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Our Historical database contains over 80,000 precise data records for each month. The data includes EVERY ZIP Code in the U.S. You can download ANY single month for $139.95, or you can have access to EVERY month from 2004 to this year for $699.95. All historical data is from the most comprehensive version of our data available at the time we archived it.
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  • Historical U.S. ZIP Code Data - Our data goes as far back as 2004
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  • Available in Different Formats - Save Conversion Time with Access, Excel, CSV, and SQL
  • Many ZIP Code Database Fields (Currently - 65) - Covers Most Business Needs
  • Full Year of Access - Download any or all months for 1 Year
  • Census Data - 2000 and 2010 Census Data in respective years
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ZIP Code 1
City 1
State 1
Primary County 1
Area Code 2
City Type 1
City Alias Abbreviation 1
City Alias Name 1
Latitude 2
Longitude 2
Time Zone 2
Elevation 3
State FIPS 1
County FIPS 1
Daylight Saving 2
Preferred Last Line Key 1
Classification Code 1
Multi County Flag 2
City Alias Code 2
Primary Record 2
Mixed Case City 1
Mixed Case City Alias 2
State ANSI Code 4
County ANSI Code 4
Facility Code 1
Unique ZIP Name 1
City Delivery Indicator 1
Carrier Route Sortation 1
Finance Number 1
City State Key 1
Population 5
Households per ZIP Code 5
White Population 5
Black Population 5
Hispanic Population 5
Asian Population 5
Hawaiian Population 5
Indian Population 5
Other Population 5
Male Population 5
Female Population 5
Persons per Household 5
Median Avg House Value 6
Median Income Per Household 6
MSA Code & Name 6
PMSA Code & Name 6
CSA Code & Name 6
CBSA Code & Name 6
CBSA Type 6
CBSA Division Code & Name 6
Region 6
Division 6
Mailing Name 1
All Counties 1
Median Age 5
Male Median Age 5
Female Median Age 5
# of Businesses 6
Q1 Payroll 6
Annual Payroll 6
# of Employees 6
Employment Flag 6
County Growth Rank 2
2010 Housing Units 2
2011 Housing Units 2
Number Increase in Units 2
% Increase in Units 2
CBSA Population 6
CBSA Division Pop. 6
117th Congressional District 1
117th Congressional Land Area 6
# Residential Mailboxes 1
# Business Mailboxes 1
Total Delivery Receptacles 1
Current Population 2
Multi County Data 2
Land & Water Area 6
Box Count 1
ZIP Intro Date 2
Alias Intro Date 2
SSA State County Code NEW! 7
Medicare CBSA Code NEW! 7
Medicare CBSA Name NEW! 7
Medicare CBSA Type NEW! 7
Market Rating Area ID NEW! 7
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Download Sample Historical
U.S. ZIP Code Database
Download Sample Historical
U.S. ZIP Code Database
Download Sample Historical
U.S. ZIP Code Database
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Our Historical ZIP Code Information

ZIP Code Database

Our database contains all current data regarding ZIP Codes, area codes, city name, alias city names, two digit state code, city type, county name, state FIPS, county FIPS, time zone, daylight savings indicator, primary record indicator, latitude, longitude, county elevation, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), MSA description name, Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA), Core Based Statistical Area codes (CBSA), Metro and Micro CBSA description name, and CBSA division. Our database also includes Census 2000 (2004-2010s releases) and 2010 (2010-2021) data for the United States, including population, households per ZIP Code, average house value, average income per household, white population, black population, Hispanic population information, current population, multi-county data, congressional districts, MFDU, SFDU, land area, water area and more.

Our historical databases contain over 78,000 precise data records. You can download the database for a full year. We give you the choice of 4 separate formats to download your ZIP Code data.


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  2. Internal Data Creation [Last Updated: 3/1/2023],
  3. U.S. Geological Survey [Updated as needed],
  4. U.S. Census American National Standards Institute (ANSI) [Last Updated: 3/1/2023],
  5. U.S. Census 2010 [Decennial] [Last Updated: 1/1/2010],
  6. U.S. Census [Updated Yearly],
  7. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services [Updated Yearly],