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ZIP Code Database - Facts & Stats

Data Last Updated: September 1, 2023

Michigan ZIP Codes

Timezone(s): All Time Zones found within this State. In the United States, there are 7 standard time zones which are, from west to east: Hawaii-Aleutian, Alaska, Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic. Also included in U.S. Territories are Samoa, Guam and Palau. The alignment between ZIP codes and time zones is not perfect. A single time zone can cover multiple ZIP codes, and, conversely, a single ZIP code could theoretically span across multiple time zones, although this is quite rare.Central (GMT -06:00)
Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Population: The total Population for Michigan, taken from the 2020 U.S. Census DP1. This population total includes all people residing in Michigan and counts them regardless of citizenship or immigration status. Included are U.S. Citizens, permanent residents, temporary migrants, and undocumented workers. The total population represents people who live in the state, not just those present on the day of the census. State Population is critical in determining political representation, funding allocation, planning and policy-making, and demographic analysis.10,077,331 (More Details)
Male Population: The sum of all males for Michigan from the 2020 U.S. Census DP1. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The male population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.4,970,856
Female Population: The sum of all females for Michigan from the 2020 U.S. Census DP1. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The female population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.5,106,475
Median Age: The median age of the total population of this state. Median age is not a future prediction, it is the actual number from the 2020 Census. Median age is the middle age of the population. Half the population is older than the average age and half is younger.40
ZIP Codes: The total number of ZIP Codes which at least partially fall inside the state of Michigan. Did you know that approximately 23% of ZIP Codes cross county lines? Several even cross State lines. ZIP Codes do not follow other geographic boundaries because they were created exclusively for the expedient delivery of mail.1,158
Cities: The total number of City names which are associated with ZIP Codes that partially or wholly cross into Michigan. Alongside the official city name, USPS also recognizes certain alternate names for cities or towns that can be used in mailing addresses. These may include towns, villages, abbreviations, names in other languages, or names that have been commonly used historically.881
Counties: The total number of counties associated with ZIP Codes that are at least partially part of Michigan.83
Area Codes: The total number of Area Codes associated with ZIP Codes in Michigan. Area codes are used in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) to facilitate phone routing. Each area code identifies a specific geographic area (usually part of a state or territory) and allows calls to be routed to the correct area. There are approximately 350 area codes in use in the United States.12
Total Area: The approximate amount of area covered by Michigan in square miles. This includes all land and water areas within the legal state boundaries.96,713 square miles
Land Area: Approximate area of land covered by Michigan in square miles. Land area data provided by the Census Bureau are based on geographic boundaries that include the mainland, islands, inland, coastal, Great Lakes, and territorial waters associated with each state. Land area is important in many types of statistical analysis. For example, population density, the number of people per unit of land area, is a commonly used statistic based on this data. Land area measurements are also important for urban planning, environmental studies, and economic analysis. 56,547 square miles
Water Area: The approximate amount of water area covered by Michigan in square miles. Calculations for water area take into account inland bodies of water, coastal regions, Great Lakes, and territorial sea waters. This encompasses features such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and coastal water bodies. Water surface data are especially important for environmental and conservation planning, water resource management, transportation, and recreational planning.40,167 square miles
Map showing the ZIP Codes in the State of Michigan

Michigan Covers 1158 ZIP Codes

ZIP CodeCityCountyType
ZIP Code 48001AlgonacSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48002AllentonSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48003AlmontLapeerStandard
ZIP Code 48004AnchorvilleSaint ClairP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48005ArmadaMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48006AvocaSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48007TroyOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48009BirminghamOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48012BirminghamOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48014CapacSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48015Center LineMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48017ClawsonOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48021EastpointeMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48022EmmettSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48023Fair HavenSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48025FranklinOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48026FraserMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48027GoodellsSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48028Harsens IslandSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48030Hazel ParkOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48032JeddoSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48033SouthfieldOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48034SouthfieldOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48035Clinton TownshipMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48036Clinton TownshipMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48037SouthfieldOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48038Clinton TownshipMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48039Marine CitySaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48040MarysvilleSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48041MemphisSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48042MacombMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48043Mount ClemensMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48044MacombMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48045Harrison TownshipMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48046Mount ClemensMacombP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48047New BaltimoreMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48048New HavenMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48049North StreetSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48050New HavenMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48051New BaltimoreMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48054East ChinaSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48059Fort GratiotSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48060Port HuronSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48061Port HuronSaint ClairP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48062RichmondMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48063ColumbusSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48064CascoSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48065RomeoMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48066RosevilleMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48067Royal OakOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48068Royal OakOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48069Pleasant RidgeOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48070Huntington WoodsOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48071Madison HeightsOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48072BerkleyOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48073Royal OakOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48074Smiths CreekSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48075SouthfieldOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48076SouthfieldOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48079Saint ClairSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48080Saint Clair ShoresMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48081Saint Clair ShoresMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48082Saint Clair ShoresMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48083TroyOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48084TroyOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48085TroyOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48086SouthfieldOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48088WarrenMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48089WarrenMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48090WarrenMacombP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48091WarrenMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48092WarrenMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48093WarrenMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48094WashingtonMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48095WashingtonMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48096RayMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48097YaleSaint ClairStandard
ZIP Code 48098TroyOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48099TroyOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48101Allen ParkWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48103Ann ArborWashtenawStandard
ZIP Code 48104Ann ArborWashtenawStandard
ZIP Code 48105Ann ArborWashtenawStandard
ZIP Code 48106Ann ArborWashtenawP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48107Ann ArborWashtenawP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48108Ann ArborWashtenawStandard
ZIP Code 48109Ann ArborWashtenawStandard
ZIP Code 48110AzaliaMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48111BellevilleWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48112BellevilleWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48113Ann ArborWashtenawP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48114BrightonLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 48115BridgewaterWashtenawP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48116BrightonLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 48117CarletonMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 48118ChelseaWashtenawStandard
ZIP Code 48120DearbornWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48121DearbornWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48122MelvindaleWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48123DearbornWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48124DearbornWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48125Dearborn HeightsWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48126DearbornWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48127Dearborn HeightsWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48128DearbornWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48130DexterWashtenawStandard
ZIP Code 48131DundeeMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 48133ErieMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 48134Flat RockWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48135Garden CityWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48136Garden CityWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48137GregoryLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 48138Grosse IleWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48139HamburgLivingstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48140IdaMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 48141InksterWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48143LakelandLivingstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48144LambertvilleMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 48145La SalleMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 48146Lincoln ParkWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48150LivoniaWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48151LivoniaWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48152LivoniaWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48153LivoniaWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48154LivoniaWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48157Luna PierMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 48158ManchesterWashtenawStandard
ZIP Code 48159MaybeeMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 48160MilanMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 48161MonroeMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 48162MonroeMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 48164New BostonWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48165New HudsonOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48166NewportMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 48167NorthvilleWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48168NorthvilleWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48169PinckneyLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 48170PlymouthWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48173RockwoodWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48174RomulusWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48175SalemWashtenawP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48176SalineWashtenawStandard
ZIP Code 48177SamariaMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48178South LyonOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48179South RockwoodMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 48180TaylorWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48182TemperanceMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 48183TrentonWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48184WayneWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48185WestlandWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48186WestlandWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48187CantonWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48188CantonWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48189Whitmore LakeWashtenawStandard
ZIP Code 48190WhittakerWashtenawP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48191WillisWashtenawStandard
ZIP Code 48192WyandotteWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48193RiverviewWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48195SouthgateWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48197YpsilantiWashtenawStandard
ZIP Code 48198YpsilantiWashtenawStandard
ZIP Code 48201DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48202DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48203Highland ParkWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48204DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48205DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48206DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48207DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48208DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48209DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48210DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48211DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48212HamtramckWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48213DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48214DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48215DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48216DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48217DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48218River RougeWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48219DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48220FerndaleOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48221DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48222DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48223DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48224DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48225Harper WoodsWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48226DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48227DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48228DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48229EcorseWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48230Grosse PointeWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48231DetroitWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48232DetroitWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48233DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48234DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48235DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48236Grosse PointeWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48237Oak ParkOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48238DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48239RedfordWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48240RedfordWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48242DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48243DetroitWayneStandard
ZIP Code 48244DetroitWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48255DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48260DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48264DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48265DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48266DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48267DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48268DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48269DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48272DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48275DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48277DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48278DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48279DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48288DetroitWayneUnique
ZIP Code 48301Bloomfield HillsOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48302Bloomfield HillsOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48303Bloomfield HillsOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48304Bloomfield HillsOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48306RochesterOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48307RochesterOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48308RochesterOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48309RochesterOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48310Sterling HeightsMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48311Sterling HeightsMacombP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48312Sterling HeightsMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48313Sterling HeightsMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48314Sterling HeightsMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48315UticaMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48316UticaMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48317UticaMacombStandard
ZIP Code 48318UticaMacombP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48320Keego HarborOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48321Auburn HillsOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48322West BloomfieldOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48323West BloomfieldOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48324West BloomfieldOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48325West BloomfieldOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48326Auburn HillsOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48327WaterfordOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48328WaterfordOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48329WaterfordOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48330Drayton PlainsOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48331FarmingtonOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48332FarmingtonOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48333FarmingtonOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48334FarmingtonOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48335FarmingtonOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48336FarmingtonOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48340PontiacOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48341PontiacOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48342PontiacOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48343PontiacOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48346ClarkstonOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48347ClarkstonOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48348ClarkstonOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48350DavisburgOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48353HartlandLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 48356HighlandOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48357HighlandOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48359Lake OrionOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48360Lake OrionOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48361Lake OrionOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48362Lake OrionOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48363OaklandOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48366LakevilleOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48367LeonardOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48370OxfordOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48371OxfordOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48374NoviOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48375NoviOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48376NoviOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48377NoviOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48380MilfordOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48381MilfordOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48382Commerce TownshipOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48383White LakeOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48386White LakeOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48387Union LakeOaklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48390Walled LakeOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48393WixomOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48397WarrenMacombUnique
ZIP Code 48401ApplegateSanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48410ArgyleSanilacP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48411AtlasGeneseeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48412AtticaLapeerStandard
ZIP Code 48413Bad AxeHuronStandard
ZIP Code 48414BancroftShiawasseeStandard
ZIP Code 48415Birch RunSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48416Brown CitySanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48417BurtSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48418ByronShiawasseeStandard
ZIP Code 48419CarsonvilleSanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48420ClioGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48421ColumbiavilleLapeerStandard
ZIP Code 48422CroswellSanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48423DavisonGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48426DeckerSanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48427DeckervilleSanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48428DrydenLapeerStandard
ZIP Code 48429DurandShiawasseeStandard
ZIP Code 48430FentonGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48432FilionHuronStandard
ZIP Code 48433FlushingGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48434ForestvilleSanilacP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48435FostoriaTuscolaStandard
ZIP Code 48436GainesGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48437GeneseeGeneseeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48438GoodrichGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48439Grand BlancGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48440HadleyLapeerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48441Harbor BeachHuronStandard
ZIP Code 48442HollyOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48444Imlay CityLapeerStandard
ZIP Code 48445KindeHuronStandard
ZIP Code 48446LapeerLapeerStandard
ZIP Code 48449LennonGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48450LexingtonSanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48451LindenGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48453MarletteSanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48454MelvinSanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48455MetamoraLapeerStandard
ZIP Code 48456Minden CitySanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48457MontroseGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48458Mount MorrisGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48460New LothropShiawasseeStandard
ZIP Code 48461North BranchLapeerStandard
ZIP Code 48462OrtonvilleOaklandStandard
ZIP Code 48463OtisvilleGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48464Otter LakeLapeerStandard
ZIP Code 48465PalmsSanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48466PeckSanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48467Port AustinHuronStandard
ZIP Code 48468Port HopeHuronStandard
ZIP Code 48469Port SanilacSanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48470RuthHuronStandard
ZIP Code 48471SanduskySanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48472SnoverSanilacStandard
ZIP Code 48473Swartz CreekGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48475UblyHuronStandard
ZIP Code 48476VernonShiawasseeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48480Grand BlancGeneseeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48501FlintGeneseeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48502FlintGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48503FlintGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48504FlintGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48505FlintGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48506FlintGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48507FlintGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48509BurtonGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48519BurtonGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48529BurtonGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48531FlintGeneseeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48532FlintGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 48550FlintGeneseeUnique
ZIP Code 48551FlintGeneseeUnique
ZIP Code 48552FlintGeneseeUnique
ZIP Code 48553FlintGeneseeUnique
ZIP Code 48554FlintGeneseeUnique
ZIP Code 48555FlintGeneseeUnique
ZIP Code 48556FlintGeneseeUnique
ZIP Code 48557FlintGeneseeUnique
ZIP Code 48601SaginawSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48602SaginawSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48603SaginawSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48604SaginawSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48605SaginawSaginawP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48606SaginawSaginawP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48607SaginawSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48608SaginawSaginawP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48609SaginawSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48610AlgerArenacStandard
ZIP Code 48611AuburnBayStandard
ZIP Code 48612BeavertonGladwinStandard
ZIP Code 48613BentleyBayStandard
ZIP Code 48614BrantSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48615BreckenridgeGratiotStandard
ZIP Code 48616ChesaningSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48617ClareClareStandard
ZIP Code 48618ColemanMidlandStandard
ZIP Code 48619CominsOscodaStandard
ZIP Code 48620EdenvilleMidlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48621FairviewOscodaStandard
ZIP Code 48622FarwellClareStandard
ZIP Code 48623FreelandSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48624GladwinGladwinStandard
ZIP Code 48625HarrisonClareStandard
ZIP Code 48626HemlockSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48627Higgins LakeRoscommonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48628HopeMidlandStandard
ZIP Code 48629Houghton LakeRoscommonStandard
ZIP Code 48630Houghton Lake HeightsRoscommonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48631KawkawlinBayStandard
ZIP Code 48632LakeClareStandard
ZIP Code 48633Lake GeorgeClareP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48634LinwoodBayStandard
ZIP Code 48635LuptonOgemawStandard
ZIP Code 48636LuzerneOscodaStandard
ZIP Code 48637MerrillSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48638SaginawSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48640MidlandMidlandStandard
ZIP Code 48641MidlandMidlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48642MidlandMidlandStandard
ZIP Code 48647MioOscodaStandard
ZIP Code 48649OakleySaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48650PinconningBayStandard
ZIP Code 48651PrudenvilleRoscommonStandard
ZIP Code 48652RhodesGladwinStandard
ZIP Code 48653RoscommonRoscommonStandard
ZIP Code 48654Rose CityOgemawStandard
ZIP Code 48655Saint CharlesSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48656Saint HelenRoscommonStandard
ZIP Code 48657SanfordMidlandStandard
ZIP Code 48658StandishArenacStandard
ZIP Code 48659SterlingArenacStandard
ZIP Code 48661West BranchOgemawStandard
ZIP Code 48662WheelerGratiotStandard
ZIP Code 48663SaginawSaginawUnique
ZIP Code 48667MidlandMidlandUnique
ZIP Code 48670MidlandMidlandUnique
ZIP Code 48674MidlandMidlandUnique
ZIP Code 48686MidlandMidlandUnique
ZIP Code 48701AkronTuscolaStandard
ZIP Code 48703Au GresArenacStandard
ZIP Code 48705Barton CityAlconaStandard
ZIP Code 48706Bay CityBayStandard
ZIP Code 48707Bay CityBayP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48708Bay CityBayStandard
ZIP Code 48710University CenterBayUnique
ZIP Code 48720Bay PortHuronStandard
ZIP Code 48721Black RiverAlconaStandard
ZIP Code 48722BridgeportSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48723CaroTuscolaStandard
ZIP Code 48724CarrolltonSaginawP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48725CasevilleHuronStandard
ZIP Code 48726Cass CityTuscolaStandard
ZIP Code 48727CliffordLapeerStandard
ZIP Code 48728CurranAlconaStandard
ZIP Code 48729DefordTuscolaStandard
ZIP Code 48730East TawasIoscoStandard
ZIP Code 48731ElktonHuronStandard
ZIP Code 48732EssexvilleBayStandard
ZIP Code 48733FairgroveTuscolaStandard
ZIP Code 48734FrankenmuthSaginawStandard
ZIP Code 48735GagetownTuscolaStandard
ZIP Code 48737GlennieAlconaStandard
ZIP Code 48738GreenbushAlconaStandard
ZIP Code 48739HaleIoscoStandard
ZIP Code 48740HarrisvilleAlconaStandard
ZIP Code 48741KingstonTuscolaStandard
ZIP Code 48742LincolnAlconaStandard
ZIP Code 48743Long LakeIoscoStandard
ZIP Code 48744MayvilleTuscolaStandard
ZIP Code 48745MikadoAlconaStandard
ZIP Code 48746MillingtonTuscolaStandard
ZIP Code 48747MungerBayStandard
ZIP Code 48748National CityIoscoStandard
ZIP Code 48749OmerArenacStandard
ZIP Code 48750OscodaIoscoStandard
ZIP Code 48754OwendaleHuronStandard
ZIP Code 48755PigeonHuronStandard
ZIP Code 48756PrescottOgemawStandard
ZIP Code 48757ReeseTuscolaStandard
ZIP Code 48758RichvilleTuscolaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48759SebewaingHuronStandard
ZIP Code 48760SilverwoodLapeerStandard
ZIP Code 48761South BranchOgemawStandard
ZIP Code 48762SpruceAlconaStandard
ZIP Code 48763Tawas CityIoscoStandard
ZIP Code 48764Tawas CityIoscoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48765TurnerArenacStandard
ZIP Code 48766TwiningArenacStandard
ZIP Code 48767UnionvilleTuscolaStandard
ZIP Code 48768VassarTuscolaStandard
ZIP Code 48770WhittemoreIoscoStandard
ZIP Code 48787FrankenmuthSaginawUnique
ZIP Code 48801AlmaGratiotStandard
ZIP Code 48804Mount PleasantIsabellaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48805OkemosInghamP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48806AshleyGratiotStandard
ZIP Code 48807BannisterGratiotStandard
ZIP Code 48808BathClintonStandard
ZIP Code 48809BeldingIoniaStandard
ZIP Code 48811Carson CityMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 48812Cedar LakeMontcalmP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48813CharlotteEatonStandard
ZIP Code 48815ClarksvilleIoniaStandard
ZIP Code 48816CohoctahLivingstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48817CorunnaShiawasseeStandard
ZIP Code 48818CrystalMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 48819DansvilleInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48820DewittClintonStandard
ZIP Code 48821DimondaleEatonStandard
ZIP Code 48822EagleClintonStandard
ZIP Code 48823East LansingInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48824East LansingInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48825East LansingInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48826East LansingInghamP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48827Eaton RapidsEatonStandard
ZIP Code 48829EdmoreMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 48830Elm HallGratiotP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48831ElsieClintonStandard
ZIP Code 48832ElwellGratiotStandard
ZIP Code 48833EurekaClintonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48834FenwickMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 48835FowlerClintonStandard
ZIP Code 48836FowlervilleLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 48837Grand LedgeEatonStandard
ZIP Code 48838GreenvilleMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 48840HaslettInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48841HendersonShiawasseeStandard
ZIP Code 48842HoltInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48843HowellLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 48844HowellLivingstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48845HubbardstonIoniaStandard
ZIP Code 48846IoniaIoniaStandard
ZIP Code 48847IthacaGratiotStandard
ZIP Code 48848LaingsburgShiawasseeStandard
ZIP Code 48849Lake OdessaIoniaStandard
ZIP Code 48850LakeviewMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 48851LyonsIoniaStandard
ZIP Code 48852McbridesMontcalmP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48853Maple RapidsClintonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48854MasonInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48855HowellLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 48856MiddletonGratiotStandard
ZIP Code 48857MorriceShiawasseeStandard
ZIP Code 48858Mount PleasantIsabellaStandard
ZIP Code 48859Mount PleasantIsabellaUnique
ZIP Code 48860MuirIoniaStandard
ZIP Code 48861MullikenEatonStandard
ZIP Code 48862North StarGratiotP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48864OkemosInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48865OrleansIoniaStandard
ZIP Code 48866OvidClintonStandard
ZIP Code 48867OwossoShiawasseeStandard
ZIP Code 48870PaloIoniaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48871PerrintonGratiotStandard
ZIP Code 48872PerryShiawasseeStandard
ZIP Code 48873PewamoIoniaStandard
ZIP Code 48874PompeiiGratiotP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48875PortlandIoniaStandard
ZIP Code 48876PottervilleEatonStandard
ZIP Code 48877RiverdaleGratiotStandard
ZIP Code 48878RosebushIsabellaStandard
ZIP Code 48879Saint JohnsClintonStandard
ZIP Code 48880Saint LouisGratiotStandard
ZIP Code 48881SaranacIoniaStandard
ZIP Code 48882ShaftsburgShiawasseeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48883ShepherdIsabellaStandard
ZIP Code 48884SheridanMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 48885SidneyMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 48886Six LakesMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 48887SmyrnaIoniaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48888StantonMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 48889SumnerGratiotStandard
ZIP Code 48890SunfieldEatonStandard
ZIP Code 48891VestaburgMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 48892WebbervilleInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48893WeidmanIsabellaStandard
ZIP Code 48894WestphaliaClintonStandard
ZIP Code 48895WilliamstonInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48896WinnIsabellaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48897WoodlandBarryStandard
ZIP Code 48901LansingInghamP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48906LansingClintonStandard
ZIP Code 48908LansingEatonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48909LansingInghamP.O. Box
ZIP Code 48910LansingInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48911LansingInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48912LansingInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48913LansingInghamUnique
ZIP Code 48915LansingInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48916LansingInghamUnique
ZIP Code 48917LansingEatonStandard
ZIP Code 48918LansingInghamUnique
ZIP Code 48919LansingInghamUnique
ZIP Code 48922LansingInghamUnique
ZIP Code 48924LansingInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48929LansingInghamUnique
ZIP Code 48930LansingInghamUnique
ZIP Code 48933LansingInghamStandard
ZIP Code 48937LansingInghamUnique
ZIP Code 48951LansingInghamUnique
ZIP Code 48956LansingInghamUnique
ZIP Code 48980LansingInghamUnique
ZIP Code 49001KalamazooKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49002PortageKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49003KalamazooKalamazooP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49004KalamazooKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49005KalamazooKalamazooP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49006KalamazooKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49007KalamazooKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49008KalamazooKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49009KalamazooKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49010AlleganAlleganStandard
ZIP Code 49011AthensCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 49012AugustaKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49013BangorVan BurenStandard
ZIP Code 49014Battle CreekCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 49015Battle CreekCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 49016Battle CreekCalhounP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49017Battle CreekCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 49018Battle CreekCalhounP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49019KalamazooKalamazooP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49020BedfordCalhounP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49021BellevueEatonStandard
ZIP Code 49022Benton HarborBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49023Benton HarborBerrienP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49024PortageKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49026BloomingdaleVan BurenStandard
ZIP Code 49027BreedsvilleVan BurenP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49028BronsonBranchStandard
ZIP Code 49029BurlingtonCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 49030Burr OakSaint JosephStandard
ZIP Code 49031CassopolisCassStandard
ZIP Code 49032CentrevilleSaint JosephStandard
ZIP Code 49033CerescoCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 49034ClimaxKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49035CloverdaleBarryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49036ColdwaterBranchStandard
ZIP Code 49037Battle CreekCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 49038ColomaBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49039Hagar ShoresBerrienP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49040ColonSaint JosephStandard
ZIP Code 49041ComstockKalamazooP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49042ConstantineSaint JosephStandard
ZIP Code 49043CovertVan BurenStandard
ZIP Code 49045DecaturVan BurenStandard
ZIP Code 49046DeltonBarryStandard
ZIP Code 49047DowagiacCassStandard
ZIP Code 49048KalamazooKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49050DowlingBarryStandard
ZIP Code 49051East LeroyCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 49052FultonKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49053GalesburgKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49055GoblesVan BurenStandard
ZIP Code 49056Grand JunctionVan BurenStandard
ZIP Code 49057HartfordVan BurenStandard
ZIP Code 49058HastingsBarryStandard
ZIP Code 49060Hickory CornersBarryStandard
ZIP Code 49061JonesCassStandard
ZIP Code 49062KendallVan BurenP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49063LacotaVan BurenP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49064LawrenceVan BurenStandard
ZIP Code 49065LawtonVan BurenStandard
ZIP Code 49066LeonidasSaint JosephStandard
ZIP Code 49067MarcellusCassStandard
ZIP Code 49068MarshallCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 49070MartinAlleganStandard
ZIP Code 49071MattawanVan BurenStandard
ZIP Code 49072MendonSaint JosephStandard
ZIP Code 49073NashvilleBarryStandard
ZIP Code 49074NazarethKalamazooP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49075NottawaSaint JosephP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49076OlivetEatonStandard
ZIP Code 49077OshtemoKalamazooP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49078OtsegoAlleganStandard
ZIP Code 49079Paw PawVan BurenStandard
ZIP Code 49080PlainwellAlleganStandard
ZIP Code 49081PortageKalamazooP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49082QuincyBranchStandard
ZIP Code 49083RichlandKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49084RiversideBerrienP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49085Saint JosephBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49087SchoolcraftKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49088ScottsKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49089SherwoodBranchStandard
ZIP Code 49090South HavenVan BurenStandard
ZIP Code 49091SturgisSaint JosephStandard
ZIP Code 49092TekonshaCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 49093Three RiversSaint JosephStandard
ZIP Code 49094Union CityBranchStandard
ZIP Code 49095VandaliaCassStandard
ZIP Code 49096VermontvilleEatonStandard
ZIP Code 49097VicksburgKalamazooStandard
ZIP Code 49098WatervlietBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49099White PigeonSaint JosephStandard
ZIP Code 49101BarodaBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49102Berrien CenterBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49103Berrien SpringsBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49104Berrien SpringsBerrienUnique
ZIP Code 49106BridgmanBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49107BuchananBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49111Eau ClaireBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49112EdwardsburgCassStandard
ZIP Code 49113GalienBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49115HarbertBerrienP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49116LakesideBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49117New BuffaloBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49119New TroyBerrienP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49120NilesBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49125SawyerBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49126SodusBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49127StevensvilleBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49128Three OaksBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49129Union PierBerrienStandard
ZIP Code 49130UnionCassStandard
ZIP Code 49201JacksonJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49202JacksonJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49203JacksonJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49204JacksonJacksonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49220AddisonLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49221AdrianLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49224AlbionCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 49227AllenHillsdaleStandard
ZIP Code 49228BlissfieldLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49229BrittonLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49230BrooklynJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49232CamdenHillsdaleStandard
ZIP Code 49233Cement CityLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49234ClarklakeJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49235ClaytonLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49236ClintonLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49237ConcordJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49238DeerfieldLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49239FrontierHillsdaleP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49240Grass LakeJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49241HanoverJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49242HillsdaleHillsdaleStandard
ZIP Code 49245HomerCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 49246HortonJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49247HudsonLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49248JasperLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49249JeromeHillsdaleStandard
ZIP Code 49250JonesvilleHillsdaleStandard
ZIP Code 49251LeslieInghamStandard
ZIP Code 49252LitchfieldHillsdaleStandard
ZIP Code 49253Manitou BeachLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49254Michigan CenterJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49255MontgomeryBranchStandard
ZIP Code 49256MorenciLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49257MoscowHillsdaleP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49258MoshervilleHillsdaleP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49259MunithJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49261NapoleonJacksonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49262North AdamsHillsdaleStandard
ZIP Code 49263NorvellJacksonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49264OnondagaInghamStandard
ZIP Code 49265OnstedLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49266OsseoHillsdaleStandard
ZIP Code 49267Ottawa LakeMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 49268PalmyraLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49269ParmaJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49270PetersburgMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 49271PittsfordHillsdaleStandard
ZIP Code 49272Pleasant LakeJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49274ReadingHillsdaleStandard
ZIP Code 49276RigaLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49277Rives JunctionJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49279Sand CreekLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49281SomersetHillsdaleP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49282Somerset CenterHillsdaleStandard
ZIP Code 49283Spring ArborJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49284SpringportJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 49285StockbridgeInghamStandard
ZIP Code 49286TecumsehLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49287TiptonLenaweeStandard
ZIP Code 49288WaldronHillsdaleStandard
ZIP Code 49289WestonLenaweeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49301AdaKentStandard
ZIP Code 49302AltoKentStandard
ZIP Code 49303BaileyMuskegonStandard
ZIP Code 49304BaldwinLakeStandard
ZIP Code 49305BarrytonMecostaStandard
ZIP Code 49306BelmontKentStandard
ZIP Code 49307Big RapidsMecostaStandard
ZIP Code 49309BitelyNewaygoStandard
ZIP Code 49310BlanchardIsabellaStandard
ZIP Code 49311BradleyAlleganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49312BrohmanNewaygoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49314BurnipsAlleganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49315Byron CenterKentStandard
ZIP Code 49316CaledoniaKentStandard
ZIP Code 49317CannonsburgKentP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49318CasnoviaMuskegonStandard
ZIP Code 49319Cedar SpringsKentStandard
ZIP Code 49320Chippewa LakeMecostaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49321Comstock ParkKentStandard
ZIP Code 49322CoralMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 49323DorrAlleganStandard
ZIP Code 49325FreeportBarryStandard
ZIP Code 49326GowenKentStandard
ZIP Code 49327GrantNewaygoStandard
ZIP Code 49328HopkinsAlleganStandard
ZIP Code 49329Howard CityMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 49330Kent CityKentStandard
ZIP Code 49331LowellKentStandard
ZIP Code 49332MecostaMecostaStandard
ZIP Code 49333MiddlevilleBarryStandard
ZIP Code 49335MolineAlleganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49336MorleyMecostaStandard
ZIP Code 49337NewaygoNewaygoStandard
ZIP Code 49338ParisMecostaStandard
ZIP Code 49339PiersonMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 49340RemusMecostaStandard
ZIP Code 49341RockfordKentStandard
ZIP Code 49342RodneyMecostaStandard
ZIP Code 49343Sand LakeKentStandard
ZIP Code 49344ShelbyvilleAlleganStandard
ZIP Code 49345SpartaKentStandard
ZIP Code 49346StanwoodMecostaStandard
ZIP Code 49347TrufantMontcalmStandard
ZIP Code 49348WaylandAlleganStandard
ZIP Code 49349White CloudNewaygoStandard
ZIP Code 49351RockfordKentUnique
ZIP Code 49355AdaKentUnique
ZIP Code 49356AdaKentUnique
ZIP Code 49357AdaKentUnique
ZIP Code 49401AllendaleOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 49402BranchMasonStandard
ZIP Code 49403ConklinOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 49404CoopersvilleOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 49405CusterMasonStandard
ZIP Code 49406DouglasAlleganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49408FennvilleAlleganStandard
ZIP Code 49409FerrysburgOttawaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49410FountainMasonStandard
ZIP Code 49411Free SoilMasonStandard
ZIP Code 49412FremontNewaygoStandard
ZIP Code 49413FremontNewaygoUnique
ZIP Code 49415FruitportMuskegonStandard
ZIP Code 49416GlennAlleganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49417Grand HavenOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 49418GrandvilleKentStandard
ZIP Code 49419HamiltonAlleganStandard
ZIP Code 49420HartOceanaStandard
ZIP Code 49421HesperiaOceanaStandard
ZIP Code 49422HollandOttawaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49423HollandOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 49424HollandOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 49425HoltonMuskegonStandard
ZIP Code 49426HudsonvilleOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 49427JamestownOttawaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49428JenisonOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 49429JenisonOttawaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49430LamontOttawaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49431LudingtonMasonStandard
ZIP Code 49434MacatawaOttawaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49435MarneOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 49436MearsOceanaStandard
ZIP Code 49437MontagueMuskegonStandard
ZIP Code 49440MuskegonMuskegonStandard
ZIP Code 49441MuskegonMuskegonStandard
ZIP Code 49442MuskegonMuskegonStandard
ZIP Code 49443MuskegonMuskegonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49444MuskegonMuskegonStandard
ZIP Code 49445MuskegonMuskegonStandard
ZIP Code 49446New EraOceanaStandard
ZIP Code 49448NunicaOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 49449PentwaterOceanaStandard
ZIP Code 49450PullmanAlleganStandard
ZIP Code 49451RavennaMuskegonStandard
ZIP Code 49452RothburyOceanaStandard
ZIP Code 49453SaugatuckAlleganStandard
ZIP Code 49454ScottvilleMasonStandard
ZIP Code 49455ShelbyOceanaStandard
ZIP Code 49456Spring LakeOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 49457Twin LakeMuskegonStandard
ZIP Code 49458WalhallaMasonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49459WalkervilleOceanaStandard
ZIP Code 49460West OliveOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 49461WhitehallMuskegonStandard
ZIP Code 49463Sylvan BeachMuskegonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49464ZeelandOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 49468GrandvilleKentP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49501Grand RapidsKentP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49502Grand RapidsKentUnique
ZIP Code 49503Grand RapidsKentStandard
ZIP Code 49504Grand RapidsKentStandard
ZIP Code 49505Grand RapidsKentStandard
ZIP Code 49506Grand RapidsKentStandard
ZIP Code 49507Grand RapidsKentStandard
ZIP Code 49508Grand RapidsKentStandard
ZIP Code 49509WyomingKentStandard
ZIP Code 49510Grand RapidsKentP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49512Grand RapidsKentStandard
ZIP Code 49514Grand RapidsKentP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49515Grand RapidsKentP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49516Grand RapidsKentP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49518Grand RapidsKentP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49519WyomingKentStandard
ZIP Code 49523Grand RapidsKentP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49525Grand RapidsKentStandard
ZIP Code 49528Grand RapidsKentP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49530Grand RapidsKentUnique
ZIP Code 49534Grand RapidsKentStandard
ZIP Code 49544Grand RapidsKentStandard
ZIP Code 49546Grand RapidsKentStandard
ZIP Code 49548Grand RapidsKentStandard
ZIP Code 49555Grand RapidsKentUnique
ZIP Code 49560Grand RapidsKentUnique
ZIP Code 49588Grand RapidsKentP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49599Grand RapidsKentP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49601CadillacWexfordStandard
ZIP Code 49610AcmeGrand TraverseP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49611AlbaAntrimP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49612AldenAntrimStandard
ZIP Code 49613ArcadiaManisteeStandard
ZIP Code 49614Bear LakeManisteeStandard
ZIP Code 49615BellaireAntrimStandard
ZIP Code 49616BenzoniaBenzieStandard
ZIP Code 49617BeulahBenzieStandard
ZIP Code 49618BoonWexfordStandard
ZIP Code 49619BrethrenManisteeStandard
ZIP Code 49620BuckleyWexfordStandard
ZIP Code 49621CedarLeelanauStandard
ZIP Code 49622Central LakeAntrimStandard
ZIP Code 49623ChaseLakeStandard
ZIP Code 49625CopemishManisteeStandard
ZIP Code 49626EastlakeManisteeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49627EastportAntrimP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49628ElbertaBenzieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49629Elk RapidsAntrimStandard
ZIP Code 49630EmpireLeelanauStandard
ZIP Code 49631EvartOsceolaStandard
ZIP Code 49632FalmouthMissaukeeStandard
ZIP Code 49633Fife LakeKalkaskaStandard
ZIP Code 49634Filer CityManisteeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49635FrankfortBenzieStandard
ZIP Code 49636Glen ArborLeelanauStandard
ZIP Code 49637GrawnGrand TraverseStandard
ZIP Code 49638HarriettaWexfordStandard
ZIP Code 49639HerseyOsceolaStandard
ZIP Code 49640HonorBenzieStandard
ZIP Code 49642IdlewildLakeStandard
ZIP Code 49643InterlochenGrand TraverseStandard
ZIP Code 49644IronsLakeStandard
ZIP Code 49645KalevaManisteeStandard
ZIP Code 49646KalkaskaKalkaskaStandard
ZIP Code 49648KewadinAntrimStandard
ZIP Code 49649KingsleyGrand TraverseStandard
ZIP Code 49650Lake AnnBenzieStandard
ZIP Code 49651Lake CityMissaukeeStandard
ZIP Code 49653Lake LeelanauLeelanauStandard
ZIP Code 49654LelandLeelanauStandard
ZIP Code 49655LeroyOsceolaStandard
ZIP Code 49656LutherLakeStandard
ZIP Code 49657Mc BainMissaukeeStandard
ZIP Code 49659MancelonaAntrimStandard
ZIP Code 49660ManisteeManisteeStandard
ZIP Code 49663MantonWexfordStandard
ZIP Code 49664Maple CityLeelanauStandard
ZIP Code 49665MarionOsceolaStandard
ZIP Code 49666MayfieldGrand TraverseP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49667MerrittMissaukeeStandard
ZIP Code 49668MesickWexfordStandard
ZIP Code 49670NorthportLeelanauStandard
ZIP Code 49673Old MissionGrand TraverseP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49674OmenaLeelanauP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49675OnekamaManisteeStandard
ZIP Code 49676Rapid CityKalkaskaStandard
ZIP Code 49677Reed CityOsceolaStandard
ZIP Code 49679SearsOsceolaStandard
ZIP Code 49680South BoardmanKalkaskaStandard
ZIP Code 49682Suttons BayLeelanauStandard
ZIP Code 49683ThompsonvilleBenzieStandard
ZIP Code 49684Traverse CityGrand TraverseStandard
ZIP Code 49685Traverse CityGrand TraverseStandard
ZIP Code 49686Traverse CityGrand TraverseStandard
ZIP Code 49688TustinOsceolaStandard
ZIP Code 49689WellstonManisteeStandard
ZIP Code 49690WilliamsburgGrand TraverseStandard
ZIP Code 49696Traverse CityGrand TraverseStandard
ZIP Code 49701Mackinaw CityCheboyganStandard
ZIP Code 49705AftonCheboyganStandard
ZIP Code 49706AlansonEmmetStandard
ZIP Code 49707AlpenaAlpenaStandard
ZIP Code 49709AtlantaMontmorencyStandard
ZIP Code 49710BarbeauChippewaStandard
ZIP Code 49711Bay ShoreCharlevoixP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49712Boyne CityCharlevoixStandard
ZIP Code 49713Boyne FallsCharlevoixStandard
ZIP Code 49715BrimleyChippewaStandard
ZIP Code 49716BrutusEmmetStandard
ZIP Code 49717Burt LakeCheboyganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49718Carp LakeEmmetStandard
ZIP Code 49719CedarvilleMackinacStandard
ZIP Code 49720CharlevoixCharlevoixStandard
ZIP Code 49721CheboyganCheboyganStandard
ZIP Code 49722ConwayEmmetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49723Cross VillageEmmetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49724DafterChippewaStandard
ZIP Code 49725De Tour VillageChippewaStandard
ZIP Code 49726Drummond IslandChippewaStandard
ZIP Code 49727East JordanCharlevoixStandard
ZIP Code 49728EckermanChippewaStandard
ZIP Code 49729EllsworthAntrimStandard
ZIP Code 49730ElmiraOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 49733FredericCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 49734GaylordOtsegoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49735GaylordOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 49736GoetzvilleChippewaStandard
ZIP Code 49737Good HartEmmetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49738GraylingCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 49739GraylingCrawfordUnique
ZIP Code 49740Harbor SpringsEmmetStandard
ZIP Code 49743HawksPresque IsleStandard
ZIP Code 49744HerronAlpenaStandard
ZIP Code 49745HesselMackinacStandard
ZIP Code 49746HillmanMontmorencyStandard
ZIP Code 49747Hubbard LakeAlpenaStandard
ZIP Code 49748HulbertChippewaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49749Indian RiverCheboyganStandard
ZIP Code 49751JohannesburgOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 49752KinrossChippewaStandard
ZIP Code 49753LachineAlpenaStandard
ZIP Code 49755LeveringEmmetStandard
ZIP Code 49756LewistonMontmorencyStandard
ZIP Code 49757Mackinac IslandMackinacP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49759MillersburgPresque IsleStandard
ZIP Code 49760MoranMackinacStandard
ZIP Code 49761Mullett LakeCheboyganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49762NaubinwayMackinacStandard
ZIP Code 49764OdenEmmetP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49765OnawayPresque IsleStandard
ZIP Code 49766OssinekeAlpenaStandard
ZIP Code 49768ParadiseChippewaStandard
ZIP Code 49769PellstonEmmetStandard
ZIP Code 49770PetoskeyEmmetStandard
ZIP Code 49774PickfordChippewaStandard
ZIP Code 49775Pointe Aux PinsMackinacStandard
ZIP Code 49776PosenPresque IsleStandard
ZIP Code 49777Presque IslePresque IsleStandard
ZIP Code 49779Rogers CityPresque IsleStandard
ZIP Code 49780RudyardChippewaStandard
ZIP Code 49781Saint IgnaceMackinacStandard
ZIP Code 49782Beaver IslandCharlevoixStandard
ZIP Code 49783Sault Sainte MarieChippewaStandard
ZIP Code 49784KincheloeChippewaUnique
ZIP Code 49785KincheloeChippewaUnique
ZIP Code 49786KincheloeChippewaUnique
ZIP Code 49788KincheloeChippewaStandard
ZIP Code 49791TopinabeeCheboyganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49792TowerCheboyganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49793Trout LakeChippewaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49795VanderbiltOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 49796Walloon LakeCharlevoixP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49797WatersOtsegoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49799WolverineCheboyganStandard
ZIP Code 49801Iron MountainDickinsonStandard
ZIP Code 49802KingsfordDickinsonStandard
ZIP Code 49805AllouezKeweenawStandard
ZIP Code 49806Au TrainAlgerStandard
ZIP Code 49807Bark RiverDeltaStandard
ZIP Code 49808Big BayMarquetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49812CarneyMenomineeStandard
ZIP Code 49814ChampionMarquetteStandard
ZIP Code 49815ChanningDickinsonStandard
ZIP Code 49816ChathamAlgerStandard
ZIP Code 49817CooksSchoolcraftStandard
ZIP Code 49818CornellDeltaStandard
ZIP Code 49819ArnoldMarquetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49820CurtisMackinacStandard
ZIP Code 49821DaggettMenomineeStandard
ZIP Code 49822DeertonAlgerStandard
ZIP Code 49825Eben JunctionAlgerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49826RumelyAlgerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49827EngadineMackinacStandard
ZIP Code 49829EscanabaDeltaStandard
ZIP Code 49831FelchDickinsonStandard
ZIP Code 49833Little LakeMarquetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49834Foster CityDickinsonStandard
ZIP Code 49835GardenDeltaStandard
ZIP Code 49836GermfaskSchoolcraftStandard
ZIP Code 49837GladstoneDeltaStandard
ZIP Code 49838Gould CityMackinacStandard
ZIP Code 49839Grand MaraisAlgerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49840GulliverSchoolcraftStandard
ZIP Code 49841GwinnMarquetteStandard
ZIP Code 49845HarrisMenomineeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49847HermansvilleMenomineeStandard
ZIP Code 49848IngallsMenomineeStandard
ZIP Code 49849IshpemingMarquetteStandard
ZIP Code 49852LorettoDickinsonStandard
ZIP Code 49853Mc MillanLuceStandard
ZIP Code 49854ManistiqueSchoolcraftStandard
ZIP Code 49855MarquetteMarquetteStandard
ZIP Code 49858MenomineeMenomineeStandard
ZIP Code 49861MichigammeMarquetteStandard
ZIP Code 49862MunisingAlgerStandard
ZIP Code 49863NadeauMenomineeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49864NahmaDeltaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49865National MineMarquetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49866NegauneeMarquetteStandard
ZIP Code 49868NewberryLuceStandard
ZIP Code 49870NorwayDickinsonStandard
ZIP Code 49871PalmerMarquetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49872PerkinsDeltaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49873PerronvilleMenomineeStandard
ZIP Code 49874PowersMenomineeStandard
ZIP Code 49876QuinnesecDickinsonStandard
ZIP Code 49877RalphDickinsonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 49878Rapid RiverDeltaStandard
ZIP Code 49879RepublicMarquetteStandard
ZIP Code 49880RockDeltaStandard
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Michigan Demographic Information

* Demographic data is based on 2020 Census.

Total population of for Michigan: Total Population from the 2020 Census. This reflects the exact population of the geographic area at that point in time, not future estimates, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. It is intended to count all persons living within the geographic area, not just those present on the day of the census.10,077,331
Male population of for Michigan: The Male Population from the 2020 Census. This is not a forecast for the future, but an exact count for this geographic area at the time of the Census. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The Male Population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.4,970,856
Female population of for Michigan: The Female Population from the 2020 Census. This is not a forecast for the future, but an exact count for this geographic area at the time of the Census. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The Female Population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.5,106,475
Median age (years): The Median Age of the Total Population from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. Median age is not a future prediction, it is the actual calculated age from the 2020 Census. Median age is the middle age of the population. Half the population is older than the average age and half is younger. Median Age can relate how young or old a geographic area is compared to others. If one area is 44 and the other is 40, then the first are is an average of 4 years older.40.1
White Population: The White Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The numbers for the White Population are not future projections. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including White. This count includes all who selected White/Caucasian in their response, even if they selected another race as well.7,444,974
Black Population: The Black Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The numbers for the Black Population are not future projections. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including Black or African American. This count includes all who selected Black or African American in their response, even if they selected another race as well.1,376,579
Indian Population: The American Indian and Alaska Native Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area and not estimates for the future. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including American Indian and Alaska Native. This count includes all who selected American Indian and Alaska Native in their response, even if they selected another race as well.61,261
Asian Population: The Asian Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area, not future projections. On the U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including Chinese, Filipino, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, or Other Asian. This count includes all who selected one of these options in their response, even if they selected another race as well.334,300
Hawaiian Population: The Hawaiian or Pacific Islander Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area and are not future projections. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander. This count includes all who selected either Hawaiian or Pacific Islander in their response, even if they selected another race as well.3,051
Hispanic Population: The Hispanic Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area and is not an estimate or future projection. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were first asked for their Ethnicity, including if they were from Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish Origin, including Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano, Puerto Rican, Cuban, or other ethnic origin. This count includes all who affirmed that they were part of this ethnic origin. Respondents who selected this option were also asked to select a race separately and would be counted once in this number as well as the race they chose as well. From the U.S. Census definition, Hispanic is an ethnic origin and not a race.564,422
Median age (Male): The Median Age of all Males from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The Male Median Age is the actual average from the 2020 Census, not an estimate or future projection. Median Age is the average age of the population. Half of the population is older than the average age and the other half is younger. Gender is self-reported by individuals when asked about their sex at birth.38.8
Median age (Female): The Median Age of all Females from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The Female Median Age is the actual average from the 2020 Census, not an estimate or future projection. Median Age is the average age of the population. Half of the population is older than the average age and the other half is younger. Gender is self-reported by individuals when asked about their sex at birth.41.4
Total Households: Total Number of Households from the 2020 U.S. Census for this geographic area. A Household includes everyone living in a residential housing unit. This includes families, roommates in a single residence, or a person living alone.4,041,760
Married-Couple Households: Total Married-Couple Households is based on the 2020 U.S. Census and is not an estimate. Under the U.S. Census Bureau definition, Married Couple Households refers to the count of households where the householder and his or her spouse are listed as members of the same household. It does include same-sex marriage households and the households themselves may also include other individuals, such as children or other relatives. 
Average Household Size for for Michigan: The Average Household Size, is obtained by dividing the number of people in Households (excluding those in group quarters, nursing home, prisons, and dorm rooms) by the number of Households. A Household includes everyone living in a residential unit. Those who do not live in a household are classified as living in group accommodation. This value is an estimate from the U.S. Census ACS (American Community Survey) and is updated yearly.2.44
Average family size of for Michigan: Average Family Size is calculated by dividing the number of people in a Family Household by the number of Family Households. The U.S. Census Bureau defines family households as households consisting of two or more individuals who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption. They also may include other unrelated people. Non-family households consist of people who live alone or who share their residence with unrelated individuals. The Average Family Size only looks at the households classified as Family Households. This value is an estimate from the U.S. Census ACS (American Community Survey) and is updated yearly.3.13
Total housing units for for Michigan: The total number of Housing Units is the number of occupied units + the number of vacant units. Ownership is defined by whether the unit is occupied by an owner or by a tenant. Owner occupancy means that the owner lives in the unit. This value comes from the 2020 U.S. Census and is not a projection or estimate.4,570,173