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Data Last Updated: July 1, 2024

Kansas ZIP Codes

Timezone(s): All Time Zones found within this State. In the United States, there are 7 standard time zones which are, from west to east: Hawaii-Aleutian, Alaska, Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic. Also included in U.S. Territories are Samoa, Guam and Palau. The alignment between ZIP codes and time zones is not perfect. A single time zone can cover multiple ZIP codes, and, conversely, a single ZIP code could theoretically span across multiple time zones, although this is quite rare.Central (GMT -06:00)
Mountain (GMT -07:00)
Population: The total Population for Kansas, taken from the 2020 U.S. Census DP1. This population total includes all people residing in Kansas and counts them regardless of citizenship or immigration status. Included are U.S. Citizens, permanent residents, temporary migrants, and undocumented workers. The total population represents people who live in the state, not just those present on the day of the census. State Population is critical in determining political representation, funding allocation, planning and policy-making, and demographic analysis.2,937,880 (More Details)
Male Population: The sum of all males for Kansas from the 2020 U.S. Census DP1. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The male population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.1,462,305
Female Population: The sum of all females for Kansas from the 2020 U.S. Census DP1. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The female population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.1,475,575
Median Age: The median age of the total population of this state. Median age is not a future prediction, it is the actual number from the 2020 Census. Median age is the middle age of the population. Half the population is older than the average age and half is younger.37
ZIP Codes: The total number of ZIP Codes which at least partially fall inside the state of Kansas. Did you know that approximately 23% of ZIP Codes cross county lines? Several even cross State lines. ZIP Codes do not follow other geographic boundaries because they were created exclusively for the expedient delivery of mail.747
Cities: The total number of City names which are associated with ZIP Codes that partially or wholly cross into Kansas. Alongside the official city name, USPS also recognizes certain alternate names for cities or towns that can be used in mailing addresses. These may include towns, villages, abbreviations, names in other languages, or names that have been commonly used historically.630
Counties: The total number of counties associated with ZIP Codes that are at least partially part of Kansas.105
Area Codes: The total number of Area Codes associated with ZIP Codes in Kansas. Area codes are used in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) to facilitate phone routing. Each area code identifies a specific geographic area (usually part of a state or territory) and allows calls to be routed to the correct area. There are approximately 350 area codes in use in the United States.3
Total Area: The approximate amount of area covered by Kansas in square miles. This includes all land and water areas within the legal state boundaries.82,278 square miles
Land Area: Approximate area of land covered by Kansas in square miles. Land area data provided by the Census Bureau are based on geographic boundaries that include the mainland, islands, inland, coastal, Great Lakes, and territorial waters associated with each state. Land area is important in many types of statistical analysis. For example, population density, the number of people per unit of land area, is a commonly used statistic based on this data. Land area measurements are also important for urban planning, environmental studies, and economic analysis. 81,758 square miles
Water Area: The approximate amount of water area covered by Kansas in square miles. Calculations for water area take into account inland bodies of water, coastal regions, Great Lakes, and territorial sea waters. This encompasses features such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and coastal water bodies. Water surface data are especially important for environmental and conservation planning, water resource management, transportation, and recreational planning.520 square miles
Map showing the ZIP Codes in the State of Kansas

Kansas Covers 747 ZIP Codes

ZIP CodeCityCountyType
ZIP Code 66002AtchisonAtchisonStandard
ZIP Code 66006Baldwin CityDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 66007BasehorLeavenworthStandard
ZIP Code 66008BendenaDoniphanStandard
ZIP Code 66010Blue MoundLinnStandard
ZIP Code 66012Bonner SpringsWyandotteStandard
ZIP Code 66013BucyrusMiamiStandard
ZIP Code 66014CentervilleAndersonStandard
ZIP Code 66015ColonyAndersonStandard
ZIP Code 66016CummingsAtchisonStandard
ZIP Code 66017DentonDoniphanStandard
ZIP Code 66018De SotoJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66020EastonLeavenworthStandard
ZIP Code 66021EdgertonJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66023EffinghamAtchisonStandard
ZIP Code 66024ElwoodDoniphanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66025EudoraDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 66026FontanaMiamiStandard
ZIP Code 66027Fort LeavenworthLeavenworthStandard
ZIP Code 66030GardnerJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66031New CenturyJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66032GarnettAndersonStandard
ZIP Code 66033GreeleyAndersonStandard
ZIP Code 66035HighlandDoniphanStandard
ZIP Code 66036HillsdaleMiamiP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66039KincaidAndersonStandard
ZIP Code 66040La CygneLinnStandard
ZIP Code 66041LancasterAtchisonStandard
ZIP Code 66042LaneFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 66043LansingLeavenworthStandard
ZIP Code 66044LawrenceDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 66045LawrenceDouglasUnique
ZIP Code 66046LawrenceDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 66047LawrenceDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 66048LeavenworthLeavenworthStandard
ZIP Code 66049LawrenceDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 66050LecomptonDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 66051OlatheJohnsonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66052LinwoodLeavenworthStandard
ZIP Code 66053LouisburgMiamiStandard
ZIP Code 66054Mc LouthJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 66056Mound CityLinnStandard
ZIP Code 66058MuscotahAtchisonStandard
ZIP Code 66060NortonvilleJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 66061OlatheJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66062OlatheJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66063OlatheJohnsonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66064OsawatomieMiamiStandard
ZIP Code 66066OskaloosaJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 66067OttawaFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 66070OzawkieJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 66071PaolaMiamiStandard
ZIP Code 66072ParkerLinnStandard
ZIP Code 66073PerryJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 66075PleasantonLinnStandard
ZIP Code 66076PomonaFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 66078PrincetonFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 66079RantoulFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 66080RichmondFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 66083Spring HillJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66085StilwellJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66086TonganoxieLeavenworthStandard
ZIP Code 66087TroyDoniphanStandard
ZIP Code 66088Valley FallsJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 66090WathenaDoniphanStandard
ZIP Code 66091WeldaAndersonStandard
ZIP Code 66092WellsvilleFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 66093WestphaliaAndersonStandard
ZIP Code 66094White CloudDoniphanStandard
ZIP Code 66095WilliamsburgFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 66097WinchesterJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 66101Kansas CityWyandotteStandard
ZIP Code 66102Kansas CityWyandotteStandard
ZIP Code 66103Kansas CityWyandotteStandard
ZIP Code 66104Kansas CityWyandotteStandard
ZIP Code 66105Kansas CityWyandotteStandard
ZIP Code 66106Kansas CityWyandotteStandard
ZIP Code 66109Kansas CityWyandotteStandard
ZIP Code 66110Kansas CityWyandotteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66111Kansas CityWyandotteStandard
ZIP Code 66112Kansas CityWyandotteStandard
ZIP Code 66113EdwardsvilleWyandotteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66115Kansas CityWyandotteStandard
ZIP Code 66117Kansas CityWyandotteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66118Kansas CityWyandotteStandard
ZIP Code 66119Kansas CityWyandotteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66160Kansas CityWyandotteUnique
ZIP Code 66201MissionJohnsonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66202MissionJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66203ShawneeJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66204Overland ParkJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66205MissionJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66206LeawoodJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66207Overland ParkJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66208Prairie VillageJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66209LeawoodJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66210Overland ParkJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66211LeawoodJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66212Overland ParkJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66213Overland ParkJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66214Overland ParkJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66215LenexaJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66216ShawneeJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66217ShawneeJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66218ShawneeJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66219LenexaJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66220LenexaJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66221Overland ParkJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66222MissionJohnsonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66223Overland ParkJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66224Overland ParkJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66225Overland ParkJohnsonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66226ShawneeJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66227LenexaJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66250LenexaJohnsonUnique
ZIP Code 66251Overland ParkJohnsonStandard
ZIP Code 66276LenexaJohnsonUnique
ZIP Code 66282Overland ParkJohnsonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66283Overland ParkJohnsonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66285LenexaJohnsonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66286ShawneeJohnsonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66401AlmaWabaunseeStandard
ZIP Code 66402AuburnShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66403AxtellMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 66404BaileyvilleNemahaStandard
ZIP Code 66406BeattieMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 66407BelvuePottawatomieStandard
ZIP Code 66408BernNemahaStandard
ZIP Code 66409BerrytonShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66411Blue RapidsMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 66412BremenMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 66413BurlingameOsageStandard
ZIP Code 66414CarbondaleOsageStandard
ZIP Code 66415CentraliaNemahaStandard
ZIP Code 66416CirclevilleJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 66417CorningNemahaStandard
ZIP Code 66418DeliaJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 66419DenisonJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 66420DoverShawneeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66422EmmettPottawatomieStandard
ZIP Code 66423EskridgeWabaunseeStandard
ZIP Code 66424EverestBrownStandard
ZIP Code 66425FairviewBrownStandard
ZIP Code 66426FostoriaPottawatomieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66427FrankfortMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 66428GoffNemahaStandard
ZIP Code 66429GrantvilleJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 66431HarveyvilleWabaunseeStandard
ZIP Code 66432HavensvillePottawatomieStandard
ZIP Code 66434HiawathaBrownStandard
ZIP Code 66436HoltonJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 66438HomeMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 66439HortonBrownStandard
ZIP Code 66440HoytJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 66441Junction CityGearyStandard
ZIP Code 66442Fort RileyGearyStandard
ZIP Code 66449LeonardvilleRileyStandard
ZIP Code 66451LyndonOsageStandard
ZIP Code 66501Mc FarlandWabaunseeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66502ManhattanRileyStandard
ZIP Code 66503ManhattanRileyStandard
ZIP Code 66505ManhattanRileyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66506ManhattanRileyStandard
ZIP Code 66507Maple HillWabaunseeStandard
ZIP Code 66508MarysvilleMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 66509MayettaJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 66510MelvernOsageStandard
ZIP Code 66512MeridenJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 66514MilfordGearyStandard
ZIP Code 66515MorrillBrownStandard
ZIP Code 66516NetawakaJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 66517OgdenRileyStandard
ZIP Code 66518OketoMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 66520OlsburgPottawatomieStandard
ZIP Code 66521OnagaPottawatomieStandard
ZIP Code 66522OneidaNemahaStandard
ZIP Code 66523Osage CityOsageStandard
ZIP Code 66524OverbrookOsageStandard
ZIP Code 66526PaxicoWabaunseeStandard
ZIP Code 66527PowhattanBrownStandard
ZIP Code 66528QuenemoOsageStandard
ZIP Code 66531RileyRileyStandard
ZIP Code 66532RobinsonBrownStandard
ZIP Code 66533RossvilleShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66534SabethaNemahaStandard
ZIP Code 66535Saint GeorgePottawatomieStandard
ZIP Code 66536Saint MarysPottawatomieStandard
ZIP Code 66537ScrantonOsageStandard
ZIP Code 66538SenecaNemahaStandard
ZIP Code 66539Silver LakeShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66540SoldierJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 66541SummerfieldMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 66542TecumsehShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66543VassarOsageStandard
ZIP Code 66544VermillionMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 66546WakarusaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66547WamegoPottawatomieStandard
ZIP Code 66548WatervilleMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 66549WestmorelandPottawatomieStandard
ZIP Code 66550WetmoreNemahaStandard
ZIP Code 66552WhitingJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 66554RandolphRileyStandard
ZIP Code 66601TopekaShawneeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66603TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66604TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66605TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66606TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66607TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66608TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66609TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66610TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66611TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66612TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66614TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66615TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66616TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66617TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66618TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66619TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66620TopekaShawneeUnique
ZIP Code 66621TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66622TopekaShawneeUnique
ZIP Code 66624TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66625TopekaShawneeUnique
ZIP Code 66626TopekaShawneeUnique
ZIP Code 66629TopekaShawneeUnique
ZIP Code 66630TopekaShawneeUnique
ZIP Code 66636TopekaShawneeUnique
ZIP Code 66647TopekaShawneeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66667TopekaShawneeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66675TopekaShawneeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66683TopekaShawneeStandard
ZIP Code 66699TopekaShawneeUnique
ZIP Code 66701Fort ScottBourbonStandard
ZIP Code 66710AltoonaWilsonStandard
ZIP Code 66711ArcadiaCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 66712ArmaCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 66713Baxter SpringsCherokeeStandard
ZIP Code 66714BenedictWilsonStandard
ZIP Code 66716BronsonBourbonStandard
ZIP Code 66717BuffaloWilsonStandard
ZIP Code 66720ChanuteNeoshoStandard
ZIP Code 66724CherokeeCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 66725ColumbusCherokeeStandard
ZIP Code 66728CrestlineCherokeeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66732ElsmoreAllenStandard
ZIP Code 66733ErieNeoshoStandard
ZIP Code 66734FarlingtonCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 66735FranklinCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 66736FredoniaWilsonStandard
ZIP Code 66738FultonBourbonStandard
ZIP Code 66739GalenaCherokeeStandard
ZIP Code 66740GalesburgNeoshoStandard
ZIP Code 66741GarlandBourbonStandard
ZIP Code 66742GasAllenP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66743GirardCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 66746HeplerCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 66748HumboldtAllenStandard
ZIP Code 66749IolaAllenStandard
ZIP Code 66751La HarpeAllenStandard
ZIP Code 66753Mc CuneCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 66754MapletonBourbonStandard
ZIP Code 66755MoranAllenStandard
ZIP Code 66756MulberryCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 66757NeodeshaWilsonStandard
ZIP Code 66758Neosho FallsCoffeyStandard
ZIP Code 66760OpolisCrawfordP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66761PiquaWoodsonStandard
ZIP Code 66762PittsburgCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 66763FrontenacCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 66767PrescottLinnStandard
ZIP Code 66769RedfieldBourbonStandard
ZIP Code 66770RivertonCherokeeStandard
ZIP Code 66771Saint PaulNeoshoStandard
ZIP Code 66772SavonburgAllenStandard
ZIP Code 66773ScammonCherokeeStandard
ZIP Code 66775StarkNeoshoStandard
ZIP Code 66776ThayerNeoshoStandard
ZIP Code 66777TorontoWoodsonStandard
ZIP Code 66778TreeceCherokeeStandard
ZIP Code 66779UniontownBourbonStandard
ZIP Code 66780WalnutCrawfordStandard
ZIP Code 66781WeirCherokeeStandard
ZIP Code 66782West MineralCherokeeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66783Yates CenterWoodsonStandard
ZIP Code 66801EmporiaLyonStandard
ZIP Code 66830AdmireLyonStandard
ZIP Code 66833AllenLyonStandard
ZIP Code 66834Alta VistaWabaunseeStandard
ZIP Code 66835AmericusLyonStandard
ZIP Code 66838BurdickMorrisStandard
ZIP Code 66839BurlingtonCoffeyStandard
ZIP Code 66840BurnsMarionStandard
ZIP Code 66842CassodayButlerStandard
ZIP Code 66843Cedar PointChaseStandard
ZIP Code 66845Cottonwood FallsChaseStandard
ZIP Code 66846Council GroveMorrisStandard
ZIP Code 66849DwightMorrisStandard
ZIP Code 66850ElmdaleChaseStandard
ZIP Code 66851FlorenceMarionStandard
ZIP Code 66852GridleyCoffeyStandard
ZIP Code 66853HamiltonGreenwoodStandard
ZIP Code 66854HartfordLyonStandard
ZIP Code 66855LamontGreenwoodStandard
ZIP Code 66856LeboCoffeyStandard
ZIP Code 66857Le RoyCoffeyStandard
ZIP Code 66858LincolnvilleMarionStandard
ZIP Code 66859Lost SpringsMarionStandard
ZIP Code 66860MadisonGreenwoodStandard
ZIP Code 66861MarionMarionStandard
ZIP Code 66862Matfield GreenChaseStandard
ZIP Code 66863NealGreenwoodP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66864Neosho RapidsLyonStandard
ZIP Code 66865OlpeLyonStandard
ZIP Code 66866PeabodyMarionStandard
ZIP Code 66868ReadingLyonStandard
ZIP Code 66869Strong CityChaseStandard
ZIP Code 66870VirgilGreenwoodStandard
ZIP Code 66871WaverlyCoffeyStandard
ZIP Code 66872White CityMorrisStandard
ZIP Code 66873WilseyMorrisStandard
ZIP Code 66901ConcordiaCloudStandard
ZIP Code 66930AgendaRepublicStandard
ZIP Code 66932AtholSmithStandard
ZIP Code 66933BarnesWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 66935BellevilleRepublicStandard
ZIP Code 66936Burr OakJewellStandard
ZIP Code 66937CliftonWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 66938ClydeCloudStandard
ZIP Code 66939CourtlandRepublicStandard
ZIP Code 66940CubaRepublicStandard
ZIP Code 66941EsbonJewellStandard
ZIP Code 66942FormosoJewellStandard
ZIP Code 66943GreenleafWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 66944HaddamWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 66945HanoverWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 66946HollenbergWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 66948JamestownCloudStandard
ZIP Code 66949JewellJewellStandard
ZIP Code 66951KensingtonSmithStandard
ZIP Code 66952LebanonSmithStandard
ZIP Code 66953LinnWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 66955MahaskaWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 66956MankatoJewellStandard
ZIP Code 66958MorrowvilleWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 66959MundenRepublicStandard
ZIP Code 66960NarkaRepublicStandard
ZIP Code 66961NorwayRepublicP.O. Box
ZIP Code 66962PalmerWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 66963RandallJewellStandard
ZIP Code 66964RepublicRepublicStandard
ZIP Code 66966ScandiaRepublicStandard
ZIP Code 66967Smith CenterSmithStandard
ZIP Code 66968WashingtonWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 66970WebberJewellStandard
ZIP Code 67001AndaleSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67002AndoverButlerStandard
ZIP Code 67003AnthonyHarperStandard
ZIP Code 67004ArgoniaSumnerStandard
ZIP Code 67005Arkansas CityCowleyStandard
ZIP Code 67008AtlantaCowleyStandard
ZIP Code 67009AtticaHarperStandard
ZIP Code 67010AugustaButlerStandard
ZIP Code 67012BeaumontButlerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67013Belle PlaineSumnerStandard
ZIP Code 67016BentleySedgwickP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67017BentonButlerStandard
ZIP Code 67018Bluff CityHarperStandard
ZIP Code 67019BurdenCowleyStandard
ZIP Code 67020BurrtonHarveyStandard
ZIP Code 67021ByersPrattStandard
ZIP Code 67022CaldwellSumnerStandard
ZIP Code 67023CambridgeCowleyStandard
ZIP Code 67024Cedar ValeChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 67025CheneySedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67026ClearwaterSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67028CoatsPrattStandard
ZIP Code 67029ColdwaterComancheStandard
ZIP Code 67030ColwichSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67031Conway SpringsSumnerStandard
ZIP Code 67035CunninghamKingmanStandard
ZIP Code 67036DanvilleHarperStandard
ZIP Code 67037DerbySedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67038DexterCowleyStandard
ZIP Code 67039DouglassButlerStandard
ZIP Code 67041ElbingButlerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67042El DoradoButlerStandard
ZIP Code 67045EurekaGreenwoodStandard
ZIP Code 67047Fall RiverGreenwoodStandard
ZIP Code 67049FreeportHarperStandard
ZIP Code 67050Garden PlainSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67051Geuda SpringsSumnerStandard
ZIP Code 67052GoddardSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67053GoesselMarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67054GreensburgKiowaStandard
ZIP Code 67055GreenwichSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67056HalsteadHarveyStandard
ZIP Code 67057HardtnerBarberStandard
ZIP Code 67058HarperHarperStandard
ZIP Code 67059HavilandKiowaStandard
ZIP Code 67060HaysvilleSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67061HazeltonBarberStandard
ZIP Code 67062HesstonHarveyStandard
ZIP Code 67063HillsboroMarionStandard
ZIP Code 67065IsabelBarberStandard
ZIP Code 67066IukaPrattStandard
ZIP Code 67067KechiSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67068KingmanKingmanStandard
ZIP Code 67070KiowaBarberStandard
ZIP Code 67071Lake CityBarberStandard
ZIP Code 67072LathamButlerStandard
ZIP Code 67073LehighMarionStandard
ZIP Code 67074LeonButlerStandard
ZIP Code 67101MaizeSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67102Maple CityCowleyStandard
ZIP Code 67103MayfieldSumnerStandard
ZIP Code 67104Medicine LodgeBarberStandard
ZIP Code 67105MilanSumnerStandard
ZIP Code 67106MiltonSumnerStandard
ZIP Code 67107MoundridgeMcphersonStandard
ZIP Code 67108Mount HopeSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67109MullinvilleKiowaStandard
ZIP Code 67110MulvaneSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67111MurdockKingmanStandard
ZIP Code 67112NashvilleKingmanStandard
ZIP Code 67114NewtonHarveyStandard
ZIP Code 67117North NewtonHarveyStandard
ZIP Code 67118NorwichKingmanStandard
ZIP Code 67119OxfordSumnerStandard
ZIP Code 67120PeckSumnerStandard
ZIP Code 67122PiedmontGreenwoodStandard
ZIP Code 67123PotwinButlerStandard
ZIP Code 67124PrattPrattStandard
ZIP Code 67127ProtectionComancheStandard
ZIP Code 67131RockCowleyStandard
ZIP Code 67132RosaliaButlerStandard
ZIP Code 67133Rose HillButlerStandard
ZIP Code 67134SawyerPrattStandard
ZIP Code 67135SedgwickHarveyStandard
ZIP Code 67137SeveryGreenwoodStandard
ZIP Code 67138SharonBarberStandard
ZIP Code 67140South HavenSumnerStandard
ZIP Code 67142SpiveyKingmanStandard
ZIP Code 67143Sun CityBarberStandard
ZIP Code 67144TowandaButlerStandard
ZIP Code 67146UdallCowleyStandard
ZIP Code 67147Valley CenterSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67149ViolaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67150WaldronHarperStandard
ZIP Code 67151WaltonHarveyStandard
ZIP Code 67152WellingtonSumnerStandard
ZIP Code 67154WhitewaterButlerStandard
ZIP Code 67155WilmoreComancheStandard
ZIP Code 67156WinfieldCowleyStandard
ZIP Code 67159ZendaKingmanStandard
ZIP Code 67201WichitaSedgwickP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67202WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67203WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67204WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67205WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67206WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67207WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67208WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67209WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67210WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67211WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67212WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67213WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67214WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67215WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67216WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67217WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67218WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67219WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67220WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67221Mcconnell AFBSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67223WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67226WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67227WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67228WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67230WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67232WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67235WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67260WichitaSedgwickUnique
ZIP Code 67275WichitaSedgwickP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67276WichitaSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 67277WichitaSedgwickP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67278WichitaSedgwickP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67301IndependenceMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 67330AltamontLabetteStandard
ZIP Code 67332BartlettLabetteStandard
ZIP Code 67333CaneyMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 67334ChautauquaChautauquaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67335CherryvaleMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 67336ChetopaLabetteStandard
ZIP Code 67337CoffeyvilleMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 67340DearingMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67341DennisLabetteStandard
ZIP Code 67342EdnaLabetteStandard
ZIP Code 67344Elk CityMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 67345Elk FallsElkStandard
ZIP Code 67346GrenolaElkStandard
ZIP Code 67347HavanaMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 67349HowardElkStandard
ZIP Code 67351LibertyMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 67352LongtonElkStandard
ZIP Code 67353MolineElkStandard
ZIP Code 67354Mound ValleyLabetteStandard
ZIP Code 67355NiotazeChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 67356OswegoLabetteStandard
ZIP Code 67357ParsonsLabetteStandard
ZIP Code 67360PeruChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 67361SedanChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 67363SycamoreMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67364TyroMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67401SalinaSalineStandard
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ZIP Code 67416AssariaSalineStandard
ZIP Code 67417AuroraCloudStandard
ZIP Code 67418BarnardLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 67420BeloitMitchellStandard
ZIP Code 67422BenningtonOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 67423BeverlyLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 67425BrookvilleSalineStandard
ZIP Code 67427BushtonRiceStandard
ZIP Code 67428CantonMcphersonStandard
ZIP Code 67430Cawker CityMitchellStandard
ZIP Code 67431ChapmanDickinsonStandard
ZIP Code 67432Clay CenterClayStandard
ZIP Code 67436DelphosOttawaStandard
ZIP Code 67437DownsOsborneStandard
ZIP Code 67438DurhamMarionStandard
ZIP Code 67439EllsworthEllsworthStandard
ZIP Code 67441EnterpriseDickinsonStandard
ZIP Code 67442FalunSalineStandard
ZIP Code 67443GalvaMcphersonStandard
ZIP Code 67444GeneseoRiceStandard
ZIP Code 67445GlascoCloudStandard
ZIP Code 67446Glen ElderMitchellStandard
ZIP Code 67447GreenClayStandard
ZIP Code 67448GypsumSalineStandard
ZIP Code 67449HeringtonDickinsonStandard
ZIP Code 67450HolyroodEllsworthStandard
ZIP Code 67451HopeDickinsonStandard
ZIP Code 67452HunterMitchellStandard
ZIP Code 67454KanopolisEllsworthStandard
ZIP Code 67455LincolnLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 67456LindsborgMcphersonStandard
ZIP Code 67457Little RiverRiceStandard
ZIP Code 67458LongfordClayStandard
ZIP Code 67459LorraineEllsworthStandard
ZIP Code 67460McphersonMcphersonStandard
ZIP Code 67464MarquetteMcphersonStandard
ZIP Code 67466MiltonvaleCloudStandard
ZIP Code 67467MinneapolisOttawaStandard
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ZIP Code 67516BazineNessStandard
ZIP Code 67518BeelerNessStandard
ZIP Code 67519BelpreEdwardsStandard
ZIP Code 67520BisonRushStandard
ZIP Code 67521BrownellNessStandard
ZIP Code 67522BuhlerRenoStandard
ZIP Code 67523BurdettPawneeStandard
ZIP Code 67524ChaseRiceStandard
ZIP Code 67525ClaflinBartonStandard
ZIP Code 67526EllinwoodBartonStandard
ZIP Code 67529GarfieldPawneeStandard
ZIP Code 67530Great BendBartonStandard
ZIP Code 67543HavenRenoStandard
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ZIP Code 67625BogueGrahamStandard
ZIP Code 67626Bunker HillRussellStandard
ZIP Code 67627CatharineEllisP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67628CedarSmithStandard
ZIP Code 67629ClaytonNortonStandard
ZIP Code 67631CollyerTregoStandard
ZIP Code 67632DamarRooksStandard
ZIP Code 67634DorranceRussellStandard
ZIP Code 67635DresdenDecaturStandard
ZIP Code 67637EllisEllisStandard
ZIP Code 67638GaylordSmithStandard
ZIP Code 67639GladePhillipsStandard
ZIP Code 67640GorhamRussellStandard
ZIP Code 67642Hill CityGrahamStandard
ZIP Code 67643JenningsDecaturStandard
ZIP Code 67644KirwinPhillipsStandard
ZIP Code 67645LenoraNortonStandard
ZIP Code 67646LoganPhillipsStandard
ZIP Code 67647Long IslandPhillipsStandard
ZIP Code 67648LucasRussellStandard
ZIP Code 67649LurayRussellStandard
ZIP Code 67650MorlandGrahamStandard
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ZIP Code 67674WalkerEllisP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67675WoodstonRooksStandard
ZIP Code 67701ColbyThomasStandard
ZIP Code 67730AtwoodRawlinsStandard
ZIP Code 67731Bird CityCheyenneStandard
ZIP Code 67732BrewsterThomasStandard
ZIP Code 67733EdsonShermanStandard
ZIP Code 67734GemThomasStandard
ZIP Code 67735GoodlandShermanStandard
ZIP Code 67736GoveGoveStandard
ZIP Code 67737GrainfieldGoveStandard
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ZIP Code 67745Mc DonaldRawlinsStandard
ZIP Code 67747MonumentLoganStandard
ZIP Code 67748OakleyLoganStandard
ZIP Code 67749OberlinDecaturStandard
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ZIP Code 67752QuinterGoveStandard
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ZIP Code 67762WeskanWallaceStandard
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ZIP Code 67801Dodge CityFordStandard
ZIP Code 67831AshlandClarkStandard
ZIP Code 67834BucklinFordStandard
ZIP Code 67835CimarronGrayStandard
ZIP Code 67836CoolidgeHamiltonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67837CopelandGrayStandard
ZIP Code 67838DeerfieldKearnyStandard
ZIP Code 67839DightonLaneStandard
ZIP Code 67840EnglewoodClarkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67841EnsignGrayStandard
ZIP Code 67842FordFordStandard
ZIP Code 67843Fort DodgeFordStandard
ZIP Code 67844FowlerMeadeStandard
ZIP Code 67846Garden CityFinneyStandard
ZIP Code 67849HanstonHodgemanStandard
ZIP Code 67850HealyLaneStandard
ZIP Code 67851HolcombFinneyStandard
ZIP Code 67853IngallsGrayStandard
ZIP Code 67854JetmoreHodgemanStandard
ZIP Code 67855JohnsonStantonStandard
ZIP Code 67857KendallHamiltonStandard
ZIP Code 67859KismetSewardStandard
ZIP Code 67860LakinKearnyStandard
ZIP Code 67861LeotiWichitaStandard
ZIP Code 67862ManterStantonStandard
ZIP Code 67863MarienthalWichitaStandard
ZIP Code 67864MeadeMeadeStandard
ZIP Code 67865MinneolaClarkStandard
ZIP Code 67867MontezumaGrayStandard
ZIP Code 67868PiercevilleFinneyStandard
ZIP Code 67869PlainsMeadeStandard
ZIP Code 67870SatantaHaskellStandard
ZIP Code 67871Scott CityScottStandard
ZIP Code 67876SpearvilleFordStandard
ZIP Code 67877SubletteHaskellStandard
ZIP Code 67878SyracuseHamiltonStandard
ZIP Code 67879TribuneGreeleyStandard
ZIP Code 67880UlyssesGrantStandard
ZIP Code 67882WrightFordStandard
ZIP Code 67901LiberalSewardStandard
ZIP Code 67905LiberalSewardP.O. Box
ZIP Code 67950ElkhartMortonStandard
ZIP Code 67951HugotonStevensStandard
ZIP Code 67952MoscowStevensStandard
ZIP Code 67953RichfieldMortonStandard
ZIP Code 67954RollaMortonStandard

Kansas Demographic Information

Total population of for Kansas: Total Population from the 2020 Census. This reflects the exact population of the geographic area at that point in time, not future estimates, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. It is intended to count all persons living within the geographic area, not just those present on the day of the census.2,937,880
Male population of for Kansas: The Male Population from the 2020 Census. This is not a forecast for the future, but an exact count for this geographic area at the time of the Census. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The Male Population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.1,462,305
Female population of for Kansas: The Female Population from the 2020 Census. This is not a forecast for the future, but an exact count for this geographic area at the time of the Census. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The Female Population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.1,475,575
Median age (years): The Median Age of the Total Population from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. Median age is not a future prediction, it is the actual calculated age from the 2020 Census. Median age is the middle age of the population. Half the population is older than the average age and half is younger. Median Age can relate how young or old a geographic area is compared to others. If one area is 44 and the other is 40, then the first are is an average of 4 years older.37.4
White Population: The White Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The numbers for the White Population are not future projections. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including White. This count includes all who selected White/Caucasian in their response, even if they selected another race as well.2,222,462
Black Population: The Black Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The numbers for the Black Population are not future projections. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including Black or African American. This count includes all who selected Black or African American in their response, even if they selected another race as well.168,809
Indian Population: The American Indian and Alaska Native Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area and not estimates for the future. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including American Indian and Alaska Native. This count includes all who selected American Indian and Alaska Native in their response, even if they selected another race as well.30,995
Asian Population: The Asian Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area, not future projections. On the U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including Chinese, Filipino, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, or Other Asian. This count includes all who selected one of these options in their response, even if they selected another race as well.86,273
Hawaiian Population: The Hawaiian or Pacific Islander Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area and are not future projections. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander. This count includes all who selected either Hawaiian or Pacific Islander in their response, even if they selected another race as well.3,412
Hispanic Population: The Hispanic Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area and is not an estimate or future projection. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were first asked for their Ethnicity, including if they were from Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish Origin, including Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano, Puerto Rican, Cuban, or other ethnic origin. This count includes all who affirmed that they were part of this ethnic origin. Respondents who selected this option were also asked to select a race separately and would be counted once in this number as well as the race they chose as well. From the U.S. Census definition, Hispanic is an ethnic origin and not a race.382,603
Median age (Male): The Median Age of all Males from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The Male Median Age is the actual average from the 2020 Census, not an estimate or future projection. Median Age is the average age of the population. Half of the population is older than the average age and the other half is younger. Gender is self-reported by individuals when asked about their sex at birth.36.3
Median age (Female): The Median Age of all Females from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The Female Median Age is the actual average from the 2020 Census, not an estimate or future projection. Median Age is the average age of the population. Half of the population is older than the average age and the other half is younger. Gender is self-reported by individuals when asked about their sex at birth.38.6
Total Households: Total Number of Households from the 2020 U.S. Census for this geographic area. A Household includes everyone living in a residential housing unit. This includes families, roommates in a single residence, or a person living alone.1,151,360
Married-Couple Households: Total Married-Couple Households is based on the 2020 U.S. Census and is not an estimate. Under the U.S. Census Bureau definition, Married Couple Households refers to the count of households where the householder and his or her spouse are listed as members of the same household. It does include same-sex marriage households and the households themselves may also include other individuals, such as children or other relatives. 
Average Household Size for for Kansas: The Average Household Size, is obtained by dividing the number of people in Households (excluding those in group quarters, nursing home, prisons, and dorm rooms) by the number of Households. A Household includes everyone living in a residential unit. Those who do not live in a household are classified as living in group accommodation. This value is an estimate from the U.S. Census ACS (American Community Survey) and is updated yearly.2.48
Average family size of for Kansas: Average Family Size is calculated by dividing the number of people in a Family Household by the number of Family Households. The U.S. Census Bureau defines family households as households consisting of two or more individuals who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption. They also may include other unrelated people. Non-family households consist of people who live alone or who share their residence with unrelated individuals. The Average Family Size only looks at the households classified as Family Households. This value is an estimate from the U.S. Census ACS (American Community Survey) and is updated yearly.2.94
Total housing units for for Kansas: The total number of Housing Units is the number of occupied units + the number of vacant units. Ownership is defined by whether the unit is occupied by an owner or by a tenant. Owner occupancy means that the owner lives in the unit. This value comes from the 2020 U.S. Census and is not a projection or estimate.1,275,689