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Zane R
Great for looking up where you're going to finding out where the heck you are- especially in large cities. Also helpful for address changes for mail. Quick, easy, simple- the mark of a well-designed tool. Kuddos.
Arthur F
Awesome program, works great for my line of work. I fill out invoices in different towns in different zip code areas.
This app is much more than a zip code finder. The amount of information it can give is impressive. Initially, I thought this would be one of those apps that I would use once in a blue moon however I find myself using it often. Great app. Thanks and kudos to the developer.
Chris M
Amazing for a free app. Thank you.
Richard R
Marvelous app...much easier than any other process for correctly identifying postal info.
Regina M
Anything less then 5 stars is wrong. This is a great app!