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Data Last Updated: April 1, 2024

Washington ZIP Codes

Timezone(s): All Time Zones found within this State. In the United States, there are 7 standard time zones which are, from west to east: Hawaii-Aleutian, Alaska, Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic. Also included in U.S. Territories are Samoa, Guam and Palau. The alignment between ZIP codes and time zones is not perfect. A single time zone can cover multiple ZIP codes, and, conversely, a single ZIP code could theoretically span across multiple time zones, although this is quite rare.Pacific (GMT -08:00)
Population: The total Population for Washington, taken from the 2020 U.S. Census DP1. This population total includes all people residing in Washington and counts them regardless of citizenship or immigration status. Included are U.S. Citizens, permanent residents, temporary migrants, and undocumented workers. The total population represents people who live in the state, not just those present on the day of the census. State Population is critical in determining political representation, funding allocation, planning and policy-making, and demographic analysis.7,705,281 (More Details)
Male Population: The sum of all males for Washington from the 2020 U.S. Census DP1. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The male population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.3,843,772
Female Population: The sum of all females for Washington from the 2020 U.S. Census DP1. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The female population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.3,861,509
Median Age: The median age of the total population of this state. Median age is not a future prediction, it is the actual number from the 2020 Census. Median age is the middle age of the population. Half the population is older than the average age and half is younger.38
ZIP Codes: The total number of ZIP Codes which at least partially fall inside the state of Washington. Did you know that approximately 23% of ZIP Codes cross county lines? Several even cross State lines. ZIP Codes do not follow other geographic boundaries because they were created exclusively for the expedient delivery of mail.715
Cities: The total number of City names which are associated with ZIP Codes that partially or wholly cross into Washington. Alongside the official city name, USPS also recognizes certain alternate names for cities or towns that can be used in mailing addresses. These may include towns, villages, abbreviations, names in other languages, or names that have been commonly used historically.491
Counties: The total number of counties associated with ZIP Codes that are at least partially part of Washington.39
Area Codes: The total number of Area Codes associated with ZIP Codes in Washington. Area codes are used in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) to facilitate phone routing. Each area code identifies a specific geographic area (usually part of a state or territory) and allows calls to be routed to the correct area. There are approximately 350 area codes in use in the United States.6
Total Area: The approximate amount of area covered by Washington in square miles. This includes all land and water areas within the legal state boundaries.71,298 square miles
Land Area: Approximate area of land covered by Washington in square miles. Land area data provided by the Census Bureau are based on geographic boundaries that include the mainland, islands, inland, coastal, Great Lakes, and territorial waters associated with each state. Land area is important in many types of statistical analysis. For example, population density, the number of people per unit of land area, is a commonly used statistic based on this data. Land area measurements are also important for urban planning, environmental studies, and economic analysis. 66,456 square miles
Water Area: The approximate amount of water area covered by Washington in square miles. Calculations for water area take into account inland bodies of water, coastal regions, Great Lakes, and territorial sea waters. This encompasses features such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and coastal water bodies. Water surface data are especially important for environmental and conservation planning, water resource management, transportation, and recreational planning.4,842 square miles
Map showing the ZIP Codes in the State of Washington

Washington Covers 715 ZIP Codes

ZIP CodeCityCountyType
ZIP Code 98001AuburnKingStandard
ZIP Code 98002AuburnKingStandard
ZIP Code 98003Federal WayKingStandard
ZIP Code 98004BellevueKingStandard
ZIP Code 98005BellevueKingStandard
ZIP Code 98006BellevueKingStandard
ZIP Code 98007BellevueKingStandard
ZIP Code 98008BellevueKingStandard
ZIP Code 98009BellevueKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98010Black DiamondKingStandard
ZIP Code 98011BothellKingStandard
ZIP Code 98012BothellSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98013BurtonKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98014CarnationKingStandard
ZIP Code 98015BellevueKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98019DuvallKingStandard
ZIP Code 98020EdmondsSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98021BothellSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98022EnumclawKingStandard
ZIP Code 98023Federal WayKingStandard
ZIP Code 98024Fall CityKingStandard
ZIP Code 98025HobartKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98026EdmondsSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98027IssaquahKingStandard
ZIP Code 98028KenmoreKingStandard
ZIP Code 98029IssaquahKingStandard
ZIP Code 98030KentKingStandard
ZIP Code 98031KentKingStandard
ZIP Code 98032KentKingStandard
ZIP Code 98033KirklandKingStandard
ZIP Code 98034KirklandKingStandard
ZIP Code 98035KentKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98036LynnwoodSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98037LynnwoodSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98038Maple ValleyKingStandard
ZIP Code 98039MedinaKingStandard
ZIP Code 98040Mercer IslandKingStandard
ZIP Code 98041BothellKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98042KentKingStandard
ZIP Code 98043Mountlake TerraceSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98045North BendKingStandard
ZIP Code 98046LynnwoodSnohomishP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98047PacificKingStandard
ZIP Code 98050PrestonKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98051RavensdaleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98052RedmondKingStandard
ZIP Code 98053RedmondKingStandard
ZIP Code 98055RentonKingStandard
ZIP Code 98056RentonKingStandard
ZIP Code 98057RentonKingStandard
ZIP Code 98058RentonKingStandard
ZIP Code 98059RentonKingStandard
ZIP Code 98061RollingbayKitsapP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98062SeahurstKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98063Federal WayKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98064KentKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98065SnoqualmieKingStandard
ZIP Code 98068Snoqualmie PassKittitasP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98070VashonKingStandard
ZIP Code 98071AuburnKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98072WoodinvilleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98073RedmondKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98074SammamishKingStandard
ZIP Code 98075SammamishKingStandard
ZIP Code 98077WoodinvilleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98082Mill CreekSnohomishP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98083KirklandKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98087LynnwoodSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98089KentKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98092AuburnKingStandard
ZIP Code 98093Federal WayKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98101SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98102SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98103SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98104SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98105SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98106SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98107SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98108SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98109SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98110Bainbridge IslandKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98111SeattleKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98112SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98113SeattleKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98114SeattleKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98115SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98116SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98117SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98118SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98119SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98121SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98122SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98124SeattleKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98125SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98126SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98127SeattleKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98129SeattleKingUnique
ZIP Code 98131SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98133SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98134SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98136SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98138SeattleKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98139SeattleKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98141SeattleKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98144SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98145SeattleKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98146SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98148SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98154SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98155SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98158SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98160SeattleKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98161SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98164SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98165SeattleKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98166SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98168SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98170SeattleKingUnique
ZIP Code 98174SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98175SeattleKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98177SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98178SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98181SeattleKingUnique
ZIP Code 98185SeattleKingUnique
ZIP Code 98188SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98190SeattleKingUnique
ZIP Code 98191SeattleKingUnique
ZIP Code 98194SeattleKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98195SeattleKingUnique
ZIP Code 98198SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98199SeattleKingStandard
ZIP Code 98201EverettSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98203EverettSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98204EverettSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98206EverettSnohomishP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98207EverettSnohomishUnique
ZIP Code 98208EverettSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98213EverettSnohomishP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98220AcmeWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98221AnacortesSkagitStandard
ZIP Code 98222Blakely IslandSan JuanStandard
ZIP Code 98223ArlingtonSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98224BaringKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98225BellinghamWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98226BellinghamWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98227BellinghamWhatcomP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98228BellinghamWhatcomP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98229BellinghamWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98230BlaineWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98231BlaineWhatcomP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98232BowSkagitStandard
ZIP Code 98233BurlingtonSkagitStandard
ZIP Code 98235ClearlakeSkagitP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98236ClintonIslandStandard
ZIP Code 98237ConcreteSkagitStandard
ZIP Code 98238ConwaySkagitP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98239CoupevilleIslandStandard
ZIP Code 98240CusterWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98241DarringtonSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98243Deer HarborSan JuanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98244DemingWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98245EastsoundSan JuanStandard
ZIP Code 98247EversonWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98248FerndaleWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98249FreelandIslandStandard
ZIP Code 98250Friday HarborSan JuanStandard
ZIP Code 98251Gold BarSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98252Granite FallsSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98253GreenbankIslandStandard
ZIP Code 98255HamiltonSkagitP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98256IndexSnohomishP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98257La ConnerSkagitStandard
ZIP Code 98258Lake StevensSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98259North LakewoodSnohomishP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98260LangleyIslandStandard
ZIP Code 98261Lopez IslandSan JuanStandard
ZIP Code 98262Lummi IslandWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98263LymanSkagitP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98264LyndenWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98266Maple FallsWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98267MarblemountSkagitStandard
ZIP Code 98270MarysvilleSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98271MarysvilleSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98272MonroeSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98273Mount VernonSkagitStandard
ZIP Code 98274Mount VernonSkagitStandard
ZIP Code 98275MukilteoSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98276NooksackWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98277Oak HarborIslandStandard
ZIP Code 98278Oak HarborIslandUnique
ZIP Code 98279OlgaSan JuanStandard
ZIP Code 98280OrcasSan JuanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98281Point RobertsWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98282Camano IslandIslandStandard
ZIP Code 98283RockportSkagitStandard
ZIP Code 98284Sedro WoolleySkagitStandard
ZIP Code 98286Shaw IslandSan JuanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98287SilvanaSnohomishP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98288SkykomishKingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98290SnohomishSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98291SnohomishSnohomishP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98292StanwoodSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98293StartupSnohomishP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98294SultanSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98295SumasWhatcomStandard
ZIP Code 98296SnohomishSnohomishStandard
ZIP Code 98297WaldronSan JuanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98303Anderson IslandPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98304AshfordPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98305BeaverClallamStandard
ZIP Code 98310BremertonKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98311BremertonKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98312BremertonKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98314BremertonKitsapUnique
ZIP Code 98315SilverdaleKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98320BrinnonJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 98321BuckleyPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98322BurleyKitsapP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98323CarbonadoPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98324CarlsborgClallamP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98325ChimacumJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 98326Clallam BayClallamStandard
ZIP Code 98327DupontPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98328EatonvillePierceStandard
ZIP Code 98329Gig HarborPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98330ElbePierceStandard
ZIP Code 98331ForksClallamStandard
ZIP Code 98332Gig HarborPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98333Fox IslandPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98335Gig HarborPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98336GlenomaLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98337BremertonKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98338GrahamPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98339Port HadlockJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 98340HansvilleKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98342IndianolaKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98343JoyceClallamP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98344KapowsinPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98345KeyportKitsapP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98346KingstonKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98348La GrandePierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98349LakebayPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98350La PushClallamP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98351LongbranchPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98352SumnerPierceUnique
ZIP Code 98353ManchesterKitsapP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98354MiltonPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98355MineralLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98356MortonLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98357Neah BayClallamP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98358NordlandJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 98359OlallaKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98360OrtingPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98361PackwoodLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98362Port AngelesClallamStandard
ZIP Code 98363Port AngelesClallamStandard
ZIP Code 98364Port GambleKitsapP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98365Port LudlowJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 98366Port OrchardKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98367Port OrchardKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98368Port TownsendJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 98370PoulsboKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98371PuyallupPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98372PuyallupPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98373PuyallupPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98374PuyallupPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98375PuyallupPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98376QuilceneJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 98377RandleLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98378RetsilKitsapP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98380SeabeckKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98381SekiuClallamStandard
ZIP Code 98382SequimClallamStandard
ZIP Code 98383SilverdaleKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98384South ColbyKitsapP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98385South PrairiePierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98386SouthworthKitsapP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98387SpanawayPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98388SteilacoomPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98390SumnerPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98391Bonney LakePierceStandard
ZIP Code 98392SuquamishKitsapStandard
ZIP Code 98393TracytonKitsapP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98394VaughnPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98395WaunaPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98396WilkesonPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98397LongmirePierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98398Paradise InnPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98401TacomaPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98402TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98403TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98404TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98405TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98406TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98407TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98408TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98409TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98411TacomaPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98412TacomaPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98413TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98415TacomaPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98416TacomaPierceUnique
ZIP Code 98417TacomaPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98418TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98419TacomaPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98421TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98422TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98424FifePierceStandard
ZIP Code 98430Camp MurrayPierceUnique
ZIP Code 98431TacomaPierceUnique
ZIP Code 98433TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98438Mcchord AFBPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98439LakewoodPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98443TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98444TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98445TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98446TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98447TacomaPierceUnique
ZIP Code 98448TacomaPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98464TacomaPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98465TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98466TacomaPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98467University PlacePierceStandard
ZIP Code 98471TacomaPierceUnique
ZIP Code 98481TacomaPierceUnique
ZIP Code 98490TacomaPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98493TacomaPierceUnique
ZIP Code 98496LakewoodPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98497LakewoodPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98498LakewoodPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98499LakewoodPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98501OlympiaThurstonStandard
ZIP Code 98502OlympiaThurstonStandard
ZIP Code 98503LaceyThurstonStandard
ZIP Code 98504OlympiaThurstonUnique
ZIP Code 98505OlympiaThurstonUnique
ZIP Code 98506OlympiaThurstonStandard
ZIP Code 98507OlympiaThurstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98508OlympiaThurstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98509LaceyThurstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98511TumwaterThurstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98512OlympiaThurstonStandard
ZIP Code 98513OlympiaThurstonStandard
ZIP Code 98516OlympiaThurstonStandard
ZIP Code 98520AberdeenGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98522AdnaLewisP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98524AllynMasonStandard
ZIP Code 98526Amanda ParkGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98527Bay CenterPacificP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98528BelfairMasonStandard
ZIP Code 98530BucodaThurstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98531CentraliaLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98532ChehalisLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98533CinebarLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98535Copalis BeachGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98536Copalis CrossingGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98537CosmopolisGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98538CurtisLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98539DotyLewisP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98540East OlympiaThurstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98541ElmaGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98542EthelLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98544GalvinLewisP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98546GrapeviewMasonStandard
ZIP Code 98547GraylandGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98548HoodsportMasonStandard
ZIP Code 98550HoquiamGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98552HumptulipsGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98554LebamPacificP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98555LilliwaupMasonStandard
ZIP Code 98556LittlerockThurstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98557McclearyGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98558MckennaPierceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98559MaloneGrays HarborP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98560MatlockMasonStandard
ZIP Code 98561MenloPacificP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98562MoclipsGrays HarborP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98563MontesanoGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98564MossyrockLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98565NapavineLewisP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98566NeiltonGrays HarborP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98568OakvilleGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98569Ocean ShoresGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98570OnalaskaLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98571Pacific BeachGrays HarborP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98572Pe EllLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98575QuinaultGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98576RainierThurstonStandard
ZIP Code 98577RaymondPacificStandard
ZIP Code 98579RochesterThurstonStandard
ZIP Code 98580RoyPierceStandard
ZIP Code 98581RyderwoodCowlitzStandard
ZIP Code 98582SalkumLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98583SatsopGrays HarborP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98584SheltonMasonStandard
ZIP Code 98585Silver CreekLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98586South BendPacificStandard
ZIP Code 98587TaholahGrays HarborP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98588TahuyaMasonStandard
ZIP Code 98589TeninoThurstonStandard
ZIP Code 98590TokelandPacificStandard
ZIP Code 98591ToledoLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98592UnionMasonStandard
ZIP Code 98593VaderLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98595WestportGrays HarborStandard
ZIP Code 98596WinlockLewisStandard
ZIP Code 98597YelmThurstonStandard
ZIP Code 98599OlympiaThurstonUnique
ZIP Code 98601AmboyClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98602AppletonKlickitatStandard
ZIP Code 98603ArielCowlitzStandard
ZIP Code 98604Battle GroundClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98605BingenKlickitatStandard
ZIP Code 98606Brush PrairieClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98607CamasClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98609CarrollsCowlitzStandard
ZIP Code 98610CarsonSkamaniaStandard
ZIP Code 98611Castle RockCowlitzStandard
ZIP Code 98612CathlametWahkiakumStandard
ZIP Code 98613CentervilleKlickitatStandard
ZIP Code 98614ChinookPacificP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98616CougarCowlitzStandard
ZIP Code 98617DallesportKlickitatP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98619GlenwoodKlickitatStandard
ZIP Code 98620GoldendaleKlickitatStandard
ZIP Code 98621Grays RiverWahkiakumStandard
ZIP Code 98622HeissonClarkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98623HusumKlickitatP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98624IlwacoPacificStandard
ZIP Code 98625KalamaCowlitzStandard
ZIP Code 98626KelsoCowlitzStandard
ZIP Code 98628KlickitatKlickitatStandard
ZIP Code 98629La CenterClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98631Long BeachPacificStandard
ZIP Code 98632LongviewCowlitzStandard
ZIP Code 98635LyleKlickitatStandard
ZIP Code 98637NahcottaPacificP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98638NasellePacificStandard
ZIP Code 98639North BonnevilleSkamaniaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98640Ocean ParkPacificStandard
ZIP Code 98641OystervillePacificP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98642RidgefieldClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98643RosburgWahkiakumStandard
ZIP Code 98644SeaviewPacificP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98645SilverlakeCowlitzStandard
ZIP Code 98647SkamokawaWahkiakumStandard
ZIP Code 98648StevensonSkamaniaStandard
ZIP Code 98649ToutleCowlitzStandard
ZIP Code 98650Trout LakeKlickitatStandard
ZIP Code 98651UnderwoodSkamaniaStandard
ZIP Code 98660VancouverClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98661VancouverClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98662VancouverClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98663VancouverClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98664VancouverClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98665VancouverClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98666VancouverClarkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98668VancouverClarkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98670WahkiacusKlickitatStandard
ZIP Code 98671WashougalClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98672White SalmonKlickitatStandard
ZIP Code 98673WishramKlickitatP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98674WoodlandCowlitzStandard
ZIP Code 98675YacoltClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98682VancouverClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98683VancouverClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98684VancouverClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98685VancouverClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98686VancouverClarkStandard
ZIP Code 98687VancouverClarkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98801WenatcheeChelanStandard
ZIP Code 98802East WenatcheeDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 98807WenatcheeChelanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98811ArdenvoirChelanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98812BrewsterOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 98813BridgeportDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 98814CarltonOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 98815CashmereChelanStandard
ZIP Code 98816ChelanChelanStandard
ZIP Code 98817Chelan FallsChelanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98819ConconullyOkanoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98821DrydenChelanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98822EntiatChelanStandard
ZIP Code 98823EphrataGrantStandard
ZIP Code 98824GeorgeGrantP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98826LeavenworthChelanStandard
ZIP Code 98827LoomisOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 98828MalagaChelanStandard
ZIP Code 98829MalottOkanoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98830MansfieldDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 98831MansonChelanStandard
ZIP Code 98832MarlinGrantStandard
ZIP Code 98833MazamaOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 98834MethowOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 98836MonitorChelanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98837Moses LakeGrantStandard
ZIP Code 98840OkanoganOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 98841OmakOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 98843OrondoDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 98844OrovilleOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 98845PalisadesDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 98846PaterosOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 98847PeshastinChelanStandard
ZIP Code 98848QuincyGrantStandard
ZIP Code 98849RiversideOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 98850Rock IslandDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 98851Soap LakeGrantStandard
ZIP Code 98852StehekinChelanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98853StratfordGrantP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98855TonasketOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 98856TwispOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 98857WardenGrantStandard
ZIP Code 98858WatervilleDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 98859WaucondaOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 98860Wilson CreekGrantP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98862WinthropOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 98901YakimaYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98902YakimaYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98903YakimaYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98904YakimaYakimaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98907YakimaYakimaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98908YakimaYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98909YakimaYakimaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98920BrownstownYakimaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98921BuenaYakimaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98922Cle ElumKittitasStandard
ZIP Code 98923CowicheYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98925EastonKittitasP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98926EllensburgKittitasStandard
ZIP Code 98930GrandviewYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98932GrangerYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98933HarrahYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98934KittitasKittitasP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98935MabtonYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98936MoxeeYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98937NachesYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98938OutlookYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98939ParkerYakimaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98940RonaldKittitasP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98941RoslynKittitasP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98942SelahYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98943South Cle ElumKittitasP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98944SunnysideYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98946ThorpKittitasStandard
ZIP Code 98947TietonYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98948ToppenishYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98950VantageKittitasP.O. Box
ZIP Code 98951WapatoYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98952White SwanYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 98953ZillahYakimaStandard
ZIP Code 99001Airway HeightsSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99003ChattaroySpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99004CheneySpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99005ColbertSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99006Deer ParkSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99008EdwallLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 99009ElkSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99011Fairchild Air Force BaseSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99012FairfieldSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99013FordStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99014Four LakesSpokaneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99016GreenacresSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99017LamontWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99018LatahSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99019Liberty LakeSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99020MarshallSpokaneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99021MeadSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99022Medical LakeSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99023MicaSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99025Newman LakeSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99026Nine Mile FallsSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99027Otis OrchardsSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99029ReardanLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 99030RockfordSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99031SpangleSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99032SpragueLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 99033TekoaWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99034TumtumStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99036ValleyfordSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99037VeradaleSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99039WaverlySpokaneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99040WellpinitStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99101AddyStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99102AlbionWhitmanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99103AlmiraLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 99104BelmontWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99105BengeAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 99109ChewelahStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99110ClaytonStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99111ColfaxWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99113ColtonWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99114ColvilleStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99115Coulee CityGrantStandard
ZIP Code 99116Coulee DamOkanoganStandard
ZIP Code 99117CrestonLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 99118CurlewFerryStandard
ZIP Code 99119CusickPend OreilleStandard
ZIP Code 99121DanvilleFerryStandard
ZIP Code 99122DavenportLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 99123Electric CityGrantStandard
ZIP Code 99124Elmer CityOkanoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99125EndicottWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99126EvansStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99128FarmingtonWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99129FruitlandStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99130GarfieldWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99131GiffordStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99133Grand CouleeGrantStandard
ZIP Code 99134HarringtonLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 99135HartlineGrantStandard
ZIP Code 99136HayWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99137HuntersStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99138IncheliumFerryStandard
ZIP Code 99139IonePend OreilleStandard
ZIP Code 99140KellerFerryStandard
ZIP Code 99141Kettle FallsStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99143LacrosseWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99144LamonaLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 99146LaurierFerryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99147LincolnLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 99148Loon LakeStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99149MaldenWhitmanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99150MaloFerryStandard
ZIP Code 99151MarcusStevensP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99152MetalinePend OreilleP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99153Metaline FallsPend OreilleStandard
ZIP Code 99154MohlerLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 99155NespelemOkanoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99156NewportPend OreilleStandard
ZIP Code 99157NorthportStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99158OakesdaleWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99159OdessaLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 99160OrientFerryStandard
ZIP Code 99161PalouseWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99163PullmanWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99164PullmanWhitmanUnique
ZIP Code 99166RepublicFerryStandard
ZIP Code 99167RiceStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99169RitzvilleAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 99170RosaliaWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99171Saint JohnWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99173SpringdaleStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99174SteptoeWhitmanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99176ThorntonWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99179UniontownWhitmanStandard
ZIP Code 99180UskPend OreilleStandard
ZIP Code 99181ValleyStevensStandard
ZIP Code 99185WilburLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 99201SpokaneSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99202SpokaneSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99203SpokaneSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99204SpokaneSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99205SpokaneSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99206SpokaneSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99207SpokaneSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99208SpokaneSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99209SpokaneSpokaneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99210SpokaneSpokaneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99211SpokaneSpokaneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99212SpokaneSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99213SpokaneSpokaneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99214SpokaneSpokaneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99215SpokaneSpokaneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99216SpokaneSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99217SpokaneSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99218SpokaneSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99219SpokaneSpokaneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99220SpokaneSpokaneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99223SpokaneSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99224SpokaneSpokaneStandard
ZIP Code 99228SpokaneSpokaneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99251SpokaneSpokaneUnique
ZIP Code 99252SpokaneSpokaneUnique
ZIP Code 99256SpokaneSpokaneUnique
ZIP Code 99258SpokaneSpokaneUnique
ZIP Code 99260SpokaneSpokaneUnique
ZIP Code 99301PascoFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 99302PascoFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99320Benton CityBentonStandard
ZIP Code 99321BeverlyGrantStandard
ZIP Code 99322BickletonKlickitatStandard
ZIP Code 99323BurbankWalla WallaStandard
ZIP Code 99324College PlaceWalla WallaStandard
ZIP Code 99326ConnellFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 99328DaytonColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 99329DixieWalla WallaStandard
ZIP Code 99330EltopiaFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 99333HooperWhitmanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99335KahlotusFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99336KennewickBentonStandard
ZIP Code 99337KennewickBentonStandard
ZIP Code 99338KennewickBentonStandard
ZIP Code 99341LindAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 99343MesaFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 99344OthelloAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 99345PatersonBentonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99346PlymouthBentonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99347PomeroyGarfieldStandard
ZIP Code 99348PrescottWalla WallaStandard
ZIP Code 99349MattawaGrantStandard
ZIP Code 99350ProsserBentonStandard
ZIP Code 99352RichlandBentonStandard
ZIP Code 99353West RichlandBentonStandard
ZIP Code 99354RichlandBentonStandard
ZIP Code 99356RooseveltKlickitatStandard
ZIP Code 99357Royal CityGrantStandard
ZIP Code 99359StarbuckColumbiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99360TouchetWalla WallaStandard
ZIP Code 99361WaitsburgWalla WallaStandard
ZIP Code 99362Walla WallaWalla WallaStandard
ZIP Code 99363WallulaWalla WallaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 99371WashtucnaAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 99401AnatoneAsotinStandard
ZIP Code 99402AsotinAsotinStandard
ZIP Code 99403ClarkstonAsotinStandard

Washington Demographic Information

Total population of for Washington: Total Population from the 2020 Census. This reflects the exact population of the geographic area at that point in time, not future estimates, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. It is intended to count all persons living within the geographic area, not just those present on the day of the census.7,705,281
Male population of for Washington: The Male Population from the 2020 Census. This is not a forecast for the future, but an exact count for this geographic area at the time of the Census. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The Male Population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.3,843,772
Female population of for Washington: The Female Population from the 2020 Census. This is not a forecast for the future, but an exact count for this geographic area at the time of the Census. Each respondent self-identified their gender on the survey, as they were asked to indicate their gender assigned at birth. The Female Population information is important for healthcare planning, policy making, social research, and economic planning and development.3,861,509
Median age (years): The Median Age of the Total Population from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. Median age is not a future prediction, it is the actual calculated age from the 2020 Census. Median age is the middle age of the population. Half the population is older than the average age and half is younger. Median Age can relate how young or old a geographic area is compared to others. If one area is 44 and the other is 40, then the first are is an average of 4 years older.38.1
White Population: The White Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The numbers for the White Population are not future projections. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including White. This count includes all who selected White/Caucasian in their response, even if they selected another race as well.5,130,920
Black Population: The Black Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The numbers for the Black Population are not future projections. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including Black or African American. This count includes all who selected Black or African American in their response, even if they selected another race as well.307,565
Indian Population: The American Indian and Alaska Native Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area and not estimates for the future. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including American Indian and Alaska Native. This count includes all who selected American Indian and Alaska Native in their response, even if they selected another race as well.121,468
Asian Population: The Asian Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area, not future projections. On the U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including Chinese, Filipino, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, or Other Asian. This count includes all who selected one of these options in their response, even if they selected another race as well.730,596
Hawaiian Population: The Hawaiian or Pacific Islander Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area and are not future projections. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were asked to check all races which applied to them, including Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander. This count includes all who selected either Hawaiian or Pacific Islander in their response, even if they selected another race as well.64,933
Hispanic Population: The Hispanic Population is an exact count from the 2020 Census for this geographic area and is not an estimate or future projection. On the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire, people were first asked for their Ethnicity, including if they were from Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish Origin, including Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano, Puerto Rican, Cuban, or other ethnic origin. This count includes all who affirmed that they were part of this ethnic origin. Respondents who selected this option were also asked to select a race separately and would be counted once in this number as well as the race they chose as well. From the U.S. Census definition, Hispanic is an ethnic origin and not a race.1,059,213
Median age (Male): The Median Age of all Males from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The Male Median Age is the actual average from the 2020 Census, not an estimate or future projection. Median Age is the average age of the population. Half of the population is older than the average age and the other half is younger. Gender is self-reported by individuals when asked about their sex at birth.37.1
Median age (Female): The Median Age of all Females from the 2020 Census for this geographic area. The Female Median Age is the actual average from the 2020 Census, not an estimate or future projection. Median Age is the average age of the population. Half of the population is older than the average age and the other half is younger. Gender is self-reported by individuals when asked about their sex at birth.39.1
Total Households: Total Number of Households from the 2020 U.S. Census for this geographic area. A Household includes everyone living in a residential housing unit. This includes families, roommates in a single residence, or a person living alone.2,974,692
Married-Couple Households: Total Married-Couple Households is based on the 2020 U.S. Census and is not an estimate. Under the U.S. Census Bureau definition, Married Couple Households refers to the count of households where the householder and his or her spouse are listed as members of the same household. It does include same-sex marriage households and the households themselves may also include other individuals, such as children or other relatives. 
Average Household Size for for Washington: The Average Household Size, is obtained by dividing the number of people in Households (excluding those in group quarters, nursing home, prisons, and dorm rooms) by the number of Households. A Household includes everyone living in a residential unit. Those who do not live in a household are classified as living in group accommodation. This value is an estimate from the U.S. Census ACS (American Community Survey) and is updated yearly.2.54
Average family size of for Washington: Average Family Size is calculated by dividing the number of people in a Family Household by the number of Family Households. The U.S. Census Bureau defines family households as households consisting of two or more individuals who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption. They also may include other unrelated people. Non-family households consist of people who live alone or who share their residence with unrelated individuals. The Average Family Size only looks at the households classified as Family Households. This value is an estimate from the U.S. Census ACS (American Community Survey) and is updated yearly.2.99
Total housing units for for Washington: The total number of Housing Units is the number of occupied units + the number of vacant units. Ownership is defined by whether the unit is occupied by an owner or by a tenant. Owner occupancy means that the owner lives in the unit. This value comes from the 2020 U.S. Census and is not a projection or estimate.3,202,241