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Our Free ZIP Code Database is set of all U.S. ZIP code data put into row and column format for easy use and manipulation. The free version comes with 7 data fields for every ZIP code in the United States. It has all the basic information you need to validate ZIP Code entry and basic mapping. The Free ZIP Code database is for personal use only and may not be used commercially or redistributed in any manner.
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** The Latitude and Longitude provided to an accuracy of 4 decimal places. This is acceptable for most uses. Our professional databases offer Latitude/Longitude precision to 6 decimal places.

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Database Technical Specifications


Field Name Data Type Description
ZipCodeChar(5)00000-99999 Five digit numeric ZIP Code of the area.
StateChar(2)2 letter state name abbreviation.
CityVarChar(35)Name of the city as designated by the USPS.
Latitude Decimal(12, 4)Geographic coordinate as a point measured in degrees north or south of the equator.
Longitude Decimal(12, 4)Geographic coordinate as a point measured in degrees east or west of the Greenwich Meridian.
ClassificationCodeChar(1)The classification type of this ZIP Code.
PopulationIntegerThe population of the ZIP Code based on 2020 Census data.
Free ZIP Code Database

ZIP Code Database FAQs

  1. What format does the database come in?
  2. How do I get the monthly database updates?
  3. Will a CD be mailed to me? How do I get the database?
  4. Do you include ZIP Codes for the entire United States?
  5. Why do some ZIP codes only have 3 or 4 digits in Excel?
  6. How often do you update the database?
  7. How current is the data?
  8. What are the sources of the data?
  9. How accurate is the data?
  10. Do you have any other countries besides the U.S.?
  11. How long does it take to get the data?
  12. Can I automate the database delivery?
  13. Do ZIP Codes change often?
  14. Do you support Military APO/FPO/DPO ZIP Codes?
  15. Do you have DMA information?
  16. How long have you been in business?
  17. What separates you from your competitors?
  18. How can I use the Free ZIP Code Database?

Q. What format does the database come in?

A. Our US ZIP Code Database is provided in three (3) formats: Microsoft® Access [MDB], Microsoft® Excel [XLS], and ASCII Comma Delimited [CSV].

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Q. How do I get the monthly database updates?

A. When you purchase, you setup a username and password. Each month, we will notify you via email that an updated database is available. Visit our site and login using your username and password. The updated databases will be available for download in any format we provide as well as a transactional log file with just the changes only.

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Q. Will a CD be mailed to me? How do I get the database?

A. No, our US ZIP Code Database is not mailed to you on CD. Once your order is completed, you will be able to download immediately. All monthly updates are also provided for online download. This ensures fastest delivery as the database is updated each month.

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Q. Do you include ZIP Codes for the entire United States?

A. Yes. ZIP Code data is provided for all 50 U.S. States, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and APO/FPO Military ZIP Codes.

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Q. Why do some ZIP codes only have 3 or 4 digits in Excel?

A. Several ZIP Codes start 0 or 00. Excel interprets the column as numeric data, therefore it removes all preceding zeros. The data is good, it is simply Excel formatting the output. To correct this, open the spreadsheet. Highlight the column by clicking on "A" above the ZIP Code Label. From the menu at the top of the application, choose "Format" and then "Cells". On the popup window, choose "Special" from the "Number Tab" section, and then choose "ZIP Code" to the right. Click "OK". The ZIP Codes should now be formatted properly.

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Q. How often do you update the database?

A. Our ZIP Code Database is updated every month.

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Q. How current is the data?

A. Our ZIP Code Database is updated every month. the data is current as of June, 2024

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Q. What are the sources of the data?

A. Our ZIP Code Database is licensed and compiled from various sources. Postal and Delivery data comes from the USPS, Demographic data from the US Census, Statistical Areas from the OMB (Office of Management & Budget), private data sources, and some are computed by

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Q. How accurate is the data?

A. Accurate data is critical to the success of your business and ours. implements a very rigorous set of data integrity checks to ensure our database is as accurate as possible. In the unlikely event that a portion of data is confirmed as inaccurate, we will correct it within 2 business days.

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Q. Do you have any other countries besides the U.S.?

A. Yes. We also have the Canadian Postal Code Database.

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Q. How long does it take to get the data?

A. Instantly. As soon as your order is confirmed and payment is received, you can download the database.

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Q. Can I automate the database delivery?

A. Yes! Please email us requesting an FTP Account be setup for you to use in automating your processes. Please include your username or order number for reference. We will have it up and running within 1 hour.

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Q. Do ZIP Codes change often?

A. ZIP code data changes frequently. Every year there are thousands of changes to the USPS ZIP Code records. Cities are added and removed. ZIP codes are created or discontinued. Corrections are made. Boundaries change. Streets are added and street names change. Within a short time period, the database will be outdated if you do not download it every month.

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Q. Do you sport Military APO/FPO/DPO ZIP Codes??

A. Yes! Overseas military post offices operated or supported by the Army or Air Force use the city abbreviation APO [Army Post Office / Air (Force) Post Office], while overseas military post offices operated or supported by the Navy, Marine Corps or U.S. Coast Guard use the city abbreviation FPO (Fleet Post Office). Recently, the Department of State has begun establishing a semi-independent overseas postal system. Their city abbreviation is DPO. As of March 2009, less than 10 U.S. Embassy locations are known as DPOs. The other approximately 90 overseas U.S. embassy post offices fall under the management oversight of the military services and so are known as either as APOs or FPOs. Three quasi-state codes have been assigned depending on the (approximate) geographic location of the military mail recipient and also the carrier route to be taken. They are:

  • AE (Armed Forces Europe / Canada / Middle East / Africa) - 09XXX
  • AP (Armed Forces Pacific) - 962XX through 966XX
  • AA (Armed Forces Americas [excluding domestic and Canada]) - 340XX

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Q. Do you have DMA information?

A. No, Nielsen is the provider of that data and they do not allow others to redistribute it. If you need it, you need to go directly to them to get it at

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Q. How long have you been in business?

A. We have been selling our databases online since 2003 and have become the most trusted source of ZIP code data.

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Q. What separates you from your competitors?

A. What separates us from our competitors is our level of customer service. We are here every day and we answer the phones during business hours. If you have a question or problem, we are here to help you. Additionally, we provide the most comprehensive database at the most competitive price. Our competition doesn't even come close. Try calling them! Also, our rigorous data integrity checks make our data the most accurate you can purchase.

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Q. How can I use the Free ZIP Code Database?

A. The Free ZIP Code database is for personal use only and may not be used commercially or redistributed in any manner.

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Free ZIP Code Database

ZIP Code Tools & Resources offers our customers several free applications, tools, and sample code. We hope these tools make your life a little easier with regards to manipulating our databases.


These tutorials will walk you through the process of performing different functions that can be achieved by using our ZIP Code Database.

Database Scripts

These scripts work on your SQL Server or MySQL Server establishing the table, columns, and column definitions before importing the data. To use them, execute the full file contents in Enterprise Manager, SQL Server Management Studio, phpMyAdmin, or other SQL Command Interface.

SQL Server 2000 & 2005

• Standard Database [ Download ]
• Deluxe Database [ Download ]
• Business Database [ Download ]


• Standard Database [ Download ]
• Deluxe Database [ Download ]
• Business Database [ Download ]

Sample Code

The sample code provided here is meant as an example of how some functions can be performed.

Distance Functions:

Calculate the distance between two latitude/longitude coordinates.

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• MS SQL Server [User defined scalar function] [ View ]

Sample Radius Finder Code:

Written in VBScript, this working code sample finds ZIP Codes within a given radius of a central ZIP Code just like our free online ZIP Code Radius Finder.

• ASP/VBScript - Business Database [ Download ]
• ASP/VBScript - Deluxe Database [ Download ]
• ASP/VBScript - Standard Database [ Download ]
• PHP Versions [ Download ]

Helpful Abbreviations

The U.S. Postal system uses many abbreviations.

Free ZIP Code Database

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  5. Immediate download upon purchase
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Actual Customer Emails

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This sounds great! We will take a look at the pricing and get back if we have any questions.

Thanks once again for your prompt help today.

Ankush Xxxxx


Ms. Newsam - 

Thank you so much – this is pretty close to what I expected and EXACTLY what I need for both my internal customer and my Tech partner. I apologize for asking you to lap the same block several times.

Please let me know if ever I can return the favor – 

Bob Sxxxx
Enterprise Reference Data Team
Data Management & Insights
Wells Fargo Company


Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for checking on this for me! You’ve been SO helpful each and every time (year) we’ve had issues.

Honestly, I’m not sure what the next step is with this. I’ll need to chat with my team lead and Manager.

Thank you again
Steve Pxxxxx
Application Programmer Analyst
Enterprise Risk Management Technology
Wells Fargo


Thanks for the quick delivery!

Justin Mxxxx
GIS Specialist II
City of Gaithersburg



Thanks for your quick response to this inquiry.  Can you provide a W9.  I forgot to ask first time around.  Thanks again for your help with this.

Denny Mxxxx
Senior Technical Product Owner
U.S. Bank


Thanks very much Jennifer for getting back to me so quickly –

Nancy E. Bxxxx, Ph.D.
Sr. Director,
Data Acquisition & Data Analytics
Equifax Inc.


Jennifer, Thanks for the link! I am about to be home and I will try it out and I will let you know. I want you to know that you were really helpful and for some reason that is so hard to come by these days when you call companies to ask about their services and for quotes. If your management were standing right next to you, I would tell them to give you a raise and make sure that they keep you happy haha. Thanks again.


Zachary Wxxxx
President & (COO)
AARACO Energy Services, Inc.  


Thank you Jennifer! You guys have been great to work with.

Deonte Gxxxx | IT Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Analyst
Farmers Insurance


Thanks for the fantastic support!

Tim Cxxxx
App Dev Manager, IT
Cetera Financial Group


Thank you Jennifer for doing the research and got back to me w/ all the answers so quickly…. Now that’s what I called support!!




Thanks for this.  And I wanted to say thank you to the very kind representative that I spoke with on the phone today - very helpful.

Denise xxxxxxxxx
Invisible Fence


Thanks, that answers my question.
Also, thanks for the very quick reply ... small things like that do make a difference when it comes to deciding to do business.


Wow Jennifer, that is truly fantastic customer service. I've been able to log in so everything seems to be working.

Thank you very much.

Hugh xxxxxxx


Hi Jennifer,

Thanks, you have been very helpful and I appreciate it.

It is now working great. It was nice talking to you.

On a scale of 10,  I give you 20 for Customer Satisfaction.

Have  a nice day.

Arman L. xxxxxxxx


Thanks for your very quick response.  Very surprised.
After living in Piedmont for over 41 years, I've never heard of 94620 (no post office in Piedmont, so not sure how it got a PO Box zip), or any others you list other than 94610 or 94611.

I've always used and gotten the appropriate zip code - by using the address.
Guess that's the difference.

Anyway, thanks for this new information.......


Thank you so much. I appreciate your prompt help with this matter. I have been a customer of yours at almost every company I work at, and I am always pleased with your products and service.


Hi Jim,
I really appreciate you guys adding that feature. We already added it to our site and selected the best number of pages for us. 
Thank you for the great customer service. 

Fábio xxxxxxxx
LaQ Blocks


Excellent – Thank you Jennifer.

I appreciate your quick response and the consistency of your data and its delivery.

Have a great week!

Richard xxxxxxx
Senior Manager

5/7/14 Team

The project we have been working on is over and as of now we do not require ZIP updates.

Just a note to say you product and your support has been exceptional.

Thank You.

John E xxxxxxx, Ph.D.


Good Morning,

Thank you very much for the response.
We have successfully implemented the radius distance using the suggested method of the SQL function.

Thank you to your team for their suggestions.


Wade xxxxxx
Paradigm Technologies Inc.


Thanks so much.  I’ve been very happy with the data you provide, the support, and the affordability.  I’ll definitely recommend you as the best out there, having looked at several.




The research you did on this alone was worth the $50. Thank you for your professionalism, expediency and impeccable customer service.

Thanks again,


Thank you Jennifer,

I appreciate your firm’s consideration. I will spend some time experimenting with DC over the next few days. I hope to have a nice set of DC maps soon. Your level of customer support is excellent. It’s already obvious that your company cares about its customers and will go the extra mile to make sure your products are useful.



Hello Jennifer,

Thank you so much for the sample information.
I will go over it for our EDDM mailers.

I appreciate your prompt reply and great service.

Have a good day,

Insurance Brokers for Seniors, Inc.
Ruth Publications LLC


Hi Jim,

Thanks for the prompt and informative reply.  I will note that in my
records for future reporting.  I just purchased the ZIP codes database
today (still waiting on my company's accounts payable to mail in the check)
and look forward to working with the full data set.


Daniel xxxxxxxx
Business Analyst, Medicare Product Development, Health Net, Inc.


Thank you very much for your quick response. We look forward to working with your data and are gratified to see that your customer service is at such a high level.

Kind regards,

Sue xxxxxxx
Experian Automotive


Thank you so much. This was super fast and extremely kind of you to refer me to a place that might help.

I'm very impressed with the level of service.

Can you tell me what products you offer and how that may help me as a rental agency?

Thank you.
Shaya Sxxxx
MZS Realty Corp.


Thanks Jennifer - I really appreciate all your help and guidance. You are an outstanding asset for your organization and their customers!




I tried that after I sent the message - and I got it thanks!  Great product and will be ordering more for North and Central Texas.

Thank you so much!!!


Have enjoyed using your database and the radius tool. Super things. Have just spent a lot of money on a new customer dB system that includes Zip Code radius search. I do not think that it is as up-to-date and comprehensive as yours, but we have to live with it.

Thanks for several years of service.

Robert Biale Vineyards


Jim, your quick response is certainly appreciated, especially with the nature of this project. 
I may be logging on this weekend, and your explanation will really help me!  THANK YOU!!


Dave xxxxxxx, MBA, JD
Sr. Business Analyst

University of Phoenix
3090 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Your service has been excellent and the data base has been useful to us. I invested in it to assist a non for profit organization analyze their donor pool and it was very helpful. However, that project is done and I havent a need for the data base at the moment. If I do need it again in the future, I will reach out to you (and hope that you will still recognize me as a client).

Great product, great service.... Thank you



Hi There -

I'm a happy subscriber to your service and just wanted to give a big THANKS for the SQL formatted database.  I don't think I saw this last time I grabbed the data.  Really makes things a lot easier.

John xxxxxxx
Director of Technology
Employment Screening Resources (ESR)
7110 Redwood Blvd., Suite C
Novato, CA 94945-4141


This ROCKS ! !   Thank you for this information it was a huge help...and free...what up?

Own The Day !


Debra xxxxxxx
Senior Distributor
"Send Out Cards"


I have a lot of demographic research experience in prior jobs. I was asked to do a task for my present employer so I needed an inexpensive database to work with.  This program was absolutely one of the best tools I have ever used. I cant believe it only cost $80.  Thanks for making a great product.  I would recommend to anyone.

Security Holdings LLC


Awesome! Thank you so much for that info, I've been dealing with this issue for years. You must get this question all the time.

Thanks, again!



Great site. Very Helpful and easy to use.

Bob Fxxxx


You guys are fantastic. I’m very happy we went with your database; your support has been flawless. Great job. Really.

Thank you very much for your help, Jennifer. Have a great day!


I am very impressed with your prompt and helpful response. Thank you. I am making a note of this to write about at

For my first question, our app is allowing users to search up to a maximum of an X miles radius (maybe 50 miles) around a zip code. I believe that your database allows us to determine the center zip code for a selected metro area. So we will determine all the zip codes within a metro area and then calculate the maximum distance from the center zip code to the outermost zip code and make that our search radius. However, if any metro areas are larger than our maximum radius it will complicate things. So I am interested to know, if you can tell me, how large the largest metro area is.

Thank you,


Hi Jim,

Thanks for the quick response. Your answer was perfect for me.

I appreciate your great customer service and your fine product.


Alan Mxxxx
Online Yellow Pages


You guys are awesome about this stuff! Wish all companies ran like you.

William Rodriquez


Hiya Jim,

Happy Holidays! Thanks for the update. I will certainly be renewing and upgrading real soon.

I love your services =) Have a stupendous week.



This is just simply outstanding service! Please forward this to your boss.
Thank you very much.


Dear Jennifer's Supervisor,
I'm just an old old man taking my time to praise Jenifer for her EXCELLENT assistance today.
I needed an extract from your zip-code database, that I recently purchased, of cities, ZIPs for a particular county;
so, when I performed the extract I was presented with multiple records for the SAME city and ZIP-code combination.
So, I called your office - Jennifer answered the call.
Following a brief discussion regarding your database and MSAccess I learned that there is a Primary Record field.

AHA; so by including the Primary Record field in my query and also including the letter "P' in the Criteria field my problem was solved.
All this to commend Jennifer for her ability to communicate with me in such a way so as to obtain, not just an answer;
But to obtain a SOLUTION to my problem. I suggested that she, if interested, might ( with your assistance) learn more about MSAccess - and then get an even better job (with you of course).

Once again; 'Little Nell' (i.e. me); the proverbial person in a crisis was saved - by Jenifer.
Give this lady a raise or at least 20 bucks in cash for her to enjoy a nice lunch and love her job even more.

Let me know how all this was received - conceptually.
Bob Pxxxx



As my subscription is about to expire in about ten days, I thought I'd check the web for other similar offerings. I didn't spend an inordinate time searching but after about twenty minutes it became reasonably clear that there was nothing remotely approaching the level of detail provided in your US zip code database by any of your competitors.

Accordingly, when it expires I'll not only renew but also upgrade my subscription.

Thanks for a very good product.

John W. xxxxxxx


Thank you for this unbelievably wonderful App!!!!!!!.
I'm blown away by all the different ways I can find out what I need to know for my job AND for fun!
Insphere Insurance Solutions is a proud sponsor of Ronald McDonald House Charities®.


Hi Jennifer,

Thank you so much for all your help today. I really appreciate your patience, and look forward to working with your company in the future.

Best regards,


Good morning,

I have been very pleased with your company and your product over the years. But in particular, I wanted to let someone know that Jennifer (telephone support) helped me out with some problems today in trying to get and extension on our purchase of your zip code deluxe product. She was a wonderful person with which to work. Jennifer was knowledgeable, responsive, and had a very pleasant and caring attitude. Sometimes rare these days.

Ray xxxxxxxxxx
Senior Information Strategist
NC Cooperative Extension
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
NC State University


I don't usually write to website contact email addresses. I have a comment and couldn't help myself . . .


What an absolute joy to find a site where the site owner(s) have gone to the trouble of making it as useful as you have without compensation.

If there's a prize for having a really useful website, if you haven't already won, you surely will.

I'm only one person, but wish to simply say "Thank You!". You're officially "Bookmarked" permanently.

Robb Bxxxx
Grand Rapids Michigan


Wow! That is fantastic James :-)

I believe you may be right! I have tried some zip codes that were past issues, some random areas (in the recent-past it wasn't hard to find some that fail) and all have worked!

I appreciate you monitoring the error-reports, and for taking time to explain what was occurring and solutions you were looking into.

Thank you James. Thank you for all your hard work, skill and time applied to working a solution to this. :-)
Hope it may prove useful experience in other ways, down-the-road - lol

Really terrific, thank you again!

John xxxxxx
Media Consultant



It's refreshing to know there are still good customer support people out
there. You were very helpful. Thank you.


Adam xxxxxxx
(608) 519-3120 Office
(800) 489-0401 Toll Free
support (at)


Thank you Jim.
As I mentioned on our call, this is great customer service and something that is becoming all too rare these days.
Thanks again for listening to my concern and finding a solution.

Michael xxxxxxx, CPCU, AIM
MetLife Auto and Home - Senior Technical Coordinator - Home Ops Team


Hi James,

Thank you so much for your help. You have an excellent customer support team. Your prompt help saved us a huge time on implementing one of our application. Again thank you for your excellent support.




Thank you for your quick response. One more thing that puts your site above the others.

Have a great day,

Delphiene Mxxxx
Rogers Benefit Group Inc


You guys are the best --- Thank you!


Gail xxxxxx, PMP
IT Project Manager
DeltaPharma, on assignment with
Takeda Pharmaceuticals NA, Inc.


Hey Folks,

Just letting you know; Awesome Site!!

I stumbled across your site through a Google search and I'll be linking to it from my website.

It's a great tool for me; as a real estate investor it allows me to quickly focus my property searches.


Warmest regards,

Vicki xxxxxx

White Rabbit Enterprises, Inc.
Wonderland Properties, Llc


Wow, thanks so much. I am truly amazed at your customer service. The phone was answered by a real person and not a machine, and my email was answered so quickly. As well you fixed my problem, it is now working for the Canadian locations. I just don't run into great service like this very often, not for paid services never mind a free one. Thanks again

Wednesday, January 14, 2009 8:50 AM

I don’t know if it’s first date syndrome or what but I somehow came across your site this morning and am AMAZED!!! The zip distance calc is awesome!!Then put in my zip and CAN NOT BELIEVE the details!!!!!! Plus weather and a map!!

No I remember, I was looking for a way to map a radius!!

Friday, January 23, 2009 3:23 PM

Thank you so much.  Now I know to push back on my address provider to get an up-to-date address.  I appreciate the link to validate the zip code! Thanks for you help and prompt response,

Monday, January 26, 2009 6:56 PM


Just what I needed!!!!!!!!

Thanks a ton!


Friday, February 06, 2009 5:38 PM

Thank you very much for such a quick response to our needs.  Please pass along my sincere   gratitude to your team. Best!

Yutthichai (U.T.) xxxxxxxxx
Senior Applications Developer
The JASON Project - National Geographic Society

Monday, February 09, 2009 10:10 PM

Thank you for your prompt reply.  Impressive.

My goal for purchasing the product was to see the multiple counties within a zip code.  It appears from re-reading your website, that only the 'business version' has multiple county listings.

I certainly did not receive a separate file with multiple county entries.  Am I missing something?

Interesting on the Radius Finder.  I do have .Net latest release and I have unzipped the file.  I did let it send the error info to the contact server.  Not sure if this will help.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009 6:15 PM

Dear Mr. Jim xxxxx:
I wanted to write you to say that I had an extremely gratifying interaction to today with your programmer James xxxxxx who, on very short notice, went beyond the call of duty to make a modification to your Zip Radius tool which made my use of your tool much more valuable for the analyses I was performing. This sort of excellent customer service and responsiveness is all too scarce in many data service organizations, so I wanted to let you know that James courteous and efficient service today has helped to earn my loyalty to for a long time to come.

Best regards,

Daniel C. xxxxxxxxx, M.P.H., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Epidemiology,
Department of Epidemiology,
Mailman School of Public Health,
Columbia University

Adjunct Assistant Professor,
Prevention Research Center
Department of Pediatrics
School of Medicine
Wayne State University

Tuesday, May 05, 2009 8:57 AM

Thank you so much for your personal reply.  I've found only two instances in the past year where I believe USPS was incorrect.  Therefore, I will continue to have great faith in the info you provide.  Again, your website is so helpful.  I do appreciate your assistance.

Dee xxxxxx

Thursday, June 11, 2009 5:26 PM

Great.  Thanks.  I’m using 2007, so I’ll combine them into one file.  Thanks again for your help.  It’s a great product, especially the Radius Finder.

Thursday, July 23, 2009 10:48 AM

Dear James,

I just want to thank you for all of your assistance!  I am enjoying the use of  the US zip codes program, which has proved to be very useful. 
I am sorry that we were not able to utilize the Canadian Postal Codes the same way, but at least I know you and your company are supplying us with good customer service and a good product.

Thank you very much!!

Sylvia xxxxxx
Training Administrator
Cruise Line International Association, Inc.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 1:44 PM

What a great site you have! It is full of wonderful, valuable information. I just found it and will recommend it to others. I love that you give away a lot of info but sell software, maps and other tools that are helpful to many different applications. Thanks for having such a great site!

Sheila Axxxx

I appreciate the quick turn around on this question. We are working with a vendor that uses this level of reporting. We wanted to be able to create the same reporting level in-house with your up to date ZIP Code products. These additional codes will be very helpful.

Thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty to provide this list of CBSA divisions. This level of service makes me glad we chose to do business with your company.

Scott ********,

I rarely write to applaud a product, but the usefulness of your software to my job is very relevant. Your zip code software, used in conjunction with your software to find radii from a specific locale is excellent--simple to use and a valuable resource for any direct mail marketer.

Thank you very much.

Fred ******
Direct Mail Marketing Manager
Westgate Resorts


Thank you for resolving this so quickly. The support you provided me with on the phone today along with the quick manner in which you responded to my refund request says a lot about you and your company.

Robert ******

My only comment would be that your customer service is fantastic.


Shawn *******

Sue, thank you! I shared with James ********* how helpful and prompt you have been regarding this matter. A nice company to work with!


Hi James –
This is exactly what I need. It’s interesting to see that the City and AreaName fields are actually the opposite of what expected of each one to be. It’s not at all a problem; it’s just interesting. You guys offered great customer support compared to your competition. If I may a suggestion: Talk to your webpage master to add a few more keywords to your site so that it appears on top when doing a Google search; it was actually near the lower part of the page when doing a search for “Postal Code database” in Google. I’ll be ordering your product next week sometime.

Thanks again,

Thanks for the info, Jim. I'll have to purchase from scratch, as my company will require a purchase order and multiple levels of approvals and all that. But again, thanks for that. You guys have a great product.


I just wanted to say thank you for a very helpful site. In this day and age when everyone needs a little help sometimes, it is truly refreshing to find people who provide basic need information without selling a free trial for $19.99!! I pray, In Jesus name, he will bring nothing but blessings back to you and yours for providing service to others. Amen. and again, thank you.


Good morning. No questions - just wanted to say that we ordered our first map from y'all yesterday, and we LOVE it! Taking disk with pdf file to Kinko's to get large version printed. My boss is bouncing off the walls he's so happy. Incredible market planning tool for us as we work to determine target clients.

VERY easy to order, buy and retrieve.

Thanks again.


I ordered the incorrect zip code map and would like to request a refund. I was looking for an actual map and not the database. My order number is 267750. I spoke to your customer service area (whom by the way was very helpful!) and he informed me how to order the correct item.

Thank you,

Tammara ********

Thank You very much for your prompt reply
Skip Spurgeon
IT Manager
Sokaogon Gaming Enterprise, Corp.

Thank you for the excellent customer service. This will give us the entire directory and not just updates; is that correct?


Thanks for your speedy reply!


Thanks for the quick response Jim. A pleasure doing business with you !


Hi Jim,

Thanks for your quick response. We placed an order last night. Thanks for your help!


Evan M.

Firstly, I continue to be impressed by the quality and speed at which my inquiries are addressed, both before and after my purchase.

I knew immediately that I had failed to communicate an important aspect of my inquiry. At this time I am only interested in the changes to the base zip code database / dataset.

Can you reply to the inquiries below only regarding the base zip code data?

Thank you in advance,

I just want to say thank you for your patience with me. I finally got what I needed, transferred the zip codes onto the Excel sheet that was required and got them emailed to our national office so they would send us the leads for our area that we need to grow our business. It was a challenge. Much appreciation,

Nellie ********

The reason I bought from you is:

A few days a go I asked you how many individial zip codes there were.

Wham! The answer came back quickly. I was impressed.

Isn't that much good customer service these days. My congratulations!!!!

Armond *****

Hi James,

Thanks a lot, so quick to respond, this is the better way to do business!!!

Ok, we'll setup a program to get it every 5th.

Best Regards

- - -
Christian *******

THANK YOU . . . the new map certainly fits my needs better. You get my 2008 award for being “customer friendly”. Thanks again.


Please upgrade me to the business version. If you need my cc info again please let me know. Thanks for your prompt response to my request. I have found that it is unusual to get a quick response from the “contact us” link. 99.9% of the time I never hear back from a company when using this feature. I wish all websites operated in the manner that your companies does.


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