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Zip Code
Primary County
Area Code
City Type
City Alias Abbreviation
City Alias Name
Time Zone
State FIPS
County FIPS
Daylight Savings
Preferred Last Line Key
Classification Code
Multi County Flag
City Alias Code
Primary Record
Mixed Case City
Mixed Case City Alias
State ANSI Code
County ANSI Code
Facility Code
Unique ZIP Name
City Delivery Indicator
Carrier Route Sortation
Finance Number
City State Key
Households per ZIP Code
White Population
Black Population
Hispanic Population
Asian Population
Hawaiian Population
Indian Population
Other Population
Male Population
Female Population
Persons per Household
Median Avg House Value
Median Income Per Household
MSA Code & Name
PMSA Code & Name
CSA Code & Name
CBSA Code & Name
CBSA Division Code & Name
Mailing Name
All Counties
Median Age
Male Median Age
Female Median Age
# of Businesses
Q1 Payroll
Annual Payroll
# of Employees
Employment Flag
County Growth Rank
2010 Housing Units
2011 Housing Units
Number Increase in Units
% Increase in Units
CBSA Population
CBSA Division Pop.
115th Congressional District
115th Congressional Land Area
# Residential Mailboxes
# Business Mailboxes
Total Delivery Receptacles
Current Population
Multi County Data
Land & Water Area
Box Count
ZIP Intro Date
Alias Intro Date
SSA State County Code NEW!
Medicare CBSA Code NEW!
Medicare CBSA Name NEW!
Medicare CBSA Type NEW!
Market Rating Area ID NEW!
Multi County Data
Expanded Census 2010 Data
Place FIPS Data
ZIP Code
State FIPS
Place FIPS
Place Name
Place Type
Func Status Code
Func Stat Text
FIPS Class Code
Geo ID
Calculated Population
Housing Unit Count
Total Record Area
Land Area
2010 Population
Housing Units of ZIP
Total ZIP Area in square meters
ZIP Area Land in square meters
2010 Place Population
Place Housing Units
Area of Place
Land Area of Place
Pop % to Record
% of Housing Units to ZIP
% of Record area to ZIP area
% Record Land to ZIP Land
% of Place to Total Pop.
% Housing Count to Record
% Area of Place to Record
% Land Place to Record
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U.S. ZIP Code Database
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U.S. ZIP Code Database
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U.S. ZIP Code Database
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