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Florida Zip Code Map, FL Maps

Florida ZIP Code Map Our Florida 5 Digit digital ZIP code map is available for the entire state or you can order only the county/counties you need from our database. This map shows all the Florida 5 digit zip code boundaries using clean, practical map colors and styles. To make our Florida ZIP Code map easier to read, we color neighboring ZIP codes uniquely plus we highlight every ZIP Code, zip code boundaries, county boundaries and highways. Major city names are shown on the map as well.

Our Digital Printable Maps are created using high resolution digital imagery and have been optimized for printed output, which allows for easy desktop use and reprint.

Sample Download

Download Sample Map (3.11 MB)

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Order The Florida ZIP Code Map

Florida ZIP Code STATE Map

Immediate Download, this map gives you all the information you need in one easy to use map.
Only $68.95 (Immediate Download)

State: Florida

Florida ZIP Code COUNTY Maps

Downloadable, this map lets you purchase
only the counties you need.
(Usually takes about 4 business hours to prepare)
Only $49.95 (Download)

State: Florida

Browse our full inventory of Digital ZIP Code Maps.  

Solves business needs:

  • Retail Chain Locators
  • Direct Mailers
  • Franchises
  • Small Businesses
  • Telecommunications Companies
  • Banks/Credit Unions
  • Media/Print Advertising
  • and more

      Advantages of our Maps:

  • Full Florida 5-Digit ZIP Code boundaries
  • Delivered Electronically - no hidden shipping fees
  • Florida ZIP Code data is updated monthly
  • Clean, practical map colors and styles
  • Order only what you need - FL state or specific county
  • 1 year access to download from our site
  • PDF format maps are standard
  • View them right on your computer and print as many as you need

Florida Zip Code Map Help/Readme

Get information on how to print your maps, resize them, find information, or even use parts of it in another application. It's all covered in the Zip Code Map Readme.

To save the file to your hard drive, right click on the link above and choose "Save Target As".

Purchase Agreement for Zip Code Maps

By purchasing a map, you agree to the following:

  • Each map will include ZIP Code boundaries, county boundaries, and highways.
  • All ZIP Code areas will be outlined and labeled with the 5-digit ZIP code. The USPS changes ZIP code areas frequently: our data is updated monthly. Minor discrepancies may occur.
    • ZIP Codes will be shaded in one of 5 colors, for easier differentiation between nearby ZIPs.
    • Where possible, ZIP codes will also be labeled with the city name
    • Box-level or "point" ZIP Codes will not appear.
    • Some labels may overlap.
  • County areas will be outlined and labeled.
  • Highways will be colored red or black and labeled with appropriate shields. In cases where a highway changes into a non-highway classified road, the highway may appear to "end".
  • For maps of entire states only: Insets for high density areas will be provided as appropriate.
  • The map legend will include symbols, colors, and labels for all map elements. We reserve the right to modify styles as appropriate to achieve the best cartographic representation.
  • Each map will include information and any applicable copyright notices. Any duplication, digital or paper, in whole or in part must retain this information.


Provided electronically in PDF format with an image size of at least 2'x3' up to 6'x6' for states, 8.5x11 inches to 4'x6' for counties. Exact size will depend on the area being mapped. State-level maps for CA, TX, FL, NY, PA, and MI come in two-page map format because of size. These maps are intended for digital use but may be printed for wall maps using wide-format printers.

Download Your Florida 5-Digit Zip Code Map

Have you purchased an electronic 5-digit Zip Code Map? You can download your map at anytime in your account tools, map downloads.

County ZIP Code Maps for FL