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Multiple Function ZIP Code API

  • Free API with Premium Levels
  • RESTful Service with JSON/XML Response
  • Covers U.S. and Canada
  • Find ZIP Code of Address
  • Form Autocompletion & Validation
  • Distance, Radius, and more
  • We use Accurate and Licensed Data

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Quick ZIP Details

Quickly retrieve the basics of a given ZIP Code or Postal Code: City, State, County, Latitude, and Longitude.

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Full ZIP Code Details

Retrieve all information on a given U.S. ZIP Code or Canadian Postal Code.

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Find ZIP of Address

Supply an address, city, and state to get the ZIP Code and ZIP+4 (U.S. Only).

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Get All ZIP Codes

Supply a State/Province to get all ZIP Codes or Postal Codes that are currently valid.

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ZIP Code Radius Finder

Find all ZIP Codes within X miles from the ZIP Code of your choice.

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Radius Finder by Lat/Lon

Supply a Latitude/Longitude coordinate to find all ZIP Codes within the selected radius.

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ZIP Code Distance

Calculate the distance between any two U.S. ZIP Code and/or Canadian Postal Codes.

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Other ZIP Code Distance Calculators

Calculate the distance from a ZIP Code to a Latitude/Longitude point. Also try the Lat/Lon calculator.

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