) which connects Postal Codes to Canadian Census areas.
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Canadian Postal CodeOM
Province Abbr
Area Code
Province Name
City Flag
Time Zone
Daylight Savings
Private Dwellings
Area Name
Street Name
Street Type
Street Dir Code
Municipality Name
Accent Data
Municipality Data
Alternate Street Data
Postal Codes are assigned to each area below, if applicable, with data tables providing additonal information.
Census Metropolitan Area
Census Division
Census SubDivision
Federal Electoral District
Designated Place
Economic Region
Census Dissemination Area
Census Consolidated Subdivision
Census Tract
Population Centre
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Postal Code Database
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The Lat/Lon coverage is approximately 99%. The latitude/longitude data for Postal Codes comes from a crowd sourced system. Canada Post does not release this data and therefore there are no official coordinates for these postal codes directly from the source. There will be some inaccuracies in the data but it is the best data available while keeping the cost of the database reasonable. As mistakes are found, they are corrected daily from the crowd sourcing.

Portions of data provided by and © Canada Post 2021. is a non-exclusive licensee of Canada Post.