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Our Area Code Database is set of all U.S. area code data put into row and column format for easy use and manipulation. We give you so many fields of data that you can manipulate the data virtually any way you want. It is great for data validation, rate center lookups, line type lookups, etc.
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  • Get a full 12 months of access - we update our data 4 times a year
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  • Multiple ZIP Codes listed for each NPANXX (some with over 20+ ZIPs listed)
  • Multiple data formats to suit your needs: MDB, CSV, TAB
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Immediate Download :: As soon as your purchase of is complete and payment received, you will be able to download the ZIP Code Database immediately. Included Included
1 Year Subscription with Monthly Updates :: All purchases come with a 1 year subscription. You will get the ZIP Code Database immediately as well as 12 monthly updates. Included Included
Microsoft® Access (.MDB) :: All database versions can be downloaded in Microsoft Access .MDB format for immediate use. Included Included
Microsoft® Excel (.XLS) :: All database versions can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel .XLS format for immediate use. Included Included
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Free FTP Access :: Would you like to automate the import and delivery of the ZIP Code Database on a monthly basis? We can setup an FTP account explicitly for you to retrieve any of our databases. Just shoot us an email with your username and it's as good as done. FTP, SFTP, and FTPS available to meet your companies policies. Included Included
100% Money Back Guarantee :: Our ZIP Code Database is the most accurate available and we back this up with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Included Included
Free Technical Support :: There is a LOT of data in our ZIP Code Database, and it can be hard understanding some things at times. That's why we are always here and able to assist you in working with our databases, free! Included Included
NPANXX :: The Area Code and Prefix Combination together. 1IncludedIncluded
NPA :: Area Code (NPA = Numbering Plan Area) 1IncludedIncluded
NXX :: Three digit local number prefix (X=2-9, X=0-9). Generally 201 thru 999. 1IncludedIncluded
State :: Two letter USPS state abbreviation 1IncludedIncluded
ZIP Code :: US ZIP Code or Canadian Postal Code. US codes are five numerical digits, Canadian Postal Codes are 7 character alphanumeric codes.1IncludedIncluded
ZIP Code Population :: Approximate number of actual ZIP code occurences (listed subscribers) within NPA/NXX. 0 = Actual count unknown. 1IncludedIncluded
ZIP Code Frequency :: Percent frequency of occurrence of this Zip Code in the central office coverage area. If > 0, then actual estimated percent, -1 = Most frequent but % unknown, -2 = Second most frequent, but % unknown. 1IncludedIncluded
LATA :: Local Access Transport Area code. 1IncludedIncluded
County Population :: The population of the county from the 2010 Census. 2Included
Latitude :: Latitude of record for the central office. 2Included
Longitude :: Longitude of record for the central office. 2Included
WeightLatitude :: Latitude for the centroid of the ZIP Code that has the highest frequency of occurrence within the NPANXX. 1Included
WeightLongitude :: Longitude for the centroid of the ZIP Code that has the highest frequency of occurrence within the NPANXX. 1Included
City :: Popular or political name of city. 1Included
County :: Name of county this record resides in. 1Included
Time Zone :: Offset from GMT (5=East, 6=Central, 7=Mountain, 8=West, etc.) 2Included
Observes DST :: 1 = Observes DST (Daylight Saving Time) during the normal DST observance period, 0 = Does not observe DST at all. Some areas of the country such as AZ (except for the Navajo Nation), HI, GU, PR, VI, and parts of IN do not observe DST. 2Included
NXX Use Type :: Primary use designation. L=Landline, W=Wireless (all wireless; pagers, cellular, PCS, etc.) Note that some NXXs may be subdivided between landline and wireless. This is simply the reported type. 1Included
NXX Intro Version :: Version of this product that NXX first appeared. This is not necessarily the NXX service date, but it should be within 12 months. exception: Since 1994-02-04 was the first version that included the intro date, then all older NXXs will have an intro date of 1994-02-04 regardless of actual service date. 1Included
FIPS Code :: Census Bureau FIPS code (ID) for the tract of the central office. 2Included
Overlay :: 1 = NPA recent overlay, blank = Not an overlay 1Included
Rate Center :: Ten character Rate Center name for CO. Blank = Rate Center name unknown. 1Included
MSA/CBSA :: Census Bureau Names for the metro area of the central office. 2Included
MSA/CBSA Code :: Census Bureau ID numbers for the metro area of the central office. 2Included
OCN :: Four-character alphanumeric field identifying the NPA-NXX code-holder and/or service provider. 1Included
Phone Company :: The name of the phone company the NPA/NXX is registered to. 1Included
Coverage Area Name :: The name of the area this NPA-NXX Covers. This is primarily the city name but other Alias Names may be used. 1Included
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† Due to the Number Portability Act, users can keep their telephone number when switching providers. They can move to any ZIP Code in the United States with the same NPA/NXX. Over time the connection between ZIP Code and Area Code has become less meaningful. In many cases there is no correlation at all and thus should not be relied upon any longer, in our opinion. We leave the ZIP Codes in the data for reference only, but not all ZIP Codes are represented.


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